To all Hate Mail Writers, a simple trio of messages

(1)  If you strike me down I will come back stronger than you can possibly imagine.  (I actually have a fairly good track record of doing this).

(2)  Go get a life for the New Year!  I have this feeling that 2010 is not going to be a year for hateful idiots of any political stripe.

(3)  I don’t know how to answer Hate Mail so I’m not going to bother—save your time and energy; I will not even honor your insults by responsive e-mails or messages here.

10 responses to “To all Hate Mail Writers, a simple trio of messages

  1. are the hateful email regarding Orly?

    • Yes! About 99% of the hate mail I get comes either from Orly-supporters or Orly-haters (and, ironically, is about 50%/50% evenly divided between those groups). A few people throw in comments about my other activities in life, but almost as just a side-line, “add insult to injury” kind of thing. 2010 is off to an interesting start, I’ll say that for it. This time last year….I was recovering from kidney stone surgery… in that sense the year is off to a much better start…

  2. LMFAO!!!! Orly has gone nuts a la puissance treize! My poor sad And Tragic Orly! I forgive you!

  3. Be careful Orly is very cunning, you have become her enemy and must be destroyed at any cost…decency not part of her being

    Watch out! No fury like that of a women scorned .

  4. Think on it Charles there is an alterative to HELL( ORLEY) However you, are on your way to heaven, Thank God for His Son Jesus Christ,And Charles I am Praying for you more that you’ll ever know BE STRONG, FRIEND!

  5. Will you be prepared for the Rivernider Case in Florida on Jan 12th, 2010, failing Orly’s extension request?

    • The Former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Philip J. Berg, has agreed to represent me against Orly. It seems that Orly has a long history of attacking her own natural allies, such as Philip J. Berg, and me, just to make sure that everything she does looks ridiculous. But quite normally and naturally, your message is the first I have heard about Orly’s request for an extension. I have not attempted to confer the reality of such a motion as of 1:20PM on Tuesday. Orly in fact did not serve me with a copy, so you’re obviously way ahead of the game. For whatever your interest might be….??? “Notncel” being kind of an interesting name…..= “Notifying CEL?” Orly neither conferred with me nor with Bob or Marsha Rivernider regarding any extension request, and for her failure to serve it on me or the Riverniders, as well as her failure to confer, I would suspect her motion would be denied.

  6. OK, so who ARE you if “” doesn’t really exist? I need to just start blocking everything except from registrants, I guess….
    See here now, this just isn’t proper:
    Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

    Remote host said: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn’t have a account ( [0] – [BODY]

    — Below this line is a copy of the message.

  7. I commend you for your decision to work with attorney Philip Berg and his paralegal Lisa Liberi.

    A tremendous team it is!

  8. i hope this hate mail will settle down in 2010 🙂

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