FLIERS ATTACKING MONUMENTS ON THE STREETCARS—Four Years Ago, Two Years Before the Purges Began—you cannot tell me that this is an accident…it was a PLAN!

In the Iceland “Njal’s Saga” and elsewhere in Mediaeval European Literature, “the Witches’ Ride” was always called a portent or harbinger of doom.   On several of my routine rides on the New Orleans Streetcars, Four Years ago, I saw evidence that the witches were indeed riding, and planning to “boil, boil, toil, and trouble” the city—-
May 31, 2015—Please read this long little dissertation that I posted FOUR YEARS AGO—18 days, just barely two-and-a-Half WEEKS BEFORE the Dylan Storm Roof Charleston AME Church Shooting and before the great push to eliminate our Heritage and Monuments were underway. I saw it coming. I saw this flurry of fliers FOUR YEARS AGO and it was a harbinger of death and doom for the things I love most about New Orleans and the South. My 26 year old son in Washington is now pressuring me to abandon my activism. I brought him up to be good Confederate Patriot and a historical revisionist—to question everything, and it worked, until he went to Harvard, got two LLMs and International Tax Law, and then was hired at PwC and each institution in turn started pressuring him to conform. But please look at what I wrote FOUR YEARS AGO—because that makes it all the more obvious to me that it was all a plan: slowly we turned, STEP-BY-STEP, INCH-BY-INCH “NIAGARA FALLS!” or in this case the South Falls…. but this was the plan to ride old Dixie Down, just two and a half weeks before Charleston happened…. and all the dominos started falling.

Really, I just found what I had posted this on Facebook, verbatim, originally, on May 31, 2015 · 18 Days before the Charleston Shooting that started it all—Mere Coincidence? Yeah, and Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone…. and the people who run the Government never lie…

“I went on a rare walk down Bourbon Street last (Saturday) night. The behavior and demeanor of the people I saw made me want to vomit…. It’s time to reinstitute mass deportations of degenerates…. or perhaps even mass executions….there’s no point in trying to “reform” this many people—send them all to whorehouses in Thailand… or give them a relatively painless death. They are of no use to themselves OR the rest of humanity….. but this is only part of my greatest gripe:

The remnants of the Great South are vanishing every day. The great moral and patriotic spirit of the Anglo-Saxon, German, Spanish and French Colonial people has been mostly, perhaps totally, extinguished. What’s especially sad is the view from here in New Orleans of the present day, once the greatest city and shining light of Southern and Western Civilization.

In 1860, Bourbon Street was something like the sum total of what Madison Avenue plus Fifth Avenue between 75th and 85th plus Central Park West are today—in the midst of the elite residences and commercial financial district was founded the greatest Opera House in the Western Hemisphere (aka “The French Opera”) at the corner of Toulouse and Bourbon.

Now, given the modern reality, I normally avoid Bourbon Street like the bubonic plague it so closely resembles, but when visitors come into town they ALWAYS want to see Bourbon Street. Last night was a typical Saturday night—mobbed with people, black and white, in the lowest stages of self-destructive, voluntary degeneracy.

So today, all we can see today is the exact OPPOSITE of the spirit of patriotism and freedom that led to Revolution in 1776, Secession in 1860-61, and brave resistance 1954-1974. And now indeed, in the crowds of wretched humanity evidenced on Bourbon Street, what should have been the symbolic center of Southern and Western American Civilization, we see ONLY the offal (the waste and bi-products) of the world—they are to be pitied, up to a point, but I wish I didn’t have to look at them in MY favorite city.

And of all the great monuments to the Southern people, some commie-pinko bastard has been passing out fliers all over town “There are several hundred examples of white supremacist monuments in New Orleans, Here are about 2 dozen examples….” Starting of course with the Robert E. Lee obelisk and monument “@Lee Circle” but (somewhat ironically) even including “Judah Touro Hospital” because Judah Touro was a “Jewish slaveholder” and Tulane University because “Paul Tulane” (a northerner who graduated from Princeton University in New Jersey) “gave the most money to the Confederacy.”

Cry the Beloved Country!

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