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A Historical Perspective on Foreclosure Rates: 1,000 per day in 1933 vs. 10,000 per day in 2010


A wave of bank foreclosures and evictions has shaken the stability of the people of the United States of America from coast-to-coast in a manner without historical precedent.  While certain urban areas may have suffered higher rates during the great depression of the 1930s, one source reports that the foreclosure rate peaked in 1933 at 1000 homes going into foreclosure every day, nationwide[1].  A separate source reports that in the last quarter of 2010 there were 800,000 foreclosures filed in the Fourth Quarter alone[2].  One not educated in higher mathematics, Boolean algebra or statistics cannot easily calculate or articulate in meaningful terms what the difference between 1000 per day in 1933 and 800,000 per quarter in 2010 would be (although the 2010 figure appears to approach 10,000 per day), but one can fairly say that a disaster of tidal wave proportions grips this country by the throat and every class of society is equally affected except for the very richest of the richest, only perhaps the top half of the top 1% of the population can rest truly safe.


Depression-Era Information

A 2008 article by David C. Wheelock, an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, cited annual reports issued by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board during the 1930s. These reports reveal that the foreclosure rate exceeded 1 percent from 1931 until 1935. At the worst point in the Depression-era economic crisis, in 1933, about 1,000 home loans were being placed in foreclosure by banks every day.

(Website quoted as of on-line report available and consulted January 29, 2012).


Daren Blomquist, who edits the RealtyTrac monthly reports, said the record set in 2010 will not last for long.

“We don’t think we’ve peaked yet nationwide,” Blomquist told HousingWire. “We’re expecting the 2011 numbers to be slightly higher than 2010, and then start the downward trend toward ‘normalcy’ in 2012.”

Saccacio said foreclosure filings would have been higher in 2010 “had it not been for the fourth quarter drop in foreclosure activity — triggered primarily by the continuing controversy surrounding foreclosure documentation and procedures that prompted many major lenders to temporarily halt some foreclosure proceedings.”

The final quarter of 2010 had the lowest total since the fourth quarter of 2008. Lenders filed slightly fewer than 800,000 foreclosure cases in the fourth quarter, down 8% from a year ago and down 14% from the previous period.

In December, filings dropped 26% from a year ago and 2% from the previous month. Lenders ramped up repossessions, REO, for the month by 4%, led by a 71% monthly increase in Nevada to 3,022 repossessions. However, Nevada REO was still down 24% from a year ago.

Overall, Nevada had the highest foreclosure rate for the fourth consecutive year. There, one in 11 homes received a filing in 2010 despite a 5% decrease in activity from 2009. Filings did ramp up 18% in December from the previous month and were up 14% from December 2009.

Arizona followed with the second highest rate. One in 17 homes there received a filing. Florida, one in 18, was third.

But Blomquist warned more foreclosures could be in store even for those markets that many believe are peaking now.

“There are some states and metro areas where it appears the numbers may have technically peaked, areas of California like Stockton are good examples,” Blomquist said, “but foreclosures are still pretty high in most of those areas and there is still risk that we could see some foreclosure aftershocks hitting those markets in 2011.”

(Website quoted as of on-line report available and consulted on January 29, 2012).


Symbolic Attacks, Disasters, and Massacres as Political Manipulation and Staged Ritual “Historical Metaphors” of “Mythic Realities”

(Don’t worry….Almost all of the posts in this link are in English). The French seem far more sophisticated in understanding conspiracies and lies in government than the Americans or British… The Classical Structuralist, father of modern French theoretical anthropology and student of mythology and comparative religion (Claude Lévi-Strauss’ inspiration and predecessor), Georges Dumézil wrote about this phenomenon in myth and legend in the 1920s one book and a separate review article, “Le crime des Lemniennes: rites et légends du monde égéen,” (1924), and “De quelques faux massacres,” Revue turque d’anthropologie (1927).

So is all the world a stage, and is “official” world (political) history nothing but staged ritual “historical metaphors” of “mythic realities?”  Such an interpretation is consistent with the studies not only of Dumézil but of more recent structuralist anthropologists Clifford Geertz and Marshall Sahlins.  It is perhaps because of the French leadership in the structured study of mythology that they understand political realities so much better than the more idealistic British and American populations.   The French population is increasingly turning towards Marine Le Pen and the Front National while the American electorate apparently ignores Ron Paul and 9-11 truthers as “delusional” in Newt Gingrich’s cynical words….

The problem is that in the modern world, we expect “news” to be “true” and our expectation that the Government is honest with us is so great that most people do not consider very deeply the possibility that the government is den of lying thieving criminals who go into government precisely because they know that this is the one business, where the criminal mind is rewarded most extravagantly, with the least possible consequences…  I honestly cannot say I ever believed the 9-11 mythology, but I have never seen such a convincing array of data that the figure of 6,000,000 murdered in the concentration camps was in fact a pre-fabricated mythological number itself.  The significance of this array of newspaper quotes and articles is hard to contradict.  I am totally open to anyone who wants to dispute the possibility that all these predictions of 6,000,000 deaths and the final figure of 6,000,000 after WWII is merely a coincidence.  I have neither the time or the inclination to go into deep historical research about this point myself, but I believe that this is an excellent example of historical revisionist research—in that it suggests, even if it does not prove conclusively, that the “historical” fact was envisioned first as a “mythic reality”, and then enacted, and performed and the incorporated into “constitutional” mythology—which no one ever dares to challenge.  

This is a valid rendition of a structural anthropological theory to explain a modern historical and political pattern…. from the destruction of the Battleship Maine to the Bombing of Pearl Harbor to  the Tonkin Gulf Incident and finally…. all the events of the decade between Ruby Ridge in 1992 and 9-11-2001…

From Montgomery Blair Sibley on Judicial Abuses and the Myth of Judicial Immunity as a “Common Law Tradition”

An Account of Some Instances of the Practice of Former Times in Order to the Improvement of Justice and Safeguard of the Constitution

A dear colleague of mine has brought an interesting book to my attention: “An Account of fomeInftances of the Practice of Former Times in Order to the Improvement of Juftice and Safeguard of theConftitution”. A copy of the 50 page book can be downloaded here.
Printed in 1716, the book starts with a description of how King Alfred (ruled 871-899) hanged 44 judges in one year for violating his law that decreed that judges who entered: “a morally falfe judgement, they be hang’d as any other murderers.”
Detailed descriptions of the hanging of judges by Edward the First and Edward the Third follow and the other punishments of Judges by Kings, Queens and Parliament. Perhaps the most effective deterrent was devised by a Persian King who had a corrupt judge put to death and made into pillow. He then ordered that the dead judge’s successor be ordered to sit on the pillow while on the bench. That is an effective inducement to a judge to be fair and impartial!
What all this really says is that the problems with judges go back to the beginning of our justice system and that we must – as ever generation before us has – be vigilant to the harm and misfortune that judges issuing “morallyfalfe judgement” can have on each of us. To that end, the idea of judicial immunity must be discarded so that judges can be held accountable for their actions.

As a Former President of College Republicans I say Emphatically: the Modern Republican Party has betrayed all its principles, the Party of Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum is a disgrace to the memory of Alfred M. Landon, Robert A. Taft, and Barry M. Goldwater

On Facebook late Saturday night Sunday morning, as the Republican Primaries lumber on to either one or the other of two inglorious conclusions: Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich….

 Mike Harris The Republican Party died when Bush the lesser was appointed dictator by the supreme court, and was not lawfully elected. Gingrich is an israeli stooge and anyone stupid enough to vote for him is a dolt.

7 hours ago ·

Charles E. Lincoln I’m afraid that for me, as a former President of College Republicans, the Republican Party died during Iran-Contra. Reagan was elected in large part because of the disgrace the United States suffered abroad under Jimmy Carter after the overthrow of our ally (and very decent, pro-Western Middle East Progressive), the Shah, when our Embassy and all its staff were taken as hostages and we did nothing, or at least nothing very meaningful. When Reagan allowed his staff to do business with Iran, even if allegedly for the purpose of helping the Anticommunist Nicaraguan Contras, the phrase that came to my mind was that “treason” is aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States. I can’t unwrap that in my mind! And then, although I voted for George H.W. Bush in 1988, and even raucously celebrated his victory (the last time I ever considered myself a Republican), when George Herbert Walker Bush went back on his campaign slogan of “read my lips” and solemn promise of “no new taxes”, I just couldn’t take it anymore. The modern Republican Party is the corporate terrorist party of lies and evisceration of constitutional, human, and property rights. The modern Democratic Party is the corporate terrorist Party of Socialistic Slavery and the evisceration of constitutional, human, and property rights. Barry Goldwater wanted to overturn the New Deal-Federal Reserve Bank-IRS regime and Ron Paul seems to stand for the same thing. But is there any hope? Any hope at all? We have to elect pro-Constitutional members of Congress and the Senate, build a coalition to support any potential Constitutional President. How on earth did our country sink so low? Newt Gingrich is a totally committed globalist and enemy of the Constitution…for me, his role in sponsoring the 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act which all but abolished Habeas Corpus was decisive—that AEDPA just paved the way for the 2001 Patriot Act and last year’s NDAA abolition of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments…. Damn Newt Gingrich to Hell in my opinion!

January 21, 2012: 188th Birthday of Stonewall Jackson (January 21, 1824-May 10, 1863)

Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson died of “friendly fire”, mistakenly shot by his own men after leading a brilliant Confederate victory at the Battle of Chancellorsville in Virginia.  He was probably the most celebrated and mythologized Confederate General of all, precisely because he died young.  My grandfather Al attended VMI for two years before deciding against a military career and entering Harvard College, but reported that almost of the curriculum consisted of Jackson’s instructional materials or courses developed on military strategy, philosophy, laws of war, tactics, and military science (weapons technology and use) during the 1850s, were still in use in 1915-17 (14 years after the future General George C. Marshall graduated there in 1901).  Jackson had also participated in the Mexican War, having led the artillery attack on Chapultepec Castle and the final occupation of Mexico City itself, having been promoted 3 times during the course of that one brief war.  It seemed that in everything he touched, whether as a military instructor, professor of philosophy, deeply religious teacher (who, ironically enough, distinguished himself by leading and promoting the pre-war education of African slaves and freedmen in Virginia), and finally as Confederate General and role model, Thomas J. Jackson distinguished himself to an unparalleled degree.  To paraphrase the Mathematician and Pianist/Comic Singer Tom Lehrer, it’s people like this who make you realize just how little you’ve accomplished in life.  For example, when Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson was my age, he had been dead for 13 years.

Why the “Birther” Movement is Irrelevant: Gingrich, Romney, & Santorum will all do the same as Obama! Only Ron Paul stands out, and either they have or are trying to bury him.

In late July of 2009, Steve Colbert interviewed Dr. Orly Taitz, D.D.S., Esq., in New York City on the Colbert report, and poked fun at her theory regarding Obama’s use of a deceased individual’s social security number, suggesting the use of this social security number (reassigned from the original owner’s name without leave of the Commissioner of Social Security) could mean that Obama was really a disguised “Connecticut Vampire” almost 110 years old.  At dinner after taping the interview, Orly and I agreed that Obama was almost surely a vampire, but whether an undead revenant or not, he was certainly not from Connecticut…  But of course, the truth is, it simply does not matter where Obama was from.  What matter’s is where he is and what he’s doing: Obama is carrying on with George W. Bush’s policies (which were also Clinton’s and Daddy Bush 41st’s policies, and sadly, sorrowfully, Ronald Reagan’s policies as well) of sinking the United States deeper and deeper into Soviet Socialist Communism.  I confess that’s a pretty sore indictment of the past 32 years of American Politics, but I also confess that I am pretty sore about it. The reason for this soreness is that my indictment actually extends back over what successive generations of my family have been fighting and dealing with directly or indirectly for the past 150 years of American Politics.  

The Centralized Statist (originally monarchist, later Socialist) descendants of Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln have added on increasingly serious counts of treason at intervals in 1913, 1916-19, and 1933-37, 1953-57, 1963-8, and 1971-4….(never mind 1992-3, 1995-1996, 2001-2003, 2007, 2011).  Quite simply, the United States Ship of State is sinking, and no salvage in Admiralty is likely, despite the wilder fantasies of some of my brethren in the so-called Patriot movement.

The “Birther” Movement, of which I was for six strange months in 2009 an extremely active member, misses the mark: the President of the United States is merely a figurehead. The President is no more the Constitutional Administrator of a small and limited Federal Government (on the model of the Country as it was for most of the 72 years from George Washington-James Buchanan) than the Queen of England is the de facto chief executive of England. But neither is the President actually the Dictator, Chairman, or Imam of the United States: the President of the United States acts and serves as  the mouthpiece for the Federal Reserve Banking System, which with the IRS and the Social Security System constitutes the “legislative branch” of the three part government.  The Federal Reserve (although it has both judicial and executive powers), effectively “makes the rules” for the rest of the government.  The IRS is the Executive Branch (policing compliance and conformity with unwritten laws) and the Social Security System exercises a quasi-judicial function of “dolling out welfare and benefits” to the population at large. 

All of this is  “just fine” by Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum, the first three winners of the Republican Presidential Primary System.  They are do nothing, know nothing stooges.  Only Ron Paul has an iota of integrity against this nightmare.

During the seven year period November 18, 1956 through August 24, 1963, Nikita Kruschchev repeatedly paraphrased Karl Marx in sayng, “We will Bury You” (to the West)(The actual quote from the Communist Manifesto of 1848 is: “What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers. Its fall and the victory of the proletariat are equally inevitable“.

Now no one has actually quoted the line Nikita Kruschchev repeated so often to Paul.  In effect, the other three Republicans, acting as well as three expensive three-piece business-suit wearingCommunist Undertakers for Capitalism can possibly do, have agreed among themselves and told the Congressman from Texas, “We will bury you.”  And the mainstream media has joined shovels with the extremely well-funded Central Bank sponsored Proletariats in this regard.  

Now that South Carolina, once the most reliably conservative, anti-centralist state in the Union, has been manipulated to cast its lot for Gingrich…. Ron Paul’s supporters are very sounding very unhappy:


The Tea Party originally stood for one simple but important message: Stop Spending. For Tea Partiers, TARP was the litmus test and any Republican who supported it faced the wrath of the movement.

Tea Party support for Newt Gingrich is as mind-boggling as it is depressing. Gingrich stands for everything the Tea Party was against: TARP, bank bailouts, healthcare mandates, cap-and-trade, you name it.

If the Tea Party abandons its “Stop Spending” message it becomes just another part of the Republican Party, the movement loses its original independence and simply morphs back into the GOP machine–something both right and left critics always said would happen. Sen. Lindsey Graham bragged in 2010 that the Tea Party would “die out” because it had “no governing vision.” I argued that as long as the Tea Party stood firmly against spending it would remain an indomitable force in American politics.

Is Graham now being proven right?

Ron Paul wants to cut $1 trillion his first year in office. Newt Gingrich calls Paul’s plan too extreme and a “non-starter.” The choice for any serious Tea Party member is clear.

But that it is not clear for many represents the first signs that the Tea Party might be waning. One need not necessarily support Ron Paul to be a Tea Partier. But supporting Newt Gingrich negates the entire point of even having a Tea Party.

American politics before the Tea Party was mostly a popularity contest. The Tea Party  was supposed to represent something more substantive. Gingrich is a good speaker which makes him popular. But the same is true of Barack Obama. The devilish aspects of charming candidates always lies in the details. This is especially true of Newt Gingrich.

The moment Tea Partiers decide they are no longer concerned with such details, they surrender their movement.

The mythology of the Imperial President, “King of the World” is deadly and all-pervasive.  It is also a very destructive charade. I started to write this piece a couple of nights ago when I first published Montgomery Blair Sibley’s plan to run as a write-in candidate for President in the District of Columbia so that he would have “candidate” standing to sue in Quo Warranto regarding the qualifications of Barack Hussein Obama to run for reelection.  Because it is always more interesting to discuss what one might agree with a candidate about than what everyone would disagree about, I chose to wait, and so when first writing about Sibley, I addressed his (very sound and correct, if extravagant SOUNDING) proposal to increase the membership of the House of Representation from 435-10,000.  But today’s results in South Carolina (January 21, 2012), with “Hard Labor Prison Planet Advocate” Newt Gingrich coming in first ahead of “I am the People’s Republic of Massachusetts” Mitt Romney and “I’m a nearly braindead Neocon who supports the War on Terror and Arbitrary Arrest, but in addition I support Federal Censorship, Thought Police and Direct Federal Control over the Content of Your Children’s Biology Education but I support Israel Unquestioningly” Santorum was profoundly depressing.  Those primary results from the heart of Dixie, the very soul of nullificationist and secessionist  States Rights from Andrew Jackson’s Vice-President and later Senator John Caldwell Calhoun (1782-1850) right up through the death of the late Senator Strom Thurmond (1902-2003), made it imperative that I write and say this emphatically: THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED STATES IS IRRELEVANT WINDOW DRESSING—IT IS A COVER, IT IS MERELY A MASQUE, ALTHOUGH NOT QUITE SO OBVIOUSLY SO AS THE GUY FAWKES’ MASK THAT SERVES AS THE INITIAL ICON OF THIS BLOG.  We need to spend MUCH less time thinking about who will be President and much MORE time thinking about who will be in the Congress and the Senate.  These offices and races are the HEART of the Constitutional, Democratic-Republican plan, and yet they are all but written off by radical activists such as Montgomery Blair Sibley who might actually have a shot at being elected in a local or State-wide race.  The media, of course, conspires in this—as if the President were really a God and the White House were really a Pharaoh (etymologically the word Pharaoh or “pr-aa” was a royal title meaning “God House” to the ancient Egyptians of the New Kingdom).

I would urge all who really want change to FORGET ABOUT THE PRESIDENCY and start thinking about how to restore GENUINE Constitutional Democratic-Republican government in the United States.

Larry Becraft (Alabama Constitutional & IRS Tax-Defense Attorney) on Promissory Notes & the dangers inherent in Tim Turner’s Republic Propagating Monetary Mythology as “Patriotic Education”

For years now I have battled with those who ought to be my closest allies as they sink deeper and deeper into a fantasy-world believing in certain “Patriot Myths” which cloud and block clear-thinking about the real monetary problems and crises facing the United States and the World.  Tim Turner and those who adhere to his “Republic” are not visionary Patriots so much as hallucinatory Patriots, swallowing one fantasy for “discharge of debt” after another.  The Constitution has the solution: “nothing but gold and silver”…. but until we get there, real Patriots have to walk the straight and narrow or Obama will use the NDAA to look all of us up forever and throw away the keys….without (a) probable cause, (b) charges, (c) trial, (d) appeal, (e) habeas corpus, in short, without any due process of law at all, without a prayer.

From: Larry Becraft []
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 10:14 AM
To:; Bob Hurt
Subject: Re: Fw: [Lawmen: 4553] Becraft on Tim Turner and Patriot Myth Mongers


Here is the way the monetary system works (and it is all credit).

A promissory note has at least these criteria: it contains (1) a promise to pay a specific amount of money, (2) at specific times, (3) usually with interest, and (4) it is signed by a maker, the debtor. Without these elements, a document is not a promissory note. If the debtor’s signature is not on the document, he is not liable. An indictment, a traffic ticket, a birth certificate and countless other documents are NOT promissory notes because they do not contain these elements. However, promoter/gurus in this movement have alleged and convinced the gullible that an indictment, a traffic ticket, a birth certificate and others ARE promissory notes. Do you realize how foolish these gullible people appear when they make these claims?

The creation of bank credit is easy to explain. When a party needing a loan goes to a bank, he delivers a signed promissory note to the bank promising to pay specific amounts of money, over time, at interest. In exchange (as the note states, “for value received”), the bank simply increases the deposits in the borrower’s bank account, thus creating credit. The borrower spends his deposits by issuing checks to other parties. All banks do is shift around the credit they create, and all bank deposits in this country originate via borrowing. Our “money” in this country is virtually all bank credit, which exists, if at all, as numbers.  It is all loaned into circulation.

The Fed Reserve Banks (FRBs) act as banks for their member banks. Member banks acquire assets (promissory notes and mortgages) via credit extensions, and those assets may be sold to the FRBs, which merely increase the seller bank’s reserves held at that FRB. Further, any or all FRBs can extend credit to Uncle Sam by buying his bonds, which is happening now. Uncle Sam gets a check (mere credit) from one or more banks and it spend those checks, which are deposited in local banks, and these checks increase their reserves at the FRBs. As the Fed admits, it and all banks work only with credit.

Since any bank gets assets by the mere extension of credit, Federal Reserve Notes (“FRNs”) are obtained the same way. FRBs obtain bonds of Uncle Sam by credit extensions. Those bonds are merely swapped for cash, FRNs.  A member bank simply draws down its reserves at a FRB to get cash, including clad coins.

Birth certificates play absolutely no role in the monetary system.  They are not promissory notes or securities, and have no commercial value. Birth certificates are simply records maintained regarding the babies that are born in a state, and they are used to prove that a certain party is a citizen rather than an alien. No market exists where birth certificates are bought and sold. If you think that a bank or any other financial institution or even govt agency buys birth certificates, then I will sell you mine for only a half million bux. What a bargain!!!!

Most of my website is devoted to the money issue. I invite you to study the following:

The credit power in this country would be harmed if the public really knew these simple facts about “money creation,” and for hundreds of years, that power has done whatever it can to conceal the method by which credit is created. But rather than teach people about what really happens, there are those who claim to be “patriots” who offer the lie that birth certificates are the foundation for this process. This only assist the credit power in preventing the people from knowing the truth.

And I hate those who lie. Am I supposed to stand idly by while a group of people deliberately lie to others and mislead them?


On 1/19/2012 2:41 PM, wrote:

Hi Larry;

 When you perpetuate dissension by engaging in this type of factious rhetoric I feel grieved.  The same energy you used here may have been better spent informing the reader(s) as to what the actual collateral is that secures the value of the U.S.’s present form(s) of coin and currency.  I’d appreciate an addendum wherein you state what the collateral is that secures our nation’s coins and dollars.



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From: Bob Hurt <>
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Subject: [Lawmen: 4553] Becraft on Tim Turner and Patriot Myth Mongers

 From: Larry Becraft

Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 10:37 AM
To: Bob Hurt
Cc: Tom Cryer
Subject: Re: FW: Florida Republic Newsletter.htm


When I am in the office and simply working, I listen to Net radio, and at times, the Microeffect. One host, RJ, frequently has as a guest somebody from The Republic, and even recently that was Prez Tim Turner. Turner uses patriotism to attract people to his legal positions which are nothing but pure, unmitigated legal garbage. Having an undergrad degree in econ (with honors), I can assure you that birth certificates are not promissory notes, nor are they the basis for the credit monetary system we have in this country. Yet this and many other “legal arguments” are promoted by “The Republic.” 

It is my experience that when new people are attracted to the movement and join a particular organization, they start learning certain legal arguments promoted by that organization. I have seen people learn completely erroneous arguments, attempt to use them without success, and reap failure. After a while, these people realize that they have been subjected to lies and leave the movement, vowing never to be involved again. False arguments like that about birth certificates will never address the problems of the monetary system, and those who believe this argument will never succeed. My conclusion about those promoting false arguments is that they are not only liars, but they intend to divide the movement and cause harm.  This helps the govt. 

Turner is a chronic liar. When I first heard about him, he was lying about having filed “admiralty” liens in some bankruptcy case here in Bama and winning. It is true that he filed those liens, but it is a lie that he prevailed. Via Pacer, I learned that he was sanctioned about 10 times for filing those liens. But, that did not stop him because he ran around the country conducting seminars to teach others to file admiralty liens. 

It is an old, time-worn legal principle that when somebody misleads another to their detriment and causes that party harm and damage, a tort has been committed. The Republic was started by “Dr. Sam Kennedy” who lied to people about 1099-OID tax returns (with assistance from that freak Winston Shrout). After that crook was deposed, he was replaced by Turner. Since then, we have witnessed several followers of Turner who were indicted and convicted for filing admiralty liens. Ask Richard Ulloa what he thinks about Turner while he serves his 5 year sentence:

 And I have asked people who know Kennedy for him to step forward and testify for those who have been indicted for filing 1099-OID tax returns, but he refuses to do so. I have no doubt that Turner would act the same way. Both he and Kennedy deliberately harmed people and they could care less. 

Those liars and conmen, Kennedy and Turner, built The Republic. Based on my years of experience in life, I had rather join the Taliban than to have anything to do with The Republic. 

On 1/16/2012 2:31 PM, Bob Hurt wrote:

From: Ron Van Dyke []
Sent: Saturday, January 14, 2012 12:38 PM
To: Hurt Bob
Subject: Florida Republic Newsletter.htm


Issue No. 2                          January 13, 2012

Our Florida Republic Elections

Dear Bob:

People from all over Florida gathered on December 10, 2011 at the Veterans Memorial Library in Saint Cloud to elect new officers to our Republic.

Here is a picture of those elected as Representatives.  From left to right: 1. Anthony White 2. Glenn Miller 3. Charles Nelson 4. William Doolin 5. Mark Weeks 6. Barbara Dunn 7. Kenneth Wrench 8. René Garcia, 9. Dan Graves, Speaker.

Here is our newest Senator, Bonnie Gautreau, being sworn in by Governor Michael Bishop. Our other Senator, Clyde Forbes, passed away a few weeks ago. We send condolences and blessings to his family. That position is available; however, no state meeting or election date has been set at this time.

Here’s a question for you: (the answer is at the bottom)
The role of those elected to public office is:
a. Public Administrator; b. Public servant; c. Authority/Ruler; d. Public enemy

Our Forefathers said…

“Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” ~ John Adams

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” ~ Patrick Henry

These men knew the importance of a Republic then; and we are thankful now for the men and women that stepped forward to serve the people in reseating our Constitutional government.

Speaking of the Constitution, we also voted that the Florida Republic is operating under the Florida Constitution of 1838. We unanimously agreed to two major changes to that document: 1) Women have the right to vote (and, obviously, hold office. We have one Woman Senator and another Woman Representative); 2) Racial distinctions are eliminated (also obvious, since we have two Black and one Hispanic Representatives. We are all equal under our Creator. Each and everyone of us has a voice in our republic.

A Message from Our Governor

In this coming year I see a magnificent transformation that will happen. We will see each other’s happiness, not be blinded by the elitists that are causing misery around the globe.

The earth is abundant and can provide this abundance to everyone, if we all respect the laws of nature.

Because of you and many likeminded souls across the globe, we will have Our freedom returned: Freedom to learn, grow and share the vision of a peaceful planet, one without dictated wars on each other, man against man, country against country…. Our country has lost its way!

We were being led by corporate elites that have a hidden agenda. They are full of greed that
has poisoned their souls. They have led this world into slavery, envy, hate and battles against our brothers. We Need humanity, kindness and a peaceful soul; for if do not develop these characteristics, life itself will be violent and possibly lost forever.

The time of the corporate greed is coming to an end, because you took a stand and said, “NO
MORE!” The power they stole from the people, will be returned to the people! Freedom and
justice for all wiIl never perish.

We have that Love in our hearts that is a natural innate intelligence inside all. Hate is learned and unnatural. Only the unloved have this hate for humanity inside them. The Kingdom of God is within man – not one man, or a group of men – but in all men, all of us: We the People.
We the People have the power to make life free and beautiful again.

In the name of the Republic let’s use that power to reclaim that which was stolen from us.
Many blessings are upon us. Technologies will be revealed and can no longer be hidden.
Families should not have to struggle, as there is so much abundance.

We the People have this Power inside of us to see this, and so many more blessings restored to the people. These future blessings are upon us now. You have the power to see it happen.

Michael Clay Bishop

Michael Bishop, Governor 
Hal Smith, Lt. Governor
Ron Van Dyke, Secretary of State

Answer is (b) Public Servant

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