King Solomon would approve this decision: nobody won, but justice was done!

Dr. Orly Taitz’ undistinguished (disgraceful, dishonest, and extremely informal and undignified) attack on her former “greatest admirer” Charles Edward Lincoln resulted in a January 12 hearing in U.S. District (Magistrate Judge Lurana Snow’s) Court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which lasted five hours running into “overtime.”  This dull proceeding was attended by several witnesses, several lawyers including top-notch Philadelphia attorney Philip J. Berg for Lincoln, and an audience of two (possibly homeless but definitely unemployed) paid bloggers.  After the hearing, Lisa Ostella produced an affidavit on Lincoln’s behalf which basically demolished both of the two shreds of credibility that Orly Taitz had ever had in her life.  And, ironically, both Lincoln and Ostella had formerly been both fans AND close working associates of Dr. Taitz in her quest for small-time radio-talk show interviews nationwide.

Nothing else of any note happened that day or after.  Judge Lurana Snow “split the baby” and denied sanctions while simultaneously denying any clear vindication to the injured parties, or any punishment to the lying party.  Nobody “won”, but a calm version of justice prevailed, and the case-in-chief will go forward, thanks to Judge Dimitrouleas’ order of last Friday that U.S. Bank should answer the 4 out of 7 remaining counts of Plaintiffs’ original Complaint.  On PACER:

The following transaction was entered on 2/9/2010 at 2:08 PM EST and filed on 2/9/2010

Case Name: Rivernider et al v. U.S. Bank National Association
Case Number: 9:09-cv-81255-WPD
Document Number: 58 Lurana Snow Denies Sanctions February 9 2010

Docket Text:
ORDER, no sanctions will be imposed by the court on the plaintiffs or Dr. Taitz, and the parties and witnesses shall pay their own attorney’s fees. Signed by Magistrate Judge Lurana S. Snow on 2/9/2010. (cqs)

4 responses to “King Solomon would approve this decision: nobody won, but justice was done!

  1. You really won FRIEND!

  2. Charles

    Today Orly was to go before the California Bar for the complaints she’s received. The procedure is confidential, and embarrassing I am sure. But, Orly has no shame. She has guts though, I’ll give her that.

    A web site said she is going to the UN of all things, for some kind of recognition of her “plight” — the hole she dug for herself. She is asking for the UN to rescue her and represented by a fellow colleague from her alma mater. So its fitting that she be represented by her peer.

    On a positive, Orly has a wonderful career as a sci-fi writer, as that relentless fertile mind of hers, just keeps churning outrageous, action packed scenarios that belong filed neatly in the confines of library stacks.

    • I have to say I just haven’t been keeping up with old girl for the past several weeks. I did notice about her recent plea to the United Nations (*can it be real? can she be for real?) and just remember that last summer she suggested such a course of action to Major Stefan Cook. He and I both reacted in abject horror. He as a U.S. Army Officer and I as the grandson of founding members of the John Birch Society in Texas both agreed that we have been saying all our lives that the United States should NOT be part of the United Nations and the whatever the question might be, World Government is NOT the answer. I made a fool of myself hanging out with Orly but I’m over it. Phil Berg and his assistants Lisa Liberi and Lisa Ostella went a long way towards opening my eyes to the realization that her behavior is so bizarre, so antic, so counterproductive, that she almost MUST be working to discredit and destroy the very cause she crusades for. How else can you explain a complete unwillingness to study the issues carefully and take seriously the very serious business of attacking the constitutional legitimacy of an elected President? It’s difficult enough to get people motivated to fight any political fight—but to go around like she does carelessly dropping bombs everyplace. Oh well… how strange… I just realized/remembered that when I separated in 2002 from my long-term (Greek) wife, I had nightmares that she was really a Muslim terrorist (named “Aisha-Fatima”) who went around doing exactly that–except in my dream she (my estranged wife) was actually quite systematic and, as a technically skillful pilot, dropped her bombs very carefully and precisely…. Orly was never technically skillful, careful, or precise—those words epitomize the exact opposite of her personality and professional style….

  3. Will the WORLD COURT come next Bro.

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