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The struggle to save New Orleans goes on…

Current Vote Trends Show Trump Will Carry Florida By Close To Ten Points 55-45…

You have to know Florida to understand Florida.  In many ways it’s a microcosm of the larger U.S. electorate, everyone is from somewhere else; and in some ways it’s a unique place known… Source: Cu…

Source: Current Vote Trends Show Trump Will Carry Florida By Close To Ten Points 55-45…

Current Vote Trends Show Trump Will Carry Florida By Close To Ten Points 55-45…

You have to know Florida to understand Florida.  In many ways it’s a microcosm of the larger U.S. electorate, everyone is from somewhere else; and in some ways it’s a unique place known… Source: Cu…

Source: Current Vote Trends Show Trump Will Carry Florida By Close To Ten Points 55-45…


Trump could win — but not necessarily the White House (Evan Horowitz, Boston Globe, October 21, 2016)

One widening fear is that Trump simply won’t accept defeat, instead doubling down on his talk of a “rigged election,” leading to an uprising against the established political order. But there’s an obvious problem with this approach: It doesn’t lead to victory. What chance would his outsider movement really have against the full resources of the US government? And where’s the money in it?

WHAT CHANCE WOULD HIS OUTSIDER MOVEMENT REALLY HAVE AGAINST THE FULL RESOURCES OF THE US GOVERNMENT?  This sounds like a threat against the people of the United States, to me: QUESTION OUR AUTHORITY, CHALLENGE THE LEGITIMACY OF OUR ELECTIONS, AND YOU WILL DIE…. am I right?  Ever so quietly, Mr. Horowitz is telling the American people: if you dare to question HILLARY’S authority, or the legitimacy of HILLARY’S election—then the government of the United States will bring out its tanks and run over you in the streets, right?  Just like Tienamen Square…. NOT so very long ago….like 27 years?

This was a followup to Horowitz’ curiously dated “October 17, 2016” article entitled:

“When you call the Election Rigged, Everyone Loses”

discussing Donald Trump’s comments during the Third Debate, which took place on “October 19, 2016” in which Trump refused to accept, in advance, the results of an election that hadn’t happened yet:

I have to say, I just couldn’t disagree more!  When a major political candidate finally acknowledges, in 2016, that there is a possibility that the elections have been “rigged” or at the very least DRAMATICALLY manipulated, he is simply stating a completely obvious and widely known fact.

We need to eschew all convenient lies and accept what Al Gore might call certain “Inconvenient Truths”—elections in America since 2000 have been questionable when seen in the best possible light, but more likely constitute outrageous “continental and oceanic” frauds against the people from coast to coast.

The Boston Globe never (in recent memory) met a Socialist it didn’t like… but it is still disheartening to think that the City of the Sons of Liberty has sunk this low.  This is, quite simply, the diametric opposite of the Spirit of ’76 in Eighteenth Century Boston (and Virginia) which led to the American Revolution, when Patrick Henry famously intoned from the pulpit of St. John’s Church in Richmond:

Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

A very dear old friend wrote back to me, after I announced that Trump’s position against acceptance had finally convinced me to vote for him, after many months of vacillation and hesitation:

OMG!  Maybe that should be WTF. This is what you got from the last debate?! How utterly depressing.  .  .   .   .   .  If you honestly think this clown would be safe in world politics, I fear for your sanity. I can’t begin to express what a disaster I think he would be as President, except to say that in a million years, I would never have believed I would find myself voting for Hillary, but he made it a necessity. Just one more thing to despise this bloviated windbag and egomaniacal twit!

I don’t necessarily deny that there are clownish and twitty things about Trump, but if he truly stands outside the current governmental-elite system, then he is worth his weight in god: I just couldn’t believe that he really was until October 19, 2016.

And, does being a Clown or a Twit really disqualify anyone from office?  I rather think history is against that.

Trump is often compared to Hitler in exactly this way, and the notion of Hitler as a clown is as old as the Three Stooges’ early production called “Nasty Spy” and Charlie Chaplin’s brilliant “The Great Dictator”—-not to mention later “Springtime for Hitler” and “The Producers”….or a thousand shorter skits involving Monty Python or other British Comedians.

Caricature and ridicule are very socially interesting and ritually powerful, as our dear old professor Dr. Victoria Reifler Bricker hath taught us to say, and understand.

The role of Royal Court Jesters in Royal Courts and the interplay between Kings and Court Jesters is likewise well-known and documented anthropologically and historically everywhere. The Maya God K— whether called Tezcatlipoca or Kakupacal, is iconographically represented as “The Jester God” and he is in fact the chief Deity of Mesoamerican Kings and Rulers, from the ancient Ahauwob of the Peten to the Huey Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan. Does that make them undignified or less royal, or does it inform us of the nature of nobility and royalty? What does it tell us that the words “Sac” or “Iztac” refer to things mythical and imaginary, and otherworldly and royal?

Hitler was obviously an actor who rehearsed a role. So was Ronald Reagan. Recently republished photographs from he 1920s show that Hitler learned his oratorical style and practiced it privately in front of the Camera. Well??? Some of his poses, while learning, were definitely funny. Most actors have to practice before becoming capable of world class, memorable presentations… Many people criticize Trump because he is not an actor—the express and explicit criticism is “he does not know how to act in public” or “he does not know how to act like a President.”

Adolph Hitler did not know how to “Act like a Fuhrer” when he was a painter or a corporal in Kaiser Wilhelm’s Army. Who disputes that?

Every lawyer who appears in Court either “represents” or “acts on behalf of” another—and a lawyer’s acting is not metaphoric, but in fact had better be Oscar winning or else the lawyer loses…. Hillary is a lawyer and she knows how to “act” her role much better than Trump. We expect our rulers to be excellent actors. We accept that they should wear costumes and take positions (i.e. pose artificially) and effectively dance around their enemies.

Congress Assembled “Acts”, as do Courts of Law, and “Leaders” in Parliamentary Politics, so what is surprising that Ritual and Theatre are so intimately linked. “Tragedy” was originally the name for the rituals of Dionysus…. So was Hitler a Tragic Figure or a Comedian? He may have been some of both. Hitler, like Benito Mussolini, was born a common man, not an aristocrat like Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Winston Spencer Churchill, who was born at Blenheim Palace, home of the Dukes of Marlborough for three hundred years now.

What seems certain is that, whether you regard him as a clown or a tragedian, Hitler’s “acting” is so memorable that it made an indelible mark on the world, and that, out of the 20th Century, even if Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt are memories consigned to Marx’s old Midden Heap or Dustbin of History…. the name and role of Adolph Hitler may well be remembered with mystery, awe, and fear…. and that is what my old Harvard Linguistics Professor, the late Calvert Watkins, would call “imperishable fame”, or “the immortality of the Gods”….

I think what I really took away from the Third Debate on 19 October 2016 (which Evan Horowitz apparently knew all about on 17 October 2016? to write about it in the Boston Globe?) is that Trump may be enough of a clown to really ACT FOR or REPRESENT me (and 150,000,000-200,000,000 or so) other “traditional Americans” against the current global elite.

For those of us in that category (150,000,000 or so “Traditional Americans”), the past eight years have truly been an abomination marking the final crystallization of life into the future predicted by  Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984.

Clowns stand, throughout the symbolism and iconography of the world, for established orders TURNED UPSIDE DOWN—and THAT is exactly what we need in America today—the Bush-Clinton-Obama Oligarchy MUST be stood on its head and shaken, the course of history must be reversed, and maybe this  possibly over-sexed Orange-haired clown is just the man to do what needs to be done….

The Third (and Final) Betrayal and Death of Germany….

I found what follows published under the title: “Let the World Know: Germany is Going Down” at and I admit that I don’t know anything about the author beyond what he or she writes here for sure, although I have a couple of guesses….. and suspect the author may be someone I know in Passau or Neuberg-am-Inn, in Southern Bavaria near the Austrian border, but I could be totally wrong about that….it’s just a guess…. So I republish this anonymous piece here because it dramatically tells the story that is plainly true: Chancellor Angela Merkel has effectively passed a death sentence on the country over which she presides, and she is making certain that this death sentence is carried out and executed without mercy.  

I call this the Third (and Final) Betrayal and Death of Germany because, obviously, in the past hundred years, Germany has been destroyed twice: in 1918-1923, in 1944-1949, and now…. There was, as we all know, a theory that Germany was “Stabbed in the Back” in 1918….I don’t necessarily agree with that, I don’t necessarily deny it…. I just see some fairly convincing evidence that we shouldn’t think German Surrender and the Kaiser’s abdication (and the abdication of all hereditary monarchs in Germany and Austria-Hungary) was an inevitable consequence of losing the “Great War” of 1914-1918.  Then in 1944-1949, the world outside of Germany effectively agreed to punish Germany again, and this time a thousand-fold more viciously than with mere monetary sanctions, and the Conquest and “Reconstruction” of Germany was one of the most savage “mind f-s” in all history….  So please read and study what follows—and contradict it if you see anything factually inaccurate…..please!

Pls. spread this report as widely as you can, put it into international forums and into mailing lists.

The world must know what is going on in Germany.

About the writer

I’m German by birth and heritage, it does not matter if I’m male or female and I’ve decided not to give my real name, in order to protect my family. I live in the southern part of Germany and I’ve got grown up kids, young adults.

My family tree has been documented until 500 years back into the past, my forefathers came from Silesia, an aristrocatic family which as always been strongly connected to land and people as goodhearted, protecting keepers. A high education was standard in this family, there were lawyers, factory owners, architects, priests, doctors, inventors etc. During WWII they became expelled from there, not only lost all their property and wealth, but also young children who died from sickness and weakness along the roadside while they had to flee from the east into the west. One can well say that all these expelled families were deeply traumatized. My mom was only 13 years old when all this happend and during the rest of her life she has never truely been able to overcome all of these dark experiences. When I was a young chield I was used to hear my grandparents and my mom talking about the horror of war, the horror of not being welcome in the west and about the fear that something like this might happen again.

They were not aware that I was listening, as they thought I was asleep, but what I heard caused a big fear inside my young mind, that I might ever be forced to experience all of this by myself, that I might loose all that was so dear to me, and during my sleep it turned into nightmares.

The reason why I’m telling this to you is to let you know that I’m personally involved into the “refugee” topic based on the history of my family, I’m an empathic person, I’m deeply connected to Germany, the German culture and tradition, but at the same side open to all cultures of the world, I’m aware about the fact that the majority of this world’s people just want to live in peace, make their livelyhood, want to have some enjoyments, a home and enough food – if their governments just let them. Same I’m deeply connected to God. I have left the institution of church – in my eyes merely a club – but I call myself an “employee” of Christ.


The present situation in Germany gives proof that some secret community has decided to eliminate Germany and it’s culture. Germans are becoming rightless and abandoned people in their own country, and this is most probably a fact which will never be told in the evening news broadcasted in the rest of the world. It’s a big showdown going on, the governments of our neighbor countries claim not to understand anything of what the German government has started to manifest – the suicide of the German nation.

The “TITANIC” named Germany has already hit the iceberg and has started to sink, while the band is still playing. Inside Germany we have a huge censorship in TV/Media/net, with threats to all those who do not post/broadcast/write in a manner which is regarded as “politically correct. More below.

The mainstream media will NOT properly inform you about what’s really going on in this land. The mainstream media does not even inform the GERMANS abot what’s really going on in this land.

Truely, these are circumstances which were similarly reported and denounced in connection with the NAZI regime, and if our children may ever survive this, they might ask once, “why has nobody had the courage to counter this suppression?”

I feel an utmost urge to inform the rest of the world properly, as long as I’m still able to, as long as our internet is still working, as long as I still have a chance to be heard

What I’m going to tell you is the mere truth, and it’s not going against any of the average citizens of the world, who become the victims of governments who have just apparantly been elected by the people, but came into their places by manipulation and corruption.

Some of my relatives live in America, West Coast as well as East Coast. I’ve got friends all over the world, committed to Germany, rooted in Germany, not all interested in whats going on in Germany but this will not hinder me telling what’s going on with us.


Many Germans start to realize that what always was bashed as a “Conspiracy theory” has never been a theory at all, but a hardcore plan. There IS a conspiracy of sorts, it’s a conspiracy REALITY, there is enough proof all over the net, if you just started looking for it beyond mainstream.

Don’t believe the phrases and propaganda our government blows out. The German chancellor of destruction, Merkel, has lately stated: This problem of being flooded with refugees from various countries was a problem inflicted to us “by God”.

Well, this is pretty profane. It WAS NOT. This is a manmade problem, created intentionally, long time ago already. The goal is the fulfillment of what WWII did not reach rightaway, it’s the EXITUS of Germany, a cardiac infaction to the core of Europe, reaching out even into the neighbor countrys like France or even to others more far away, like Sweden.

German members of the police or other institutions are whistleblowing that the situation in Germany – law and order – IS ALREADY OUT OF CONTROL.

The planned result is the destabilization of whole Europe – followed by a cry for help from there – countered by offering the BIG SOLUTION for the planet … THE NWO.


To create a flood of “refugees” it was necessary to destabilize several countries. An explanation was needed for public presentation. The keys for destabilization are the ones everybody already knows – BOMBING and WARFARE. To bomb a country the agressor needs a reason – guess what – terrorism. Since the false flag of “Shock and Awe” we know as 911 (meanwhile nearly every chield knows it was an “inside job”) “terrorism” has become that one BIG rubbermade and stretchable argument of that “would like to control all the world” 3-letter State.

One has to look around for quite a while to find a country which has not yet been subject to bombing, “economic hit-men” or forces of separatism sent there (of course controlled by the secret service of the 3-letter State and another one “joined at the hip”).

We all know the recent victim countries …. Irak, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the Ukraine, – not to forget Palestine and certain parts of Africa, which were unfortunate enough to be part of an agressor’s strategy to reach more control an power.

I can fully understand how the wish to live in peace without bombing, without IS-terrorism, urges citizens of destabilized countries to head for Germany.

Estimated these make 2 % of all the people invading Germany. REAL REFUGEES.

But I bet, most of the people still would not have left their homelands for the long road to Germany, if there had not been adequate propaganda and sponsoring, advertising for Germany “in need for them” or this “rich country”. You might have heard the German Chancellor’s phrase “the Islam would belong to Germany”. WHAT A PARADISE.

So, the bulk of the “refugees” are economic refugees but having a close look at them, it’s getting worse. They are not coming here to ask for help, they are coming to DEMAND. Somebody has told them they had all rights to demand anything and the “christed disbelivers” had to bow in front of the Islam.

Their status of evolution is lower than with animals – I’m sorry to say that but they are in neither way capable to integrate into German structures and rules. They do not even know how to use sanitary equipment. They pee wherever they are, they shit on the floor wherever they are, they pee on sleeping women inside the asylumn camps, they use any children as shields, they rape children and women, they plunder each other (as well as their German hosts), they steal whatever they need, in the sanitary rooms the walls are covered with their excrements, they place their shit next to the toilets on the floor.

Vandalism and demolition quickly changes their locations into ruins – and whatever property is offered them for use – probably civilized people will never more be willing to use it – one would have to tear it down. They attack Germans, they give open expression of hatred and disdain to the Germans (non Islamists). DISEASES ARE STARTING TO SPREAD. I’m pretty sure that the government will soon take a chance to order (deadly or sickening) vaccinations to the Germans, faking to “protect” them.

It’s NOT WOMEN AND CHILDREN causing this hell to the helpers – it’s the main part of the “refugees”, young grown-up MALES without any willingness to learn or to behave.

They arm themselves with knives and anything which can be used as a weapon, they go against each othere if there are differences in religions, there was even murder. They are the very chaotic troublemakers and anti-social through and through.

They invade supermarkets and stores without paying for what they take. There are official instructions to IGNORE REFUGEE CRIME, which is about 80% of the crime rate. Never before in German histroy the rate of raping German girls and women has been so high like it is now.

The newspapers are ordered by the Government not to tell the public that the criminal was of “migrant background”, they even change the names into German names, so that the German readers should not realize who was really behind.


The enrichment of culture becomes clear by banners hung up at bridges crossing the German Autobahn.

This photo was taken in the area of Stuttgart named SINDELFINGEN.



Well, I suppose this statement includes the considerable number of IS-terrorists infiltrated among the masses of invading migrants. THERE IS PROOF ABOUT THAT “TROJAN HORSE”.

The mainstream news did NOT report about strange containers delivered to certain asylums in Germany – labeled as “AID FOR REFUGEES”, but containing a full load of weapons – guns and ammunition. The first of these containers was found by the Greek customs – on a ship south of Crete. There are reports on youtube, if you want to convince yourselves.

I suppose that the deliverers/big spenders of these weapons are identical with the nice people delivering weapons to the Ukraine to heat on the civil war there … “BLACKWATER” on order of that 3-letter state. There is proof that both sides were shot at with the same sort of bullets.

People have already wondered how all these “refugees” can have new smartphones – well, I guess it’s part of the plan. There were rumours that on a certain date and order “great islamic terror” should break loose all over Germany. I think we have had some intervening by whom ever – to prevent this so far.



All the helpers and do-gooders out of free will are nearly suffering a burn-out now.

The country Gemany is not too big. It’s a quite small country with a high population rate. Germany was “full” even before all these refugees started to flood in.

The “refugees” with their nature of parasites, locusts or army ants are being distributed all over the country. Small villages “get” more refugees than they have people living there. There is not enough money, there is not enough security for all that potential crime.

Our village will get our share of them, too, but our mayor is a coward and denies informing us. The info came backstage. The community council was asked for agreement, of course, and everybody agreed, as nobody wanted to be a “Racist” or “Nazi”.

(This information comes directly from a talk between him and me). Of course, not telling us shall prevent the building up of resistance.

I’m a pretty strategic mind and I seem to know how the situation of living here will change.

I’m pretty glad that we have a fence around our property and dogs. But it will certainly become too dangerous for our blond and pretty daughters to have a relaxed dog-walk after sunset or even a ride through the near valleys. We will have to carry pepper-spray with us or anything else which can be used in case of self-defence. Most probably they will have to cover their shining hair, in order not to draw attention to it. So far we have one negroe living here and he has at least two times started to pester my daughters. I’m very empathic with all of those who still have small children.

It will be too dangerous to let them play outside for even a few minutes. Our shepherd will most probably loose sheep, as well as the breeders of small animals like rabbits or ducks will loose animals as well.

Today the radio news told, that the Government just corrected the number of Refugees to come still in 2015. It would not be the announced 850.000, but 1,5 million.

If you want to have a comparison: SWITZERLAND will take just 50.000.


As I told you above, the Germans are being abandoned in their own country. In the city of Niederkassel a German family of 8 persons had to leave the house they were living in, they had rented it from the community, who had decided to put 25 refugees inside it. They were put under pressure and were not offered an alternative. This is NOT A SINGLE CASE. All over Germany, communities are already confiscating private properties and they are just changing law accordingly, to simplyfy this process.

People who run holiday appartments are receiving notes about confiscation of the apartments for refugees.

It’s getting still worse.

Kids are lacking SPORTS at school, as the gyms are given to the refugees.

In the town of LÜBBECKE a secondary school received the command – after the 5th lesson – to vacate the complete building for refugees within just 15 minutes of time, and the next day the students were forced to attend a different location, a special school for handicaped kids, which would have to make room for them.

Soldiers have to move out from their barracks into tents, and asylants will move into the barracks.

There are even plans to force “better off” people to move out if they have rented cheap appartments, so that the cheap housing can be taken for refugees, so, some supercheckers are going to decide – according to your wages – what price you have to afford for an appartment.

If you will ever find another one – there is hardly a choice left.


More and more people starting to realize that the German Government has foresaken the German Nation, that it has intentionally drawn damage, danger and crime into the country. Same with the council communities.

All of these people have been elected by the citizens (at least this is the common belief) and now everybody is participating in that “game”, as otherwise he would be called a “NAZI” or “RACIST”.

I assure you, the Germans are not racists, although there is still a worldwide propaganda going on trying to cement this image in the minds of the planet.

The GERMANS have always been there to help, on any catastrophe. They have offered help on the Tsunami 2004, on the earthquake in Haiti, on the nuclar catastrophe in Japan, on the earthquake in India – in Africa, on every event of place needed a helping hand.

German soldiers have returned in coffins from Afghanistan – and still they are ready to perform wherever needed.

The Germans are open to respect foreign beliefs and cultures, no problem, it never was. It’s absolutely ridiculous to blame the Germans to be racists, just because some are doubting the Islam to belong into this country of christed origin.

The Germans have invented a lot of things – Germany has often been called the “Land of poets and thinkers”, but whenever a German points to this, he’s directly becoming verbally bashed as a “racist” or a “NAZI”.

Isn’t this ridiculous? That thing about WWII has taken place generations and generations ago, still raising questions on this topic can easily and quickly bring one into a closed psychiatry dept.

Certain Youtube contributions are locked to Germans – and not for GEMA reasons – while everybody else in UK, France, and the rest of the world is allowed to watch them.

There is only ONE word for it, and this word is CENSORSHIP

Now, let’s talk about CENSORSHIP in connection with the refugee topic. There is one opinion allowed – the “political correct” one, which is “WELCOME REFUGEES”

Newspapers won’t print letters of readers with another opinion, and they will certainly NOT write anything countering “Welcome Refugees”.

Any contrary opinion is titled as “comment of hatred”. There are suggestions from “above” like strong punishments for these – for example, taking away the driving permission from the writer or even taking away his children. Mentionning the risks around the presence of refugees is also restricted.

Because “by this, one would place a seed of fear and promote separation”, so, there exist selfnominated groups of censorship and denouncing writers with institutions like prosecution etc.

PEGIDA is a group warning about the Islam taking over. It started with demonstrations in the city of Dresden. So, PEGIDA is being daemonized all over the mainstream media.

The AfD is a young party – standing for “an alternative to Germany”. They are one of the rare and courageous holders of opposition to the government. I bet that on the latest Bundestag elections there was huge manipulation on this party. There were hints on bundles of election letters which had disappeared – and this party did not make it to the Bundestag. However, later they made it into the EU parliament, and now the government is really frightened about them. According to a weekend survey, about 80% of the Germans were going to elect this party now….

And now you can imagine the mean comments and bashing against these groups.

A member of the German Red Cross had been ordered to go to an asylumn for support there.

She afterwards posted on Facebook, that according to her view there had only been 2% true refugees, while the rest of them were economic ones and “spongers”. Guess what – using the word “Spongers” made that she was fired.

A 13 year old boy placed a critical comment on Facebook. This comment was found by a self named censor who contacted the parents of this boy to hint on the “racist” comment. The parents said they would talk to him, but the censor claimed, this was not enough. By making pressure he insisted on the boy helping 1 day in a refugee location, and in the evening he had to make a “selfie with a laughing refugee child” to post it on Facebook with a statement of “how much fun they had”.

Watching TV becomes quite horrible. There is refugee propaganda wherever you watch. Knowing details of reality it’s really up to vomiting.

Another critical party had adressed the SPD with the input to protect the German culture as there were so many special things in it.

I’m ashame to tell that the female SPD speaker verbally vaporised him – he was a racist and a NAZI, as he was claiming the German culture to be superior to others. Others – perhaps you have heard about the ANTIFA – openly claim that “GERMANY MUST PERISH”.

In this connection I recommend you to educate yourselves – google “Hooton” or “kalergi”.


Germans observing the situation with open eyes clearly see that it’s much too late to prevent the downgoing of our country. THE REQUIEM FOR THE FUNERAL OF OUR COUNTRY HAS ALREAY STARTED.

It’s just a question of not too long. The refugee thing was a well orchestrated act of war against Europe, especially Germany. I suppose, Merkel is already sitting upon packed suitcases, ready to disappear into one of those luxury dugouts. While all the world is officially questioning her deeds, or even if she is insane, she just did what Big Bro was demanding from her and was so becoming a traitor to her own nation.

There is proof that IS is being financed by that big 3-letter country, have you heard that IS is openly speaking about attacking Western Europe with nukes. Well, where would they get these from… out of a dusty Taliban cave? More likely would be: straight from the sponsor.

I strongly hope for DIVINE PREVENTION!

If you ask me, Putin has been a real genious by openly and effectively fighting IS in Syria. Truely, knowing who’s behind IS he’s fighting the 3-letter State. Latter one has claimed to fight IS too…. but so unfortunately just ineffectively. Well, yes… by intention. Would be not suitable to say: dear Putin, please, to not bomb IS in Syria…. it’s our own equipment.

So l the refugees claimed to be refugees of IS were in fact refugees of the 3-letter State and that other special one in this joint-venture.

And how will they now guarantee that the German dose of refugees will still rise by next year?

The next argument has already been delivered. “Africa has such a poor soil”, nothing will grow there anymore … so the poor Africans have to invade Europe in order not to starve.

Imagine Germany as a fortress with not much space left inside.

Merkel as a commander ordered the gates to be opened widely, and get the draw-bridge down.


And masses are starting to pour in.

At the top, the first original inhabitants start to fall down from over the battlements. Still more press themselves inside.

Finally, the walls burst.

Is the Election rigged? FACTS PROVE VOTE FRAUD!


Source: Is the Election rigged? FACTS PROVE VOTE FRAUD!

This is NOT news….Even if you don’t call what happened in Y2K with Bush v. Gore Fraud, and if you don’t call that Fraud you’re basically either brain-dead or asleep….but ANYONE who was even marginally paying attention in 2004 saw the most overwhelming statistical evidence of fraud in the precisely consistent deviation between exit polls and final vote counts all over Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia….they obviously just flipped the statistics mechanically to ensure W’s reelection (not that I deeply mourn never having experienced a “President Kerry”)….

Let us keep in mind that there are not many differences among the D.C. Beltway elitist class politicians of either party.  Saying that, I am not necessarily fighting for Donald Trump.  I am fighting for the soul of America and the preservat…

Source: Let us keep in mind that there are not many differences among the D.C. Beltway elitist class politicians of either party.  Saying that, I am not necessarily fighting for Donald Trump.  I am fighting for the soul of America and the preservat…

I couldn’t agree more—Donald John Trump is uncouth, inarticulate, unreflective, possibly exactly as unprincipled as the typical successful New York businessman…. but much more successful than the typically principled Southern Businessman….So DON’T vote for Donald Trump because he’s a Saint, or because he’s a great speaker….because he’s neither.  DON’T vote for Donald Trump because he’s got great ideas or policies…. because he clearly doesn’t.  But VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP because he is the ONLY HOPE AMERICA HAS of reversing the eight year long OBAMANATION and avoiding the transformation of this country into another Haiti, Zimbabwe, or Somalia….