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On Insincerity, Rick Perry, and Orly Taitz: the deep gullibility of the American People

Last week the New Yorker magazine ran an article assessing Rick Perry’s Candidacy for the office of President of the United States (“A Different Kind of Texan,” by Lawrence Wright of Texas Monthly). 

Somewhat predictably, Eustace Tilley’s monocular examination found Rick Perry an extreme rightist, probably much too conservative ever to be President:

Perry’s combative governing style has left a residue of bitterness in Austin, especially among traditional Republicans, such as Rove, who see their party being commandeered by the fringe.

Perry would like to return the country to an idealized past—a time when government was an invisible presence. When he appeared on “The Daily Show” last year, to promote his book “Fed Up: Our Fight to Save America from Washington,” Jon Stewart asked him when Washington had gone “off the rails.” “About a century ago,” Perry said. He blamed Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement, which promoted the passage of the Sixteenth Amendment, sanctioning a federal income tax, and the Seventeenth Amendment, mandating direct election of U.S. senators rather than their selection by state legislators.

“There are very few people that, I think, would go back to a pre-1920 United States, because that movement didn’t arise out of nothing,” Stewart observed. “Children worked in factories. Women were not allowed to vote.”

“I get that,” Perry said, amiably, although he and Stewart were clearly talking past each other—to audiences in two Americas who are no longer within shouting distance of each other. ♦  See also:

Anyone who hasn’t seen me since back in my college days at Tulane or Harvard would be astounded to hear the former President of Tulane College Republicans, Founder of the Tulane Chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, and certainly the only known denizen of the North Campus Museum Complex between Oxford & Divinity Avenues in Cambridge 02138 to ever have admitted proudly to have voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980, say this, but no conscious, genuine Patriot or lover of the Constitution could ever vote Republican these days.  If Reagan’s complete betrayal of the right (and yes I do mean not merely the “Right Wing” as a political movement and philosophy, but more importantly the small letter “right” here, in reference to the moral and ethical “right thing to do”) didn’t convince us by 1988, if George Herbert Walker Bush’s 41st Presidency and embrace of Globalism and the United Nations didn’t persuade us by 1992, and if George W. Bush’s career hadn’t removed any last lingering doubts on the subject, then the fact that Rick Perry is now considered a Right Wing Ideologue who could win the GOP Nomination as a “fringe” conservative—categorized as “fringe” according to the New Yorker by no less moderate a lover-of-liberty and honest government than…..Karl Rove…..should close the case forever.

In essence, I write to say that if Rick Perry is a “true believing conservative”, then I am surely the bastard son of Golda Meir and Pope Paul VI (the Ecumenical Pope of Vatican II and the Fourth Prime Minister of Israel were more the generation of my grandparents, actually; the were born a year apart, in 1898 & 1897 respectively; still, they’re both dead now, died in the same year 1978 when I turned 18 in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, Central America, in fact, so they can’t clarify one way or the other or otherwise defend themselves, I guess, so my word stands….).  

Several conservative constitutionalists and commentators have already questioned Perry’s standing as a genuine conservative based on, just for example, his overt actions & advocacy on the following subjects (“End of the American Dream” 

#1 Rick Perry is a “big government” politician.  When Rick Perry became the governor of Texas in 2000, the total spending by the Texas state government was approximately $49 billion.  Ten years later it was approximately $90 billion.  That is not exactly reducing the size of government.

#2 The debt of the state of Texas is out of control.  According to, the debt to GDP ratio in Texas is 22.9% and the debt per citizen is $10,645.  In California (a total financial basket case), the debt to GDP ratio is just 18.7% and the debt per citizen is only $9932.  If Rick Perry runs for president these are numbers he will want to keep well hidden.

#3 The total debt of the Texas government has more than doubled since Rick Perry became governor.  So what would the U.S. national debt look like after four (or eight) years of Rick Perry?

#4 Rick Perry has spearheaded the effort to lease roads in Texas to foreign companies, to turn roads that are already free to drive on into toll roads, and to develop the Trans-Texas Corridor which would be part of the planned NAFTA superhighway system.  If you really do deep research on this whole Trans-Texas Corridor nonsense you will see why no American should ever cast a single vote for Rick Perry.

#5 Rick Perry claims that he has a “track record” of not raising taxes.  That is a false claim.  Rick Perry has repeatedly raised taxes and fees while he has been governor.  Today, Texans are faced with significantly higher taxes and fees than they were before Rick Perry was elected.

#6 Even with the oil boom in Texas, 23 states have a lower unemployment rate than Texas does.

#7 Back in 1988, Rick Perry supported Al Gore for president.  In fact, Rick Perry actually served as Al Gore’s campaign chairman in the state of Texas that year.

#8 Between December 2007 and April 2011, weekly wages in the U.S. increased by about 5 percent.  In the state of Texas they increased by just 0.6% over that same time period.

#9 Texas now has one of the worst education systems in the nation.  The following is from an opinion piece that was actually authored by Barbara Bush earlier this year….

•  We rank 36th in the nation in high school graduation rates. An estimated 3.8 million Texans do not have a high school diploma.

•  We rank 49th in verbal SAT scores, 47th in literacy and 46th in average math SAT scores.

•  We rank 33rd in the nation on teacher salaries.

#10 Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg Group meetings in 2007.  Associating himself with that organization should be a red flag for all American voters.

#11 Texas has the highest percentage of workers making minimum wage out of all 50 states.

#12 Rick Perry often gives speeches about illegal immigration, but when you look at the facts, he has been incredibly soft on the issue.  If Rick Perry does not plan to secure the border, then he should not be president because illegal immigration is absolutely devastating many areas of the southwest United States.

#13 In 2007, 221,000 residents of Texas were making minimum wage or less.  By 2010, that number had risen to 550,000.

#14 Rick Perry actually issued an executive order in 2007 that would have forced almost every single girl in the state of Texas to receive the Gardasil vaccine before entering the sixth grade.  Perry would have put parents in a position where they would have had to fill out an application and beg the government not to inject their child with a highly controversial vaccine. Since then, very serious safety issues regarding this vaccine have come to light.  Fortunately, lawmakers in Texas blocked what Perry was trying to do.  According to Wikipedia, many were troubled when “apparent financial connections between Merck and Perry were reported by news outlets, such as a $6,000 campaign contribution and Merck’s hiring of former Perry Chief of Staff Mike Toomey to handle its Texas lobbying work.”

Rick Perry has a record that should make all Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents cringe.

I highlight only three of these 14 items (4, 7, 14) because these issues go most directly to the topic of this essay, namely “Insincerity”, especially “corrupt insincerity based on aspirations to personal economic gain at public expense.”  One could add to this list of 14 Perry’s preposterous claim that Texas Proposition 12, adopted in 2003, has raised the number of doctors in Texas by 21,000 (see, e.g. St. Petersburg Times:  I was involved in the campaign against Proposition 12 while working with liberal Democratic attorneys Francis Williams-Montenegro, Valorie Wells Davenport, and U.T. Mathematician & healthcare activist Corinne Irwin, but I can tell you that there is nothing worse than Tort-Reform for healthcare or the honor and integrity of the medical profession.  All Republicans, in fact, should be staunchly and firmly in favor of the maximum possible extension of the federal Bill of Rights’ First Amendment Right to Petition for Redress of Grievances, and for the Original Intent of Article I, Section 13 of the Texas Constitution of 1876 should be preserved intact an inviolate: “All courts shall be open, and every person for an injury done him in his lands, goods, person or reputation shall have remedy by due course of law” pursuant to the guarantee of Article I, Section 29 of that same Texas Constitution: “To guard against transgressions of the high powers herein delegated, we declare that everything in this “Bill of Rights” is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forever remain inviolate, and all laws contrary thereto, or to the following provisions, shall be void.”

Perry’s endorsement of “Tort Reform” was an absolutely corrupt kowtow to the Insurance Companies in the State of Texas more than to any friendship for medical doctors or their patients.

But to this list of insincerities and rotten, corrupt policy choices on Perry’s part, I would like to add my own list of critical omissions, bad things to which Rick Perry has never objected, which are in fact hopelessly corrupt in the State of Texas and nation generally:  

(1)   Unlike every real Patriot, Rick Perry has never spoken out against the Patriot Act adopted by Congress with four days of deliberation in October 2001.  How could one expect George W. Bush’s handpicked successor ever to object to the Patriot Act?

(2)  Like President Obama, Perry supported the Real ID act of 2007.  It has not been fully implemented in Texas due to popular opposition, but not to any objection on Perry’s part.  In fact, according to at least one source:

The driving force behind the new push for Real ID rulemaking at DPS in Texas is, none other than, the Texas Governor’s Office. Rick Perry is trying to get the job done before the ’09 Texas legislative session and possibly before Bush leaves the Oval Office. Texas State lawmakers may be battling a bad example in the White House; one of delegating too much power to appointed officials (DPS Chair Allan Pollunsky) and thus abusing executive privilege. 

(3)   While he has jingoistically recited words and phrases in favor of secession from the Union as a God-given (and treaty-secured) Texas right reserved in 1845, Perry has never once effectively resisted any assertion of power by the Federal Government, either over the Texas Budget or Texas policies…  For example, when the Texas House overwhelmingly voted to limit (effectively “nullify”) the power of the Federal TSA to perform “intrusive” searches at Texas Airports, and the Texas Senate was prepared to vote, Perry allowed the issue to die on the floor of the Texas Senate due to bullying Federal Threats.  A REALLY Patriotic Governor of Texas would have called the Federal Bluff (on the confrontation that wasn’t really anything but a publicity stunt, see: The Atlantic, June 21, 2011:  

Oh, and Orly Taitz, who turned 49 on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 appears to be endorsing Rick Perry for Governor—it is for Orly and Ricky very easy to quote the great Patriots of the past, but to act like “Real Patriots” and risk all in the name of “our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor”, well that’s a different story….



Oslo to Monterrey: 35 days, similar magnitude of death toll, but same Message: “Repress Freedom Just a Little Bit More to Serve the War on Terror”

Mexico’s Calderon berates U.S. after casino attack

ReutersBy Miguel Angel Gutierrez | Reuters – Fri, Aug 26, 2011 

Click to see images of the deadly casino fire.Click to see images of the deadly casino fire.

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – President Felipe Calderon declared three days of mourning on Friday and demanded a crackdown on drugs in the United States after armed men torched a casino in northern Mexico, killing at least 52 people.

Under intense pressure as violence soars, Calderon said he would send more federal security forces to the city of Monterrey, where gunmen set fire to an upmarket casino on Thursday in one of the worst attacks of Mexico’s drugs war.

Lashing out at corrupt officials in Mexico and “insatiable” U.S. demand for drugs for fomenting the violence, Calderon urged Congress to stamp out drug consumption and stop illegal trafficking of weapons across the border into Mexico.

“We’re neighbors, we’re allies, we’re friends, but you are also responsible,” a somber and angry Calderon said to the United States in a speech after meeting his security advisers.

Pledging to step up the fight on organized crime, Calderon said Mexico was under attack from “true terrorists”, and told all Mexicans to come forward and denounce those responsible.

“They aren’t and cannot be the ones in charge of our streets, our cities and our future,” he said, shortly before departing to Monterrey to take stock of the situation.

President Barack Obama called the attack “barbaric” and said his government stood shoulder to shoulder with Mexico in the battle against the gangs.

“We share with Mexico responsibility for meeting this challenge and we are committed to continuing our unprecedented cooperation in confronting these criminal organizations,” Obama said in a statement issued by the White House.

Washington provides money and resources to Mexico in the drugs war, but joint cooperation has been damaged by mistrust, a botched U.S. plan to track down weapons smugglers and the killing by suspected hitmen of a U.S. customs agent in Mexico this year.

Calderon first ordered a crackdown against the cartels when he took office in late 2006 and several senior traffickers have been arrested. However, turf wars between rival cartels have killed about 42,000 people, battering Mexico’s reputation.

The president insists his campaign has weakened the cartels but critics say it simply brought a surge in violence and has done little or nothing to slow the flow of cocaine, marijuana and other drugs into the United States.

The carnage has hurt support for Calderon’s conservative National Action Party (PAN), which already faces an uphill battle to retain the presidency in elections next July.


The casino attack is particularly bitter for Calderon because the victims were mainly well-to-do civilians with no link to the conflict, in an area that has traditionally been a electoral stronghold for the business-friendly PAN.

Monterrey, which lies about 230 km (140 miles) from the Texas border, is a relatively wealthy city of about 4 million people and is home to some of Mexico’s biggest companies. It was for many years seen as a model of economic development but it has been ravaged by the drugs war over the past two years.

The president was unrepentant on Friday and sought to pin blame for the violence on corrupt judges and politicians in “certain parts” of the country. It appeared to be an attack on the main opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which controls the majority of Mexico’s states.

With a big lead in opinion polls, the PRI is on track to oust the PAN from power next year and analysts expect the ruling party to intensify efforts to discredit its bitter rival as the presidential vote nears.

Survivors from Thursday afternoon’s attack said armed men burst into the Casino Royale and threatened gamblers before dousing gasoline on the carpets and setting it on fire.

“My wife came here for a celebration,” a weeping man told Milenio TV. “She was having dinner with her friends.”

Media reports said the majority of the dead were women.

Security camera footage showed four vehicles pulling up outside the front of the casino and waiting while the assailants went into the gambling hall.

Within three minutes, black smoke was billowing from the front doors and people could be seen fleeing in panic.

(Additional reporting by Dave Graham, Victor Hugo Valdivia and Michael O’Boyle in Mexico and Laura MacInnis in the United States; Editing by Kieran Murray)

The Social Security Trust Fund has never collected one dime in Social Security Taxes—it is “funded” entirely by highly and perpetually inflationary U.S. Savings Bonds!

My research into Social Security and the Social Security Trust fund Scheme to Defraud the American people has been nothing if not extremely interesting.  In briefest summary: The Social Security Trust Fund is not and never was a trust fund, nor have any Social Security Taxes ever been deposited into it.  This fact has been known since at least the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Helvering v. Davis in 1937, but the people have continued, blindly, for 74 going on 75 years, three quarters of a century, to fall for this despicable, nefarious scheme to defraud.  Make your Representatives and Senators accountable by naming them, along with the Trustees of the Social Security Trust Fund, in one of a massive series of lawsuits which should be filed all over the United States.  As someone once said at the Ford Theater in Washington to a distant cousin of mine: “Sic Semper Tyrannis.”

With the assistance of former Bank of America Vice-President Ed Villanueva from San Diego, as of today I finally understand what is meant by the “non-marketable government securities” which now constitute 100% of the U.S. Treasury Department administered S.S.A. Trust Fund: It is indeed true that the Social Security Trust Fund has never collected even one dime of the $13.8 Trillion paid as Social Security Taxes by hardworking Americans and collected by, apparently knowing and complicit state governments.  In 1937 the United States Supreme Court confidently, but blatantly, reassured the government of the State of Alabama that it was no surrendering any sovereignty at all by handing over Social Security taxes to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, because it was (and is to this day) just the same as depositing this money into an ordinary checking account—every state from Alabama and Alaska through Utah and Wyoming can withdraw the funds merely by an order (e.g. “check”) drawn on the U.S. Department of the Treasury.  Helvering v. Davis, 301 U.S. 1937.    For other recent parallel commentaries on this topic please see John Attarian’s “Myth of the Social Security Trust Fund”: published way back in March 2000 and right about the same time I started working on this series, on July 27, 2011, the Chicago Tribune ran an article: “Social Security not a Trust Fund” at  This article comments, affirming what I’ve been writing here:

“No wage earner has ever “paid” a nickel into Social Security, in the sense of writing a check on their personal bank account for their contribution. How far do you think Social Security would get relying on each participant regularly mailing in 1 percent of their paycheck? The actual money that went to the feds came from employer bank accounts, never wage earners. If the feds don’t get the check, the employer goes to jail, never the wage earner.

It has always been nothing but a tax on employers. Since all employers must pay the tax, there is no competitive advantage to do any more than add it to the price of their product, thus converting the Social Security “contribution” into a silent national sales tax. In 2009 this tax was 36 percent of total federal income.

There is no Social Security trust fund. Do you think FDR ran down to the bank and deposited the first contributions into a Social Security Trust Fund account? The feds keep detailed lists of where all the money comes and goes, but these are not “trust funds.””

Now as Ed Villanueva pointed out, if you are on the Vestry of your local Church (or are one of the Elders or in the Diaconate) or if you are on the Board of Trustees of any private corporation, if you pretended to have set up a Trust fund and then just pocketed all the money going into it, without even admitting you had “borrowed” the funds or issued yourself an advance on your salary (and that of all the other Vestry members), well, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.  You would be in Jail and most correctional facilities severely limit the on-line access of their inmate populations.  (And yes, in fact, I will remind my fans and critics alike that I do speak from a total of 60 days personal experience of such places, all because of my devotion to the letter and spirit of the law and my consequent willful if not positively malicious disobedience towards certain [three, I think, very bad] judges), all still sitting in the State of Texas—which is why I’m sitting writing this in the State of California….. But unlike me, if you had embezzled your Church’s trust funds, you wouldn’t be released after a week or several to go back into the world and preach what you had learned while inside the Belly of the Beast—you would sit there for a very long time.  

How has the United States government gotten away with it?  By and through Governmental Immunity….and it is now time to recognize that Clause 4:1 the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution removed the Legislative Immunity Conferred by the Original Constitution’s Article I, Section 6:3, and that the Constitution as it now stands requires that Congress preserve, protect, and defend the integrity (validity) of the United States debt from all enemies, public and Private, and if that includes Congress, well….. it’s time to hold Congress liable…. and I’m looking for those who would like to file the first blows….. So if you’re interested in filing a suit for embezzlement of your tax funds under the “Public Debt Clause” of the United States Constitution, please call Elena Borissovna at 323-317-4568 or else call Melinda Pillsbury-Foster at 559-542-2874.  © Charles Edward Lincoln, III on August 23, 2011, at 8:10 PM in Los Angeles, California 90024.

My Son Charlie Lincoln’s 19th Birthday

As Hurricane Andrew was blowing into South Florida on the evening of August 23, 1992, my son was born in Palm Beach, Florida, at the “Birthing Place” at St. Mary’s.  My pride in this rising sophomore at St. John’s College in Maryland is probably almost unsurpassable, and certainly unsurpassed.  

For him I have invested all I have in my life and business in the Tierra Limpia Trust/Deo Vindice Foundation, and Peyton Yates Freiman and I continue to act together in his name to provide a secure future for this startlingly strong and good-looking young man.  (I only wish I had been as strong and good-looking as he is when I was 19!).  

And from that amazing night 19 years ago when I sped south along the Florida Turnpike to be there at St. Mary’s (his scheduled birthday had been estimated by the obstetrician at September 6, 1992!) through all the trials and tribulations (which trials and tribulations I celebrated by working on a Motion to Modify for a California case which, I hope, will challenge the boundaries of Constitutional and Family Law in the State of California as I have attempted to do in Texas and Florida), and all the joys, from his 1st birthday when he stood up and walked in Palm Beach, to his 5th Birthday in Galveston in 1997, his 6th birthday at Disneyland in 1998 and his 7th on the Maya Riviera at the Cabañas Capitán Lafitte in Quintana Roo on the Western shores of the Caribbean in 1999, to New Year’s Eve 2000 on Jackson Square in New Orleans, followed by his very first Mardi Gras that year, through that strange day 9-11-01 when he was at Cypress Elementary in the Fifth Grade and, well, none of us were quite sure what had happened, although his mother Elena and Grandmother Nina had seen it all in the coffee grounds that morning, to July 4, 2002, when we put on a really good fireworks display, through all the darkness of 2002-2005 brightening slowly in June 2005, July 2007, and then at Harvard in 2008-2009, and even his disappointingly dismal 18th birthday last year in Pasadena, brightened only by his starting off for College back East, this day has always been the central marker of the year for me.  So to my son I give a morning toast as the sun rises over the Eastern Seaboard where he was born, and where he’s now in College.  When I was a sophomore Gerald R. Ford was President and my college roommate was a Democrat (Tom Scott, now a lawyer in Dallas, Texas), who objected to my putting up a gigantic poster of Ford in our Campu-Facing Dormitory Window on the 6th Floor of Monroe Hall at Tulane University.  That year I played for the second time Strephon, an Arcadian Shepherd, in Gilbert & Sullivan’s Iolanthe and later (for the first of several times) Papageno in Mozart’s Die Zauberflote.  I hope Charlie has as fabulous a Sophomore year as I did (marred only by my brazen attempt to study the Aztec language Nahuatl in the Spring, and finding it ten-thousands times harder than Greek or Sanskrit…I managed to graduate Magna cum Laude in spite of that—my two worst courses in college were all in linguistics… even though I’m pretty good at language…but I am no match for my son who now bounces effortlessly between Gaelic, Greek, French, German and Latin even on his Facebook Page)…. So Happy Birthday Charlie!  And sorry I am that we’re on opposite coasts of this continent for this most auspicious of days…. We started off this wonderful year celebrating most of the 12 days of Christmas back in dear, dear New Orleans, although he started back to school on his great-Grandfather Alphonse’s Birthday before the Feast of the Epiphany….  What a great Wolf-Whelp I have…. what a proud Father Wolf I am….  So Happy Birthday, Charles Edward Andrew Lincoln, IV!  And many, many happy returns.

Further Thoughts on the Public Debt Clause and Social Security—a major lawsuit based on 14th Amendment Waiver of Immunity?



I think I “get it” now, all the dirty details about the creation of the Social Security Trust Fund, and it really is one of the most abominable frauds in all history: the promised the people a real National Insurance Trust and they simply did not deliver.  My question is: why not?  Why would it have been either difficult or politically impractical to do things the right way, according to traditional common law standards of fiduciary duty and management?  OUTLINE FOR COMPLAINT—Draft 08-17-2011  I suppose I am naive, or something, but I think that the Government needs to Reconstruct Social Security and Medicare or else suffer the same fate as all dishonest, untrustworthy governments from Bourbon France to Romanov Russia have inevitably suffered in the historic past.  There is absolutely no excuse for the fraud in the inducement and subsequent mismanagement of Social Security, and it seems to me that Congress has, really and truly, waived immunity on this one….. big time….







When Government pays the President’s Private expenses and purchases custom autos on the Credit of the U.S. Treasury from a Government Controlled Corporation, owned and operated by the Treasury Department, how is the U.S. Different from the Bad Old Soviet Union?

An old classmate from grad school days at Harvard wrote back to me on Facebook: “Should they have been Toyotas?” in Response to my post on Obama’s super luxury Million dollar Cadillac Campaign buses purchased by the Secret Service.  Up to a point, I think the answer has to be yes: Obama should have purchased the cheapest possible buses using his own private funds, because the purpose of these buses is plainly for campaigning in the Presidential Election of 2012….if the world really survives past December of next year, contrary to some predictions….of which my old Harvard Colleague knows and has published much more than I know….

Obama debuts monster campaign bus

AFPAFP – 11 hrs ago

  • US President Barack Obama (C) walks to his bus as he arrives in Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Minnesota, where he is to begin his three-day bus tour in the Midwest centering on ways to grow the economy. Obama's limo is a "Beast" but his new bus is a even more of a monsterUS President Barack Obama (C) walks to his bus as he arrives in Minneapolis-St. Paul …

President Barack Obama’s limo is a “Beast” but his new bus is a even more of a monster.

The US leader swept onto the campaign trail Monday with a sleek and even sinister looking set of wheels with blacked out windows worth $1.1 million.

The shiny, black armored bus, bristling with secret communications technology, with flashing police-style red and blue lights on the front and the back, made its debut on Obama’s three-day tour of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

The vehicle was commissioned by the Secret Service, which has always hired buses for election campaigns and retrofitted them to provide suitable protection for presidents and rival party nominees.

But the Service decided to commission its own vehicles, reasoning that the initial total outlay of 2.2 million dollars for two buses would soon pay for itself over a projected 10-year lifespan.

“We have demonstrated the need for these buses going back to 1980,” said Ed Donovan, a Secret Service spokesman, recalling the days when future president Ronald Reagan stormed the country by bus.

Each of the new buses will be available to Obama and the eventual Republican presidential nominee if required through the duration of the 2012 election season.

But because they are part of the official US government fleet, campaigns will not be able to splash their political logos or other banners over the buses, which will retain their black paint schemes.

The vehicles will also be used as secure, mobile locations for the Secret Service when protectees travel to remote locations, Donovan said.

Officials declined to disclose the exact specifications of each bus, but said the precautions were in line with those taken for other presidential vehicles, including Obama’s hulking limousine, nicknamed the “Beast.”

The official Cadillac has thick reinforced doors and reportedly has bullet-proof glass and is tough enough to withstand a rocket-propelled grenade or chemical attack.

The vehicle is flown around the world in huge US cargo aircraft, and appears wherever Obama does.

    • John Hoopes Should they have been Toyotas?

      36 minutes ago · Like
    • Charles E. Lincoln Well, last time I checked, Cadillac is part of General Motors Corporation, into which the United States invested $53 billion in 2009. ALL of the current members of the Board of Directors of General Motors were appointed in July 2009 or afterwards. The United States Treasury Department has divested itself down from a 61% ownership in GM in November of last year to 26.5%. The point is that such expenditures in support of NOTHING but the President’s reelection campaign are entirely a matter of an executive branch agency taking advantage of a company which is effectively controlled by the U.S. Government. At 25.5% ownership, the U.S. Government is still the largest shareholder of the Corporation, the “Control” Shareholder beyond any reasonable doubt. So this is a case of self-dealing: the government buys buses for a President’s private use and purposes from a government controlled corporation which would not exist at all (it would have gone bankrupt and been sold off to other entities/investors) because nobody wanted to buy GM anymore, and I would have said, “so what?” My grandmother and her sister always used to love their big old Fleetwood Broughams, while my grandfather drove a much less showy Oldsmobile, but what was good for GM in the 1950s was not necessarily good for the US and OBVIOUSLY nobody in management survived the Government takeover. So this is now Corporate Socialism in action. Obama gets to run for reelection in vehicles produced by the U.S. owned car-manufacturer. It is absolutely perfect, just perfect.

      14 minutes ago · Like
    • Charles E. Lincoln You know, I like to wear clothes from Brooks Brothers. Many U.S. Presidents have worn suits and shirts & ties from Brooks Brothers, but the U.S. Government didn’t own Brooks Brothers and the U.S. Treasury didn’t pay for those Presidents’ outfits either. A President is entitled to buy whatever cars or clothes he can afford for himself, and part of his job is to look good and by extension make the country look good. Nothing was worse than LBJ getting undressed and showing his surgery scars and “private parts” to visiting dignitaries—clothes have a purpose. I kind of like the idea that all Presidents used to bring their own silverware to the White House (even as late as FDR and Truman) because the government didn’t provide them with much of anything to use on a regular basis. That’s how it ought to be. Think of Evon Z. Vogt and Sally Falk Moore as Masters of Kirkland and Dunster Houses back at school. They got the Master’s residence to live in but basically had to provide all their own amenities. HU hardly operates on debt, but they didn’t use any endowment to provide even top professors and house masters with anything other than space. This is the history of socialism everywhere: it serves the purposes of the corrupt Elite or those who corruptly aspire to Elite Status without work. And yes, that clearly includes the former one-term Senator from Illinois.

The Secret Service Bought the President TWO Cadillac Campaign Buses to compete with Sarah Palin: is paying for this vehicle a valid public debt of the United States?

My general dislike for President Barack Hussein Obama is something I have not gone to any lengths to conceal.  I hated and despised first Texas Governor and then U.S. President George W. Bush with a purple passion which can only be explained by what he did to me while he was Governor, what he did to Texas while he was Governor, and what he did to the United States while President.  In 2008 I was ready for change and figured anyone would be at least a moral or spiritual improvement over Bush.  I was wrong.  I did not vote for Obama but for that sadly forgotten Libertarian Candidate, former Congressman Bob Barr from Georgia “that guy with the thick glasses” as the wife of a friend of mine in Texas described poor old Bob to me— But this is kind of serious: The Secret Service Bought Obama two $1,000,000.00+ buses.  The Supreme Court has repeatedly found NOTHING in the Constitution allowing for Taxpayer standing to challenge Government expenditures, but I think that the comparison just formulated last week clearly permits citizen challenges to all government borrowing and debt.  

These two buses—who knows what money the Secret Service used to purchase these vehicles?  “The valid public debt of the United States shall not be questioned shall not be questioned.”   But the Validity of the public debt of the United States shall be questioned.  

Obama bus catches buzz on the Web

By Claudine Zap | The Lookout – 3 hrs ago

  • Pull over, Sarah Palin: President Obama’s bus is about to run yours off the road. 

The $1.1 million (yep, you read that right) Obamamobile is, according to the Associated Press, “an impenetrable-looking conveyance the size of a cross-country Greyhound, painted all in black, with dark tinted windows and flashing red and blue lights.” The rubber is hitting the road for the president’s current trip to Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois.

Click on photo to view the bus vs. 'Beast' slideshow. (AP/Carolyn Kaster)

Two of these superbuses were commissioned by the Secret Service to chauffeur the commander-in-chief around the country — along with the eventual Republican presidential candidate and visiting dignitaries. While these babies don’t come cheap, the protection service decided the buses, normally leased and retrofitted to provide presidential protection, would pay for themselves over their projected 10-year lifespan.

The Secret Service won’t reveal specifics on the high-tech monster buses but said that they have similar features to “the Beast,” a tricked-out limo and the president’s regular ride. That official Cadillac comes with thick, reinforced doors and reportedly is equipped with bulletproof glass that can withstand a rocket-propelled grenade or a chemical attack.

The cruiser has definitely caught notice on the Web. Yahoo! lookups have revved up for “obama bus tour,” “obama bus tour schedule,” and the “obama bus” in the last day.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has been tooling around Iowa in her own sweet ride as part two of her “One Nation” bus tour. The ex-Alaska governor’s bus is a flashier model, at least on the outside, covered with red, white, and blue images of the Liberty Bell, the Constitution, the American flag, and Sarah Palin’s signature. Maybe the two can drag race.