In Memoriam, Stefan Frederick Cook

Originally Published January 14, 2012 at 5:49 AM—I am republishing this now (1) to keep alive the memory of a friend six months after his death, (2) because I received a scurrilous (that’s Latin for “squirrelly”) attack on his memory as a comment, and I felt honor-bound to remind the world of how dangerous it is to allow even the most unpleasant falsehoods to go unanswered.  Major Stefan Frederick Cook had an astounding resumé of service to his country.  Like Robert E. Lee, at the start of 1861, he was tortured by his conscience, the duty he had sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and by his feeling that, under Obama, there could be no justice, not even the pretense of American righteousness, because it was so painfully obvious that Obama was, and still is, a total fraud.  Yes, by the laws of the United States, Military Officers must all swear to uphold the Constitution, and Major Stefan Frederick Cook gave his long and distinguished career so that he might uphold his oath….  Whatever illusions anyone might have had about Barack Hussein Obama’s determination to destroy the United States and turn this country into a Socialist-Military Dictatorship died just 11 days before Stefan Frederick Cook, when the de facto President signed the NDAA, Senate Bill 1867, into law on New Year’s Eve…… which should now be remembered as the Day the Constitution Died…..

Stefan Frederick Cook, a good friend and treasured ally in the cause to preserve American Honor and to defend the Constitution since I first heard of and met him in June 2009, just died of pancreatic cancer in Tampa, Florida this past Wednesday January 11.
He was barely two months my senior, but his military resume was something astounding. There was hardly an action that had taken place or a medal he hadn’t won since 1980. He was exactly the kind of man that makes us so proud of the modern military. I had simply never seen a curriculum vitae that looked like a historical inventory of military events and achievements of the past 30 years.
And yet he had a Constitutional Conscience and a High Regard for his Oath even above his brilliant career. I had no idea he was sick. He and I had talked late last year about his coming out to California to help with the Campaign—I had suggested he run for Senate in Florida. What a brave and noble soul he was and will always remain in my mind.

I shall miss you, Stefan Frederick Cook: a brave man of vast integrity who stood up and said, “I will not serve an unconstitutional President in an unconstitutional war; I will not betray my oath or the integrity of my country and international law.”
There should be a monument to this man for all he was and all he did for his country, the indignities he suffered at the hands of pathetic worms, nullities, obots, fogblowers and politijabbers.  The actions he took in defying the President of the United States were the opposite of unprincipled ambition: Stefan Frederick Cook’s last stand as an army officer was in the highest tradition of personal self-sacrifice for the national good.
Ave atque Vale, Frater Meo Armis. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

This must have happened very quickly.  I had been in touch with Stefan late last year during the holidays…the following article appeared in the Post & Email yesterday:


Posted on | January 13, 2012 |

19459073  Lt. Col.

The Post & Email has just learned that Lt. Col. Stefan Cook, about whose illness we reported yesterday, has passed away at the James A. Haley Veterans Hospital in Tampa, FL at approximately 2:30 p.m. today of pancreatic cancer. Cook, then a Major in the U.S. Army Reserves, had challenged Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president in July 2009 through Atty. Orly Taitz. After Taitz filed the lawsuit in Georgia, Cook’s orders to deploy to Afghanistan were rescinded by the Army, a move which Taitz had hailed as a victory. At the time the lawsuit was filed, Maj. Cook had expressed his concern that he might be carrying out illegal orders in the event that Obama was not constitutionally qualified to issue them. He had told WorldNetDaily, ”[Then] any order coming out of the presidency or his chain of command is illegal. Should I deploy, I would essentially be following an illegal [order]. If I happened to be captured by the enemy in a foreign land, I would not be privy to the Geneva Convention protections.” SNIP Previous article at the Post and Email. Free Republic prayer threads here and here. Link to roaddog727′s homepage on FR. He joined Free Republic on September 7, 2003. His last post was on December 21, 2011. YouTube video of roaddog727 speaking at the Free Republic National Convention on September 11, 2009. (Excerpt) Read more at …

6 responses to “In Memoriam, Stefan Frederick Cook

  1. This man was a bum and a coward. He just didnt want to go to Afghanistan. Obama was then and IS STILL NOW the President of the United States will Cook is dead in his grave. Cooks cowardly claims that “if he were captured by the enemy in a foreign land, he would not be privy to the Geneva Conventions protections” are an ABSOLUTE JOKE. News Flash: The Taliban doesn’t give a DAMN about Geneva Conventions! They take prisoners to cut their heads off on camera! I myself could not stand President Bush, and he sent us to Iraq because there were supposedly “weapons of mass destruction”. After nearly a DECADE in Iraq, we still have not found even ONE weapon of mass destruction. Even though I thought that Bush was one of the dumbest people on the planet, I WENT TO IRAQ for my 1 year deployment! I didnt try to duck and dodge, or make excuses for why I couldnt go. He was our elected leader, he decided we were going to Iraq, and when my time came, I WENT! Thats what REAL SOLDIERS DO.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      I would not normally publish such a weak-minded defamatory comment about a departed friend, such a Stefan Frederick Cook, but I think sometimes it is essential to highly ignorant idiocy, because if we don’t, some might think that they are being ignored because they are correct and irrefutable. Well let me tell you this, Mr. “

      “, whoever you are, whatever you are: FOR SHAME. I am not impressed that you went to Iraq for one year while attacking Stefan Frederick Cook who went there no fewer that four times in two wars. You should not be defaming the Memory of Stefan Frederick Cook unless and until you have a 30 year record heroically serving your country the way he did. Stefan Frederick Cook DID want to go to Afghanistan, but as an Officer and a Gentleman in the finest tradition of the United States of America, his conscience prevented him from serving when it was not clear that “our cause it is just.” 2009 would NOT have been Stefan Frederick Cook’s first tour in Afghanistan nor his second. Stefan Frederick Cook served his country literally on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. His resume put me to shame. He and I were very close in age and it is a shame to this country that he is no longer with us. His list of service medals and awards alone was longer than my list of unpublished conference papers—longer than my list of published plus unpublished papers in fact. His seven page resume was like a world history lesson from the U.S. Standpoint covering the past three decades. If this country were not deeply mired in the corruption and ignorance which at least 32 years of deceptive, treacherous government and public policy have created. Major Stefan Frederick cook was, without doubt, one of the most unsung of Patriots. His courage in standing up to Barack Hussein Obama should be taught in elementary schools. There should be a day in his honor and memory: because he was one of the first to do what he did. Now, the fate of his cases rests in part with the wasteful haste that characterized everything that Orly Taitz did and still does. And that is a crying shame. But the fact that Obama has stayed in power is a tribute not to his being “right” but to just how badly our government’s system of checks and balances has fallen into disrepair. The Judges had their orders: to defend the President at all costs from legitimate inquiry into his origins and background. THAT was what I learned above all, as if I didn’t already know it, working for Orly. In fact, in the end, I came to the irrefutable conclusion that Orly is an agent of Obama. Her cases, which she would never take the time to prepare or research, were a disaster. Now, when sued by the originator, the real legal-eagle hero of the Constitutional Eligibility Cause, Philip J. Berg, she and her husband have hired teams and teams of lawyers to defend themselves… so Orly could have afforded a team of lawyers to fight Obama also….and so Philip J. Berg’s team is, like the country, beaten down and mired in trivialities. Obama is the greatest Fraud—even to the point that he hides under his skin-color for protection—his are the acts, his is the behavior of a real bum and a fraud. Anyone who criticizes him or questions his birthright to be dictator of the Soviet Socialist Union of the United States of America is OBVIOUSLY a racist, right? Real Officers, my friend, take an OATH TO THE CONSTITUTION. Enlisted men only take an Oath to the President. Major Stefan Frederick Cook was a career soldier who never shirked for a fight, and above all he NEVER SHIRKED HIS OATH to fight all enemies of the United StateS Constitution and the people—FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC—and Barack Hussein Obama is and remain for all history as the greatest enemy the Constitution of the United States, and the real people of the United States, has ever known. Neither you who ignorantly attack one and support the other, nor Barack Hussein Obama, are worthy to lick the long-serving military boots of Major Stefan Frederick Cook. I suggest you study closely who exactly is this “elected leader” of ours? Was he really “elected” or installed by fiat from George W. Bush, whom you say you couldn’t stand. George W. Bush needed someone to continue his policies, and who better to do so than someone who pretended, who falsely preached, that he believed the opposite? As I have already said one thousand times, Barack Hussein Obama was anointed the successor to Bush because he LOOKED most different, and Americans are so stupid, trained by my neighbors here in Hollywood to appreciate only outward appearances, that they assume that anyone who looks different must be different. I do not think that George W. Bush would have DARED to engage in the systematic subversion of this nation’s constitution and economy which we have seen under Obama. But Obama can get by with it because he looks kind of “Black”— I cry for my nation that lives in a fog of falsehood and delusion. I cry for the beloved land of my ancestors. My father was an 18 year old in the navy at Pearl Harbor, and he served until the bomb went off at Bikini. I am quit sure that although he was close to 90 and too old even to realize what happened in the elections of 2008, he would have stood up to Obama if he had been young and had a chance. He was an American Patriot and Southern Gentleman, as was my grandfather. You, Mr., need to consider who YOU are, and how dare you defame the memory of Stefan Frederick Cook by pretending to know what REAL SOLDIERS DO.

  2. “But Obama can get by with it because he looks kind of “Black””

    And there you have it! You racist SOB! My husband died in Afghanistan and he wasn’t any pampered MD!

    Curt was spot on. But you will never publish my comment! In the meantime the body of my husband lies in the National Cemetery of the Pacific! And you are alive with freedom of speech to write vile racist language.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      If you think that anyone who attributes to his asserted racial identity the specially favorable treatment that America’s worst President in history receives from the mainstream media, I feel desperately sorry for you, Helen Gibson ( if that really is your name. My sincere sorrow for the loss of your husband. I decided to publish your comment because it is so completely retarded and off point, whether you are a military widow or not. I do believe in freedom of speech and I think that the stupidest comments deserved to be aired and shown up for what they are. Obama plays the “race” card every day. As I have so often written on the pages of this blog, I believe George W. Bush either personally handpicked or personally participated in the selection of Barack Hussein Obama who, because he “looks kind of black” and therefore “looked” more different from W. Bush than anyone else, and therefore was the MOST LIKELY candidate to be able to continue and enhance all of Bush’s despicable policies unabated—and that is exactly what Obama has done. Obama has taken the Federal government’s culture of lawlessness and oppression to UNIMAGINABLE heights, renewing the Patriot Act and expanding its potential reach through the NDAA (Senate Bill 1867) which effectively repealed the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments—or what was left of them AFTER George H.W. Bush 41st, Newt Gingrich’s “Contract on America” beginning in 1995, and of course the entire Presidency of W. Bush 43rd. (And I’ve also said that, having been born in the piny woods of East Texas, I probably have more cultural heritage in common with most black Americans than Obama himself does. American Whites in the South have a LOT of socio-cultural heritage in common with the black people with whom they lived so closely. But Obama’s racial identity is that he is strictly an African of Kenyan descent on his father’s side, whether he was born in Mombassa as I believe [or in Indonesia or in Honolulu, it really doesn’t matter at all—his “black heritage” is African, not “African-American”—and of course his white mother might as well have been Dorothy Gale’s ugly cousin….the one they left in the cellar even AFTER the tornados…]).
      Again, if you think I’m a “racist SOB” to make all or any of these observations, I feel terribly sorry for you. You need to wake up and smell the coffee—I don’t know whether you’re black or white, but if you can’t see that Obama is continuing the Bush-Clinton-Bush road towards the total destruction of the American Dream–you’re really not paying close enough attention.
      Now again, having a heritage in East Texas and Louisiana, I think I could introduce you to some real racist SOBs. And if you want to look at history, I can show you some more. For example, one of my favorite examples of a really ignorant racist SOB was Thomas Huxley, Charles Darwin’s greatest defender during the late 19th century. When Darwin published “The Descent of Man”, one of the most widespread criticisms of Darwin’s theory focused on “the missing link” between man and ape. Thomas Huxley, to his eternal discredit, wrote that the African Negro was the living missing link—and Huxley even went so far as to (obviously, totally, falsely) write and publicly state that Black Africans had prehensile (opposable) toes as the Great Apes do and that they shared other traits with Apes…. To ITS great discredit, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan continued to distribute Huxley’s false chart showing the parallels between Apes and Negroes (even as far from the South as Los Angeles, California) in the 1970s. Such examples of ignorant and scientifically absurd arguments are inexcusable. But to say that, based on his skin color alone, Barack Hussein Obama has gotten by with crimes of fraud, oppression, and violation of the constitution that NO white President ever could have committed without being impeached.
      Again, I hate to tell a widow that in her grief she is behaving blindly and stupidly, but sometimes frankness is fairness, and to you and all who think as you do—I offer only the Statue of Liberty’s Torch—“Liberty Enlightening the World.” And none of this has anything to do with Stefan Frederich Cook except that he was one of the greatest, sincerest and most upright and upstanding American Patriots I have ever known, and I grieve constantly for his loss, and that there are so few like him. (And what was the bit about the “pampered M.D.?” I hold a doctorate in Anthropology specializing in Archaeology & History [Harvard 1990] but Major Cook was not a doctor at all—neither of us were ever “pampered M.D.s”—are you perhaps talking or thinking about Captain Connie Rhodes, who was not a subject of my [recent] writings at all? I’m desperately confused…. Connie Rhodes was also a Patriot, but unlike Cook, she gave in to pressure—not that I think Orly Taitz represented her properly or treated her right at all—but that is a totally different story..)

  3. Charles, WOW! Kudos to you for leaving those two morons’ comments up there to show the kind of stupidity this nation is up against. Yes, Cook was a patriot even if he fought in these Banksters’ wars unknowingly like many others. But the fact is, he DID wake up and did what was right. I support our troops, so much that I want them all to come home and stop fighting for the war profiteers and throw out this hopelessly corrupt govt that has violated their oaths and the Constitution repeatedly.

  4. Peter Auwarter

    I just came to learn that Stefan past – my thoughts and prays to my college buddy and his family.

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