South Carolina 1860-2015: 155th Anniversary of Secession—Are Independence and Freedom Options today?

In 1860—South Carolina, ten years after the death of Senator and U.S. Vice President John Caldwell Calhoun… decided that the Union with the United States was not for her.  The results of South Carolina’s choice were a disastrous war and a much worse reconstruction, but ultimately, the path of decline which the Union chose has led to Barack Hussein Obama.  

For South Carolina, the 150th anniversary of the final collapse of the Confederacy was “celebrated” by a false flag, clumsily staged shooting in an old historical African Methodist Episcopal Church which had existed DURING Slavery (this is the LAST kind of target any real white supremacist would have picked—because these were exactly the proverbial “good darkies” Sheriff Leander Perez of St. Bernard’s Parish used to talk about.  Dylan Storm Roof was no more a genuine White Supremacist than I am a genuine Rastafarian (although I love Jamaica and listen to Bob Marley music just fine…).  

The Charleston Shooting was a Federal plan—which echoed within days in New Orleans with Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s demand to take down the Confederate monuments.  Three days ago, on Thursday December 17, 2015, the New Orleans City Council approved Mitch Landrieu’s puppet play insanity—but we have not yet begun to fight…. I promise…. and then

on Friday, yesterday, and today, U.S. 41, they announced that the Old Dixie Highway in Florida, has now been renamed for “President Obama” (including the famous coastal Skyway south of St. Petersburg…

As an anthropologist, I have to ask: what are the elements of a people’s cultural identity?  History, Heritage, Heroes, Holidays…. and all of the History, Heritage, Heroes, and Holidays of my people, the Southern White Anglo-Saxon Protestants of the Untied States, are under vicious attack.

This is GENOCIDE…..  This is a NIGHTMARE….

Highway name changed:      (short clip)

The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down, by Joan:

Johnny Cash’s version:

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