Jerry O’Neil wins major victory against the Montana Bar, strikes a blow against “Legal” Monopoly restrictions on freedom of speech and association

Of all my friends, I think I brag about knowing Jerry O’Neil more than anyone else, even though I have only known him since December 2004 or January 2005.  Jerry O’Neil is a great American Patriot and a hero to all who fight against corruption and oppression on behalf of the individual citizen.  He has never been to law school, but knows the law and applies it better and more constructively than 99% of the lawyers I have ever met.  Jerry: CONGRATULATIONS.  This is Jerry’s own:

PRESS RELEASE            May 24, 2010         For immediate release

For more information contact:

Jerry O’Neil
985 Walsh Road
Columbia Falls, MT   59901


Former State Senator Jerry O’Neil, presently a candidate for House District 3 for the Columbia Falls area, has achieved a historic victory in his ongoing crusade to increase public access to Montana’s judicial system.
According to O’Neil, the Montana Attorney General’s Office has dismissed their case against him rather than make an unsuccessful attempt to persuade a jury it is “deceptive” for an Independent Paralegal to advertise competitive services in the
Attorneys section of the yellow pages.
The complaint against O’Neil was originally filed by the Montana Attorney General in 2007. Earlier this year, the AG’s Office was denied a summary judgment motion that they had requested. Their motion would have taken away O’Neil’s right to a jury trial.
Judge Sherlock in Helena allowed the Attorney General’s staff until May 24th to answer several of O’Neil’s discovery demands and to explain why they could not identify a single person who claimed to have been deceived by O’Neil’s alleged deceptive advertising. Instead of admitting there was no deception, the Attorney General’s Office chose to dismiss their case.
O’Neil is also asking the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to increase the allowable scope of para-professionals’ abilities to help the public access their judicial system. Defendants in that case are the Montana State Bar Association and the Montana Supreme Court Commission on Unauthorized Practice, which the Montana Supreme Court recently found to be operating outside of their Constitutional jurisdiction.
O’Neil says, “This win, along with the
Montana Supreme Court disbanding their Commission on Unauthorized Practice of Law, will make it easier for people of modest means to receive legal services. I am proud and grateful to have made a contribution to the publics access to their judicial system.”

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