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John Kasper, the National States Rights Party and the Demise of the Old South

I was born in 1960. The United States and Britain have certainly changed a lot. But except for Whole Foods and Starbucks, and the Getty Villa in Malibu, I can think.of absolutely nothing in the US that I would classify as an improvement… even personal computers and smart-phones….I could definitely live without them, or more preciseñy, I really do WISH I could live without them. Kate Bush marked the pinnacle of British pop culture in the late ’70s and ’80s, but the UK has otherwise been going straight downhill except for some really fine work in archaeology…..

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In 1960, the USA was 90% white, only 5% of the population was foreign-born, the South and adjacent border states were racially segregated, and 29 states prohibited inter-racial marriage. The country was still enjoying the fruits of the postwar boom which had created the first mass prosperity the world had ever seen. A stalemate with the Soviet Union in the Cold War kept the peace. Within a decade, that world was turned upside down.

Change was already in the air in 1960. Previously in 1958, five men associated with the National States Rights Party were indicted for blowing up a Jewish synagogue in Atlanta. There were no injuries. But the bombing convinced the white business community in Atlanta that the integration of the downtown business district would be peaceful. Gradualism seemed to be in the offing.

But the pace was evidently going to be too slow for many, so black…

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