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The British Press appears already to have forgotten Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest, but the French Press perhaps has a longer memory….

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  • L’élève britannique enlevée par son professeur veut avoir des enfants avec lui
  • L’élève britannique enlevée par son professeur veut avoir des enfants avec lui
  • L’élève britannique enlevée par son professeur veut avoir des enfants avec lui
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SOCIETE – L’adolescente mineure dont la cavale avec son professeur s’était terminée en France fin septembre se confie dans une interview au «Sun» publiée dimanche…

Un amour plus fort que la prison? La jeune élève britannique mineure enlevée par son professeur, qui a depuis été condamné à la prison après une cavale en France, a confié qu’elle voulait avoir des enfants avec lui, dans une interview auSun publiée dimanche.

Fuite médiatisée

«Je veux passer le reste de ma vie avec lui et peut-être une fois qu’il sera sorti de prison, nous pourrons nous marier et avoir des enfants ensemble», a affirmé l’adolescente, aujourd’hui âgée de 16 ans et dont l’identité ne peut pas être révélée pour des raisons légales.

La jeune fille et son ancien professeur en mathématiques, Jeremy Forrest, 30 ans, avaient fui le Royaume-Uni pour la France le 20 septembre, après quelques mois d’une liaison amoureuse clandestine qui commençait à éveiller les soupçons de la police. Ils avaient finalement été arrêtés à Bordeaux (sud-ouest de la France), à l’issue d’une semaine de fuite très médiatisée.

Jeremy Forrest a été condamné, le 21 juin en Angleterre, à cinq ans et demi de prison pour «enlèvement» et relations sexuelles avec une élève de 15 ans.

«Jeremy n’est pas un pédophile»

«Je me sens responsable du fait que Jeremy soit en prison. J’ai commencé cette relation et c’était mon idée qu’on s’enfuie», a déclaré la jeune fille au Sun.

Mais «Jeremy n’est pas un pédophile», a-t-elle ajouté, en référence aux affirmations de l’accusation pendant le procès, selon lesquelles il pouvait être considéré comme un «pédophile».

«Evidemment, Jeremy a franchi une ligne» qu’il n’aurait pas dû franchir, a-t-elle poursuivi. «Si j’étais extérieure à cette histoire, je serais en désaccord avec ce qui s’est produit, a-t-elle assuré. Mais quand on se retrouve dans cette situation, c’est vraiment difficile parce qu’on a des sentiments pour quelqu’un, et même si on essaie de faire de son mieux, on ne peut pas les empêcher.»

 Avec AFP

Where do we belong?—Meditations on the Feast of Saints Peter & Paul—where DO we belong?

Always hoped that I’d be an Apostle, knew that I could make it if I tried;….. then when we retire we can write the Gospels so they’ll still talk about us when we die….

Jesus Christ Superstar, Andrew Lloyd Weber (Broadway 1971, Movie 1973)

2 Timothy 4:1-8.   As for me, I am already being poured out as a libation, and the time of my departure has come.  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Saint Peter’s self-chosen mission was as Apostle to the Jews, Saint Paul’s to the Greeks, though they both died in Rome.  Originally they belonged to the same Jewish Community as Joseph & Mary, John-the-Baptist, and Jesus himself.  We might imagine that Peter and Paul belonged, presumably as devout members of the Temple of Jerusalem, but possibly not even close, but they belonged to that race and religion and linguistic and ethnic group, in Roman Occupied Judea, aka Palestine, aka Syria, presumably being very close in age and community to Jesus Christ himself.  

In the service of the Anointed “Son of God”, heir of the Royal House of David, the tree that grew from Jesse’s loins, Peter and Paul became the most famous and visible to history of all Jesus’ Apostles. They belonged as apostlesPaul’s letters and writings were generally deemed to “belong” in the Bible by the Council of Nicea.  But the “Gospel of Peter” was deemed by that same body NOT to belong, although it scholars of early Christianity still discuss it extensively, see e.g.:

My “Forward Day-by-Day Booklet” suggests that this is a day when we should all consider, like Peter and Paul, where we belong, whether we are Christians or Jews or Pagans, to begin with, and then what we should do next.  Without our community, what should we do and how?  Should we accept the world as it is or try to change it?  Where do we belong in history?

We are free, endowed by God and/or Natural Selection with Free Will, but that is perhaps the greatest of our burdens.  “Our world recognizes the subversive nature of the Christian faith and subverts us either by ignoring us or by giving us the freedom  to be religious—as long as we keep religion a matter of personal choice.”   (From “Resident Aliens” by Stanley Hauerwas.

Has the South “Run the Good Race?” Is it time for the South (and California and Texas and the Union as a whole) to choose a different Path?   If we cannot “keep the faith”—do we really belong here?

Pat Buchanan has always been one of my favorite political writers.  He now asks whether the South still belongs in the Union, and I think it is a valid question.  Frankly, I believe that the Union does not belong anymore.  As my long-time (but currently “vacationing” personal assistant Peyton Freiman said sagely some years ago, “The United States needs to Secede from itself.  I think this has only become truer with time.  The South should Secede; California and Hawaii and Texas and Alaska should Secede. New England and New York should secede.  The Federal Union should be dissolved.  Obama can have the District of Columbia all to himself and the Supreme Court and Congress.  Illinois and Michigan might want to secede but then let Chicago and Detroit Secede and form an Isolated trio of City States with D.C., Detroit and Chicago exist under Obama.  The states should not recall their congressmen, because they are only worthy to be forgotten, not recalled…. In fact, all the States should simply revoke their Congressmen’s citizenship and order them to remain in D.C. or emigrate to Afghanistan, Israel, or Saudi Arabia or Yemen, depending on their political preferences.

Does the South Belong in the Union?

Friday – June 28, 2013 at 12:27 am

By Patrick J. Buchanan

Is the Second Reconstruction over?

The first ended with the withdrawal of Union troops from the Southern states as part of a deal that gave Rutherford B. Hayes the presidency after the disputed election of 1876.

The second began with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, a century after Appomattox. Under the VRA, Southern states seeking to make even minor changes in voting laws had to come to Washington to plead their case before the Justice Department and such lions of the law as Eric Holder.

Southern states were required to get this pre-clearance for any alterations in voting laws because of systematic violations of the 14th and 15th amendment constitutional rights of black Americans to equal access to polling places and voting booths.

The South had discriminated by using poll taxes, gerrymandering and literacy tests, among other tactics. Dixie was in the penalty box because it had earned a place there.

What the Supreme Court did Tuesday, in letting the South out of the box, is to declare that, as this is not 1965, you cannot use abuses that date to 1965, but have long since disappeared, to justify indefinite federal discrimination against the American South.

You cannot impose burdens on Southern states, five of which recorded higher voting percentages among their black populations in 2012 than among their white populations, based on practices of 50 years ago that were repudiated and abandoned in another era.

You cannot punish Southern leaders in 2013 for the sins of their grandfathers. As Chief Justice John Roberts noted, black turnout in 2012 was higher in Mississippi than in Massachusetts.

Does this mean the South is now free to discriminate again?

By no means. State action that discriminates against minority voters can still be brought before the Department of Justice.

Even the “pre-clearance” provision of the VRA remains. All the court has said is that if Congress wishes to impose a pre-clearance provision on a state or group of states, Congress must have more evidence to justify unequal treatment than what “Bull” Connor did in Birmingham back in 1965.

Congress could pass a bill today authorizing Justice Department intervention in any state where the registration of blacks, Hispanics or Asians fell below 60 percent of that electorate.

What Congress can no longer do is impose conditions on Southern states from which Northern states are exempt. Washington can no longer treat the states unequally — for that, too, is a violation of the Constitution.

The Roberts court just took a giant stride to restoring the Union.

Yet the hysterical reaction to the decision reveals a great deal.

What do critics say they are afraid of?

While conceding that immense progress has been made with the huge turnout of black voters in the South and the re-election of a black president, they say they fear that without the pre-clearance provision this would never have happened. And now that the provision no longer applies to the South, the evil old ways will return.

On several counts this is disheartening.

For what the critics of the court decision are saying is that, no matter the progress made over half a century, they do not trust the South to deal fairly and decently with its black citizens, without a club over its head. They do not believe the South has changed in its heart from the days of segregation.

They think the South is lying in wait for a new opportunity to disfranchise its black voters. And they think black Southerners are unable to defend their own interests — without Northern liberal help.

In this belief there are elements of paranoia, condescension and bigotry.

Many liberals not only do not trust the South, some detest it. And many seem to think it deserves to be treated differently than the more progressive precincts of the nation.

Consider Wednesday’s offering by Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson. The South, he writes, is the home of “so-called right-to-work laws” and hostility to the union shop, undergirded by “the virulent racism of the white Southern establishment,” a place where a “right-wing antipathy toward workers’ rights” is pandemic.

The South is the “the heartland of cheap-labor America. … When it wants to slum, business still goes to the South.” Then there are those “reactionary white Republican state governments.”

Were a conservative to use the term “black” as a slur the way Meyerson spits out the word “white,” he would be finished at the Post. Meyerson’s summation:

“If the federal government wants to build a fence that keeps the United States safe from the danger of lower wages and poverty and their attendant ills — and the all-round fruitcakery of the right-wing white South — it should build that fence from Norfolk to Dallas. There is nothing wrong with a fence as long as you put it in the right place.”

Harold looks forward to the day that a surging Latino population forces “epochal political change” on a detestable white South.

99 Years since the Senseless Assassination which sparked the Senseless War which Destroyed not only an entire generation of European youth but also (effectively) destroyed the 20th Century—Oh, and another Senseless War, the Korean War, Started on this same day in 1950—so June 28 was just, all round, a bad day to live in the 20th Century…

In the early chapters of Adolph Hitler’s autobiography Mein Kampf  (“My Struggle” in English, “Mea Lucha” en español, much more widely available and read in Mexico, and all over Latin America, oddly enough, than in the USA or Europe) the future Führer condemns the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Hapsburg dynasty as degenerate and oppressive, separating the German people from the Austrian people unnaturally.  It’s not the only ideological position I disagree with in Mein Kampf but I have to say I think it’s one of Hitler’s strangest ideas.   The Austro-Hungarian Empire, it seems to me, was one of the greatest peacekeepers in European history, and one of the greatest protectors of European Civilization.  From the Fall of Constantinople until 1918, Austria-Hungary was the Eastern Boundary of Christian Europe against the Turks (as the name Österreich indicates, the “Eastern Empire”),

How prophetic, how ironic, that it was a poor Bosnian Serb who fired the fatal shot which provided the pretext for plunging all of Europe into an idiotic, totally purposeless war that wiped out a whole generation of the young men of England, France, and Germany, and marked the end of the most glorious century in European history, starting after the fall of Napoleon I in 1815, and the beginning of the catastrophic 20th century.  

Austria was so civilized and so much ahead of its time in social thinking that it did not sentence the young terrorist (who was a couple weeks shy of his 20th birthday) to death.  The execution of youths for crimes committed while they are minors (at that time the age of majority was 21) is an issue that still vexes us today.  But to my mind, Hapsburg Austria-Hungary was not only not degenerate, it was the shining light of Central and Eastern Europe.  What a tragedy to see it fall.   We had an elderly neighbor, Faith Wagner, when we lived in Palm Beach, Florida 33480 back twenty plus years ago, who was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and still proudly kept her original Austro-Hungarian passport with Kaiser Franz Joseph’s image, seal, and printed signature.  It was a great nation and with its demise, Central and Southeastern Europe fell into major chaos.  I think that Austria-Hungary should have become a “triple crown” and absorbed Serbia rather than disappearing form the map.  Yugoslavia never really worked out as a nation, either as a kingdom under Serbian leadership or under Marshal Tito’s “separate way” of non-conformist communism.  (A memorably funny line in the French movie Entre Nous, set in France in the early 1950s comes when one of the two main (female) characters’ husbands says to his dog “Tito, couchez” —the dog ignores him— “Tito Couchez” he repeats.  “Comment vous l’appellez?” asks the other husband.  “Tito—il obait jamais.”)[“Tito, lie down; Tito lie down”—“what do you call him? [your dog?]” “I call him “Tito” because he never obeys”].

On This Day: Archduke Franz Ferdinand shot, triggering First World War

The death of the royal heir at the hands of Serbian gunman Gavrilo Princip led the empire, which then ruled the city in Bosnia, to declare war on neighbouring Serbia.

By Julian Gavaghan | British Pathé – 12 hours ago

June 28, 1914: Austro-Hungary’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo on this day in 1914 – triggering the First World War.

The death of the royal heir at the hands of Serbian gunman Gavrilo Princip led the empire, which then ruled the city in Bosnia, to declare war on neighbouring Serbia.

And, thanks to a series of alliances, Europe’s major powers were all dragged into fighting an unimaginably bloody conflict that led to the slaughter of 16million people.

The war, which pitted Britain, France, Russia, Italy and ultimately the United States against Germany, Austro-Hungary and Turkey, changed the face of the continent.

A British Pathé newsreel describes Britain’s prior innocence in with people shown enjoying cricket and “lovely things” at Ascot while unaware of trouble brewing.

An artist’s rendition shows the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife, Czech …

In France, champagne growers are seen harvesting their grapes while soldiers were cheered off as they went to fight a conflict they thought would be over by Christmas.

But the war – characterized by the stalemate of trench war and of lions led by donkeys as they were machine-gunned down for a few inches of land – lasted until 1918.

[On This Day: HG Wells predicts outbreak of World War Two]

Ultimately, the British and French were victorious, but the German army was never defeated militarily.

Rather their countrymen were being starved to death at home and the entrance of the U.S. in 1917 made the Allies look unbeatable.

This sense of a cheated military outcome – combined with harsh reparations ordered by France – is argued by many historians to have been a cause of World War Two.

The First World War – characterized by the stalemate of trench war and of lions led by donkeys as they were machine-gunned …

Mounting Russian casualties during WWI also led to a Communist dictatorship that led to the deaths of millions in purges and careless tactics in the following war.

Yet all these tragic events might have been avoided if Franz Ferdinand’s chauffeur hadn’t driven the wrong way back in June 1914.

Driver Leopold Loyka made a wrong turn past Sarajevo’s Schiller’s deli, where forlorn gunman Gavrilo Princip was dining after his earlier assassination plan failed.

The Yugoslav nationalist, who hoped to unify occupied Bosnia with independent Serbia, leapt out of the café and seized his chance.

Two bullets later, both Franz Ferdinand and Princess Sophie, who was shot as she tried to cover her husband, lay dead and the rest, as they say, is history.

Carrie Lynn Luft’s Second Amended Complaint against Mortgage Note Securitization and Related Documents in the Middle District of Florida

Carrie Lynn Luft’s May 13 2013 FINAL Draft Second Amended Complaint with CLASS ACTION for Predatory Lending & Securitization ©

07-30-2008 USDC SDNY CITIGROUP GLOBAL v ACCREDITED HOME LENDERS Case 1-08-cv-03545-RJH Document 15 First Amended Complaint

Citi-Luft Motion to Dismiss Second Amended Complaint

Carrie Lynn Luft to Mark N. Muller 05-31-2013 Request for Three Stipulations ©

06-11-2013 Carrie Lynn Luft’s Motion for Extension of Time to file Response to Muller MtD Second Amended Complaint  ©

06-11-2013 Motion for Extension of Time ©

Citi-Luft Response to Motion for Extension of Time to File Motion to Disqualify MHM et al

Citi-Luft Affidavit of Gerard Bellesheim (signed)

06-24-2013 Carrie Lynn Luft’s Motion to Convert Citigroup’s Motion under 12(b) to Summary Judgment and Reply to Citigroup’s Response to Motion for Extension of Time to file Response to Muller MtD Second Amended Complaint ©

06-26-2013 Carrie Lynn Luft USDC Middle District of Florida Clerk’s Docket

06-26-2013 US District Court MDFLa Carrie Lynn Luft v Citigroup Global-AHL et al

© All Editorial Copyrights Reserved by © Carrie Lynn Luft & Charles Edward Lincoln III—No Claim Made to Original Government Works, Public Record or to any registered Trademarks of Public or Private Companies—For Educational and Instructive Use as Whitepaper on Mortgage Finance Policy seeking additional Dialogue and Commentary. ©

College Nerds can Now be Jailed for Asking Hot Girls on Dates—This is a TOTAL OBAMANATION!!!!


May 17, 2013 :

UPDATE 5/17/13: FIRE President Greg Lukianoff, in The Wall Street Journal‘s lead op-ed space, discusses how the government has mandated a breathtakingly broad definition of sexual harassment that makes nearly every student in the United States a harasser, completely ignoring the First Amendment. 

WASHINGTON, May 10, 2013—In a shocking affront to the United States Constitution, the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education have joined together to mandate that virtually every college and university in the United States establish unconstitutional speech codes that violate the First Amendment and decades of legal precedent. 

“I am appalled by this attack on free speech on campus from our own government,” said Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which has been leading the fight against unconstitutional speech codes on America’s college campuses since its founding in 1999. “In 2011, the Department of Education took a hatchet to due process protections for students accused of sexual misconduct. Now the Department of Education has enlisted the help of the Department of Justice to mandate campus speech codes so broad that virtually every student will regularly violate them. The DOE and DOJ are ignoring decades of legal decisions, the Constitution, and common sense, and it is time for colleges and the public to push back.” 

In a letter sent yesterday to the University of Montana that explicitly states that it is intended as “a blueprint for colleges and universities throughout the country,” the Departments of Justice and Education have mandated a breathtakingly broad definition of sexual harassment that makes virtually every student in the United States a harasser while ignoring the First Amendment. The mandate applies to every college receiving federal funding—virtually every American institution of higher education nationwide, public or private. 

The letter states that “sexual harassment should be more broadly defined as ‘any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature'” including “verbal conduct” (that is, speech). It then explicitly states that allegedly harassing expression need not even be offensive to an “objectively reasonable person of the same gender in the same situation”—if the listener takes offense to sexually related speech for any reason, no matter how irrationally or unreasonably, the speaker may be punished. 

This result directly contradicts previous Department of Education guidance on sexual harassment. In 2003, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) stated that harassment “must include something beyond the mere expression of views, words, symbols or thoughts that some person finds offensive.” Further, the letter made clear that “OCR’s standards require that the conduct be evaluated from the perspective of a reasonable person in the alleged victim’s position, considering all the circumstances, including the alleged victim’s age.” 

Among the forms of expression now punishable on America’s campuses by order of the federal government are: 

  • Any expression related to sexual topics that offends any person. This leaves a wide range of expressive activity—a campus performance of “The Vagina Monologues,” a presentation on safe sex practices, a debate about sexual morality, a discussion of gay marriage, or a classroom lecture on Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita—subject to discipline.
  • Any sexually themed joke overheard by any person who finds that joke offensive for any reason.
  • Any request for dates or any flirtation that is not welcomed by the recipient of such a request or flirtation.

There is likely no student on any campus anywhere who is not guilty of at least one of these “offenses.” Any attempt to enforce this rule evenhandedly and comprehensively will be impossible.

“The federal government has put colleges and universities in an impossible position with this mandate,” said Lukianoff. “With this unwise and unconstitutional decision, the DOJ and DOE have doomed American campuses to years of confusion and expensive lawsuits, while students’ fundamental rights twist in the wind.”

“The Departments of Education and Justice are out of control,” continued Lukianoff. “Banning everyday speech on campus? Eliminating fundamental due process protections? Ignoring its own previous statements? They even misquoted the Supreme Court. This cannot be allowed to continue. FIRE will use all of its resources to oppose this menace to our constitutional freedoms and to free speech and academic freedom on campus.”

FIRE is a nonprofit educational foundation that unites civil rights and civil liberties leaders, scholars, journalists, and public intellectuals from across the political and ideological spectrum on behalf of individual rights, freedom of expression, academic freedom, due process, and rights of conscience at our nation’s colleges and universities. FIRE’s efforts to preserve liberty on campuses across America can be viewed at

Tell our government to protect student rights on campus!

Greg Lukianoff, President, FIRE: 215-717-3473;
Will Creeley, Director of Legal and Public Advocacy, FIRE: 215-717-3473;


This is the Government’s War on the Very Dangerous Idea of Love—UK Social Services Announcement, Just Making it Official—“The Facts of the Case Don’t Matter at all”; Megan and Jeremy should take their (separate but related cases) to the European Court of Human Rights

As I develop my own theory of the Megan Stammers—Jeremy Forrest Case, it is become increasingly obvious to me that the Government’s real intended victim here IS in fact Megan Stammers—as a representative of ALL CHILDREN.  Despite the fact that poor old Jeremy Forrest is in jail and may have to stay there for a long while—the Government’s purpose is TO CONTROL CHILDREN and parents and schools.  Megan Stammers’ words, her thoughts, her views, her feelings, and her perspectives are as unimportant as if she were a cockroach.  She is a child and she must LEARN TO OBEY and ALL CHILDREN LIKE HER MUST LEARN TO OBEY the dictates of the Socialist State.  In essence, the violations of Jeremy Forrests rights to life and liberty are COLLATERAL DAMAGE to the main point—and that is for the STATE to keep CHILDREN in their place, so that they will occupy their proper place as adults.  

ON this, the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, I realize that my positions make me look like a camel hair & skin wearing, locust-eating madman yet once again, but analyse it for yourself: what is it to ignore a young girl’s feelings and her words?  It is to deny her humanity, to say that those two-to-three years that separate her from adulthood are like some sort of magical portal that will transport her to a different world.  I was very much who I am when I was 15 (OK, so I seemed mature then and I guess I seem immature now?  I couldn’t care less!  I know that my basic ideology and mindset was pretty much set by the time I started college (again, I did so early, at age 15, but so what, hey?  Megan Stammers showed much more independence of her parents than I had at that stage.  I just found middle school pointless and high school boring so I finished them as fast as I could).  

In researching this matter I came across an interesting piece of European children from their own perspective.  European children feel that no one really listens to them…. that no one takes them seriously, and that they have no input on the decisions that matter to them most…. I would rarely recommend anything published by the European Union, but I do recommend this one, because I think the children prove my point—those who manage their welfare simply have their own agendas, NOT the interests of children at all—and children, especially in this internet and media-dominated age, must have more complete control over their own lives…. So this is all about restoring MEGAN STAMMERS’ civil rights—to the life of her very SOUL—as well as to Jeremy Forrest’s civil rights to life and liberty: European Commission on Justice: Rights-of-the-Child.  I strongly recommend that Megan Stammers AND Jeremy Forrest appeal to the European Court of Human Rights….

Jeremy Forrest: child protection experts warn against romanticising case

NSPCC says media must be careful of presenting relationship between teacher and pupil as love story.

Jeremy Forrest

Jeremy Forrest, who was jailed for five and a half years after starting a sexual relationship with a child. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

To glance at some headlines, a reader might think this was a conventional love story: “I still love him“; “He’s wonderful, I’ll fight for him“. But this was, child protection professionals agree, a relationship built around abuse.

Jeremy Forrest, a maths teacher who turns 31 on Tuesday, was jailed for five and a half years last week for beginning a sexual relationship with a pupil shortly after her 15th birthday and escaping to France with the girl when their connection was discovered.

Post-verdict coverage has shone a spotlight on the many ethical and regulatory difficulties of such cases. While newspapers have remained condemnatory of Forrest himself, interviews with the girl, now 16, and with Forrest’s family, traced a distinctly romantic narrative, with talk of her visiting her ex-teacher in prison, sticking by him and even future marriage.

Beyond the unequal basis of their relationship, the court heard that the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is psychologically vulnerable and from a difficult background. Her decision to side with Forrest and his family has seen her cut contact altogether with her own mother.

Stories, primarily in the Sun and Mail titles, detailing her feelings for Forrest, including reprints of emotionally charged letters, were “a concern”, said Jon Brown, who leads on child protection issues for the NSPCC charity. “There’s an awful lot of work that still needs to be done with the media in explaining and, in a sense, educating journalists so they do have a better understanding of the reality of these relationships,” he said.

“In terms of the impact on the young person, there are many parallels between a case like this and sexual abuse involving a younger child. The conceptualising of it as a kind of love affair provokes a lot of public interest, and I’m sure sells more papers. But fundamentally, that’s not what it’s about – that implies a much greater level of equality in the relationship, and of course that wasn’t the case with a relationship where someone’s in a position of trust, like a teacher.”

Newspapers running such stories must also beware of a series of clauses within the Press Complaints Commission code of practice, still in force as efforts to create a new regulator inch ahead.

One issue centres around whether the papers concerned paid for stories. Clause six of the PCC code prohibits payment “for material involving children‘s welfare”, and was invoked in 2009 when several tabloids covered the case of a baby born to a 15-year-old where the father was believed to be an even younger boy, aged 13. The one story in which the girl involved in the Forrest case is quoted does, however, stress that she was not paid.

Also potentially relevant to such stories is clause 16, which precludes payment to criminals or their “associates”, which can include family members. Earlier this year Real Life magazine was chastised by the PCC for paying the sister of a murderer for her story, dismissing the argument that she also counted as a victim.

Finally, clause nine warns about “the potentially vulnerable position of children who witness, or are victims of, crime“.

There is some leeway in the Forrest case in that the broad facts – that the pair had a sexual relationship and remain close – were aired in open court. Also, all these clauses can be circumvented if there is a legitimate public interest defence argument. This must be robust and well-argued, particularly when it comes to stories involving minors, said a source familiar with the workings of the PCC, who asked not to be named.

“The overarching role of the code, which will continue with the new regulator, is to specifically protect the interests of the child,” the source said. “By not naming her [the girl in the Forrest case], this gives them more freedom.

“But then there’s an ethical issue which is broader than the code: are papers talking about this in a responsible way? And this is something where it’s good for newspapers to be challenged, for example by child protection people.”

Such child protection issues should be made clear in cases such as that of Forrest, argued Dr Michael Hymans, an educational psychologist: “The crucial thing here is that this took place in a setting in which the adult was in a position of power. He carried all the trump cards.”

The fact that the girl gave evidence in court in support of Forrest did not diminish this point, he added: “We don’t know the conversations between them. What happens in an abusive relationship is that the abuser will make threats about what might happen if the child tells: ‘If you say anything it could split up your family.’

“It’s like emotional blackmail. He may have asked her to wait for him, planted some of those seeds emotionally, maybe not even consciously.”


Today, Monday, June 24, 2013, is Johannistag, the Feast of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist.  The bad news is that it’s 3 days after the Summer Solstice and I can already see the days start to grow shorter.  The good news is that there are still 181 shopping days left until Christmas.

TO ALL MY FELLOW: Constitutionalists, Patriots, Radicals, Terrorists in the Pursuit of Freedom, Justice, and the Preservation of the Common Law, like other Traditional Values, and other Madmen of the World: THIS IS OUR DAY!!!!  SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST WAS SURELY ONE OF US, I TELL YOU, AND HE WOULD STAND WITH US IF HE WERE HERE TODAY.

The Gospel of Mark (echoing Isaiah 40), introduces the story of Saint John:  in Mark 1: 1-14

King James Version (KJV)

1 The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God;

As it is written in the prophets, Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.

The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.

John did baptize in the wilderness, and preach the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins.

And there went out unto him all the land of Judaea, and they of Jerusalem, and were all baptized of him in the river of Jordan, confessing their sins.

And John was clothed with camel’s hair, and with a girdle of a skin about his loins; and he did eat locusts and wild honey;

And preached, saying, There cometh one mightier than I after me, the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to stoop down and unloose.

I indeed have baptized you with water: but he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.

And it came to pass in those days, that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized of John in Jordan.

10 And straightway coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon him:

11 And there came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.

12 And immediately the spirit driveth him into the wilderness.

13 And he was there in the wilderness forty days, tempted of Satan; and was with the wild beasts; and the angels ministered unto him.

14 Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God,

15 And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

I know that I and all other radical believers in the Constitution and Free Enterprise must seem like wild men (and women) live in the desert wearing camel’s hair and skins and eating locusts (I love wild honey, that’s not a problem at all.  And you know, as far as Camel’s hair goes—that’s some of the most expensive stuff you can buy—but anyhow….).  

Who but madmen, madwomen, and deranged children could hate the Untouchable, Sacrosanct, Freedom Suppression, Constitution-obliterating Obama administration with a purple passion exceeded only by our scorn for a Senate and House of Representatives that seems to ratify ALMOST everything that this monstrous fraud of a President perpetrates on us?  On the positive side, eating Locusts may soon become Chic–the U.N. FAO Organization recently pointed out that people should start eating insects for protein (May 30 (Bloomberg) — Afton Halloran, consultant at Food and Agriculture Organization, describes the use of insects as food in developing nations to provide nutrients missed in local food supplies and how the practice is spreading globally. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”—-

Those who have known me for any length of time will recognize why I think it is that whether it’s “chic” or not to eat insects, it’s always been a CHIIC way of living.  (CHIICs being Yucatanian coatimundis, Nasua narica yucatanica–there are Xchupachiics [female coatis who live in social groups] and Kotonchiics [adult male coatis who wander in the forest alone, ahead of the group, announcing food sources but then bouncing on forward].  This is a happy time of year for the coatis of Yucatán and Central America because the corn fields have just been planted and small ears of sweet corn are the best thing in a young coati’s life….  Where St. John the Baptist stood on small coatimundis I’m not sure, but when there’s no corn, the Chiics will eat locusts or any kind of insect as happily as corn.

Today I feel I live and breathe, and I would hope all the adopted and lineal descendants of Abraham live and breathe, the words of the prophet Isaiah foretelling of John in Chapter 40 of that greatest of all books of Prophecy, the most inspiring verses 1-5 of which are indelibly etched in my memory set to the music of the overture to Part I of Handel’s Oratorio—The Messiah.  The remainder of the Chapter has a certain “circle of life” feel to it.

Isaiah 40

King James Version (KJV)

40 Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God.

Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the Lord’s hand double for all her sins.

The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low: and the crooked shall be made straight, and the rough places plain:

And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

The voice said, Cry. And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field:

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: because the spirit of the Lord bloweth upon it: surely the people is grass.

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

O Zion, that bringest good tidings, get thee up into the high mountain; O Jerusalem, that bringest good tidings, lift up thy voice with strength; lift it up, be not afraid; say unto the cities of Judah, Behold your God!

10 Behold, the Lord God will come with strong hand, and his arm shall rule for him: behold, his reward is with him, and his work before him.

11 He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.

12 Who hath measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meted out heaven with the span, and comprehended the dust of the earth in a measure, and weighed the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance?

13 Who hath directed the Spirit of the Lord, or being his counsellor hath taught him?

14 With whom took he counsel, and who instructed him, and taught him in the path of judgment, and taught him knowledge, and shewed to him the way of understanding?

15 Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance: behold, he taketh up the isles as a very little thing.

16 And Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering.

17 All nations before him are as nothing; and they are counted to him less than nothing, and vanity.

18 To whom then will ye liken God? or what likeness will ye compare unto him?

19 The workman melteth a graven image, and the goldsmith spreadeth it over with gold, and casteth silver chains.

20 He that is so impoverished that he hath no oblation chooseth a tree that will not rot; he seeketh unto him a cunning workman to prepare a graven image, that shall not be moved.

21 Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?

22 It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

23 That bringeth the princes to nothing; he maketh the judges of the earth as vanity.

24 Yea, they shall not be planted; yea, they shall not be sown: yea, their stock shall not take root in the earth: and he shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble.

25 To whom then will ye liken me, or shall I be equal? saith the Holy One.

26 Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number: he calleth them all by names by the greatness of his might, for that he is strong in power; not one faileth.

27 Why sayest thou, O Jacob, and speakest, O Israel, My way is hid from the Lord, and my judgment is passed over from my God?

28 Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? there is no searching of his understanding.

29 He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:

31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.