70th Anniversary: On the Day of Love, Remember Dresden February 13-15, 1945

I recently attended a kind of new age modern “Church Service” in Tarpon Springs, Florida, called “New Beginning Oneness” (https://www.facebook.com/newbeginningoneness)(www.nbocenter.com).  

It appears to be part of that ecumenical global-culture, mixed Buddhist-Hindu-Animist-Relicuary Christian modern religious movement that I think began in the 1970s with the publication of what is reportedly one of the best-selling “self-help books of all time” to emerge from that hellish profession  called psychology, namely, “I’m OK; You’re OK”. (http://www.amazon.com/Im-Youre-Thomas-Harris-M-D/dp/1578660750).  

The New Yorker magazine only parodied the religious implications of this book’s title and central message of the meaninglessness of everything when shaken and baked into a hamburger helper version of morality in a cartoon showing a preacher speaking enthusiastically to a congregation in an otherwise traditional Church “AND I SAY UNTO YOU, I’M OK, YOU’RE OK, AMEN!”  I found the cartoon Hilarious back then in the 1970s: it seemed ridiculous to me then, impossible to imagine a Church which avoided the real problems of life, but now I have seen it with my own eyes.  

This kind of religious modernity teaches that everything that happens on earth is for the good and is part of God’s purpose, that there is really no such thing as death or sin and that all injuries are curable, subject to healing, and that death is merely an illusion, not a reality.  At least that’s what I understood from the sermons there. It’s not exactly my religion.  But I did challenge the “teacher”—not a reverend or a priest but a “leader” perhaps, after the second service I attended there, to accept a “dare” from me:  I told her, “Go to the Centers of Three Cities: Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, and there preach to the people that there are no such things as death or unforgivable sins.”  And I challenge anyone in the world to do that.

I met “Pastor” Mary Lou Houlis at a lovely Valentine’s Day party earlier this evening, and she asked me if I had “gotten over” my concerns that I expressed to her a couple of weeks ago.  I told her I thought we still needed to talk about it.  

I for one do believe in both sin and death, in one Baptism for the remission of sins and the rebirth of the soul, and the life in the world everlasting for those who are saved, and (as a corollary) I believe in the lake of fire and a thousand years of damnation in hell for those who, for example, murder innocent children for absolutely no reason except, “they were unlucky to be in the wrong place in the wrong time, born to a people WE wanted to destroy.”

I understand the justification for the slaughter of civilian populations was that, “it would have otherwise taken perhaps decades to conquer the Axis countries inch-by-inch—they had to be beaten into submission by terror and threats of extinction.”  But what people who give this explanation can never quite explain to me is this: why was it necessary to conquer the Axis countries totally?  Why would it have not been sufficient to end the war?  

Well, I guess and conclude, Roosevelt and Churchill wanted to destroy Germany and Japan for the same reason that the 16th President of the United States demanded Unconditional Surrender from the Confederate States of America: Uncle Abe wanted to transform the entire country so that one day there could be a 32nd President (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) who would initiate socialism in this Country, and then a 44th President (Barack Hussein Obama) who would stamp out the last traces of the original America all together, and initiate something closer to Pure Communism).  

I thank Paul Fromm for forwarding em the following historic article:

DRESDEN: The 70th Anniversary (February 13-15) of an Allied War Crime — the Incineration of 500,000 Civilians in a Non-Military Target

This translated article about February 13 and 14 1945 first appeared in German in the National Journal

A True Holocaust: Dresden February 13, 1945

Ca. 500,000 were exterminated “democratically” in just one night

The Germans would have to be angels or saints, in order to forget and forgive the injustices and cruelties they had to suffer twice within one generation without having provoked  the Allies.  If we Americans had been treated this way, our acts of revenge for our suffering would be boundless.”

The Rev. Dr. Dr. h. c. Ludwig A. Fritsch,  Chicago, 1948

The numbers of dead who perished in the Dresden Holocaust are being reduced in their lies by the professional representatives of the BRD’s lie factories and the holocaust industry by several hundreds of thousands of exterminated. However the fact that more than 12,000 houses located in the center of town vanished into dust during the bombing inferno is being admitted.  This at a point in time when an additional 600,000 refugees from Breslau in addition to the 600,000 residents were compressed into the city, and when in each of the 12,000 multi-story homes there were probably at least 50 persons.  This should not be debatable – nothing was left of these houses.  Those human beings housed there disintegrated into ashen dust at 1600 degree Celsius without leaving any remainders.

Using a politically correct democratic way of looking at these figures showing a totally destroyed area of 7 x 4 kilometers, i.e. 28 million square meters, there would be dead 1 to 1.5 dead per 1,000 square meters.  Therefore, the deniers of the German Holocaust shamelessly speak of 35,000 dead.  In February 2005 a commission of “serious” historians insisted that only 24,000 Germans perished in Dresden.  Whenever the “system” comes up with “serious” historians, anyone familiar with the politics of historical lies is aware that this involves bought liars, who must avoid the penetration of the truth at all costs with their utterly brazen lies.

A figure of 35,000 dead involves only a small part of the Dresden Holocaust victims who could be fully identified.  Erhard Mundra, member of the executive board of the “Bautzen Committee” explained it this way in Die Welt on Feb. 12, 1995, page 8:  “According to a communication from the former General Staff Officer of the Dresden Defense District.,Lieutenant Colonel Matthes ret. of the  German Federal Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), who at the time was administrative director of the City of Dresden, 35,000 dead were fully, 50,000 partially identified  and 168,000 dead were not identified. “  All those unfortunate children, women, senior citizens and wounded soldiers, of whom not even a handful of ash were left by the blaze, of course could no longer be counted.  To this the former federal Chancellor Dr. Konrad Adenauer writes “the attack on the  City of Dresden crowded with refugees on February 13, 1945 alone caused 250,000 dead. “  (DEUTSHLAND HEUTE, published by the press and information office of the Federal Government, Wiesbaden 1955, page. 154) To this the City of Dresden added in a letter: “According to assured statements by the Dresden Security Police, until March 20, 1945, 202,040 bodies, primarily women and children were salvaged.  Of those only 30% could be identified, and including the missing a total of 250,000 to 300,000  victims should be realistic…”  (originated by:  Hitzscherlich,  ref.: 0016/Mi, dated July 31, 1992).

Dresden was a military hospital city, without even a single FLAK gun, without military and without any military installations.  Dresden served as the place to accept the refugees from the east.  The roofs were marked with the RED CROSS.

The German cities were turned into super crematoria.

During the murder night of February 13 to 14, 1945 the greatest war criminal of all time, Winston Churchill, caused nearly 700,000 incendiary bombs to be dropped on Dresden.  Therefore, there was one bomb for each two inhabitants.  To this Die Welt wrote on page. 8 on March 3, 1995 “Professor Dietmat Hosser of the Institute for Building Materials, Solid Construction and Fire Protection in Braunschweig  assumes that it is probable that, when the cities turned into crematoria, the temperatures above ground reached up to 1,600 degrees Celsius.

            The deadly “Liberation” came from the sky.

            The genocide of the German people destroyed “80 per cent of all German cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants.”  The aerial attacks by the allied war criminals unloaded “40,000 tons of bombs in the year 1942, 120,000 tons  during 1943, 650,000 tons of bombs in 1944 and during the last  four war months of the year 1945 another 500,000 bombs” onto the civilian population in the German cities  (Die Welt, February 11, 1995 p. G1).

This is where the largest part of the Holocaust of the Germans occurred

The main war criminals Churchill and Roosevelt transformed the following cities into crematoria by bringing into their inner cities  twice as much heat as develops in the retort of a crematorium: Kiel, Neumuenster, Stralsund, Bremerhaven, Emden, Wilhelmshaven, Hamburg,  Neubrandenburg, Neustrelitz, Prenzlau, Bremen, Hannover, Rheine, Osnabrueck, Hildesheim, Braunschweig, Magdeburg, Berlin, Potsdam, Frankfurt/Oder, Bocholt, Muenster, Kleve, Wesel, Dortmund, Hamm, Soest, Krefeld, Moenchengladbach, Duesseldorf, Aachen, Dueren, Bonn, Koeln, Siegen, Koblenz, Trier, Bingen, Bad Kreuznach, Mainz, Worms, Kaiserslautern, Pirmasens, Karlsruhe, Pforzheim, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Friedrichshafen, Ulm, Muenchen, Augsburg, Straubing, Heilbronn, Nuernberg, Ingolstadt, Bayreuth, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Darmstadt, Offenbach, Hanau, Frankfurt, Giessen, Schweinfurt, Wuerzburg, Giessen, Kassel, Nordhausen, Merseburg, Leipzig, Chemnitz, Dresden, Ellenburg, Halberstadt, Magdeburg, Gelsenkirchen, Oberhausen, Witten, Duisburg, Hagen, Wuppertal, Solingen, Neuss, Remscheid, Brilon, Aschaffenburg, Swinemuende.

Not the Germans started it

You must also know that Great Britain and France declared war on the German Reich on September 3, 1939, not vice versa.  In addition, you must know that England started the bombing error against Germany’s civilian population as early as two days after her declaration of war.  On September 5, 1939 the first air raids on Wilhelmshaven and Cuxhaven occurred.  On January 12, 1940 was the first English bombing attack on Westerland/Sylt  On January 25, 1940 the directive of the OKW regarding conducting the war was issued:   an air attack ban on the British motherland including ports except docks of Rosyth and the air raids within the framework of the mine war. On March 20, 1940 Kiel and Hoernum /Sylt are attacked with 110 explosive and incendiary bombs. Following a total hit on a military hospital in April 1940 there were further attacks by English bombers on places without military significance.  May 11, 1940:  Upon Churchill becoming prime- and defense minister of Great Britain on May 10, he immediately decides, without informing the public, to start the bombing offensive against the German civilian population.  The report by the OKW dated May 18, 1940 again determines the aimless British bombing of non-military targets and warns of the consequences.  May 30, 1940:  German memo to France with respect to the treatment of downed fliers: “documented British-French cruelty.”  Only now, on November 14/15 1940 the first German air attacks on the important war targets in Coventry are being flown – months after the start of the British bombing terrors against civilian targets in Germany.

According to the airial war expert Soenke Neitzel “in any event, in the initial war years all heavy attacks by the German Luftwaffe on cities were not terror attacks but hits against military targets, at least per planning. (Darmstadt Echo,  September 25, 2004, p.4).

Historian: The people of England and the USA are complicit in the genocide of the Germans.

On the occasion of a military-historical conference in Freiburg and at the invitation of the military research office of the Bundeswehr in September 1988, American, British, German, French and Italian military historians discussed the aspects of the air wars in the second world war for a whole week.  In September 1988 the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung  also devoted a detailed article entitled “Bombs [raining ] on Cities” to the results of this conference.  The author of this highly interesting contribution was Professor Guenther Gillessen.  One of several unanimous, interesting results of the historian conference was:  “It remains remarkable that the German Wehrmacht held to the traditional  maxims of moderate warfare until the end, while both western democracies did not shy away from the more ruthless form of revolutionary, radical air war.”  And still an additional,  highly interesting conclusion was drawn:  “Yet it cannot  be argued that the principles of the general warfare international law forbade the total strategic bombing war…The historians believed the indiscriminate bombing war to be an aberration, but not only that of the individual air marshal, i.e., Sir Arthur Harris’s, or of the bomber command.  The responsibility rests not only on the entire British air defense staff, but above all the political leadership, especially Churchill and Roosevelt and the majority of their people.

Churchill wanted to fry the German Refugees

The British contemporary historian David Irving cited the war criminal Churchill on February 13, 1990 on the occasion of a presentation at the 45th anniversary of the destruction of Dresden in the Dresden Culture Palace:  “I do not want to receive any suggestions how  we can destroy militarily important targets in Dresden’s hinterland, I want to get suggestions how we can fry 600,000 refugees from Breslau in Dresden.” ((Minute by A.P.S. of S. – Air Chief Marshal Sir Wilfrid Freeman –Jan. 26, 1945 in “Air Historical Branch file CMS 608”)).  But it wasn’t enough for Churchill to fry the Germans.   The next morning he sent his hedgehoppers which using their onboard weapons mowed away the surviving women and children at the banks of the Elbe. 

Within the framework of his planned assembly-line like extermination war against the German people Churchill wanted to destroy every house in every German city:  “’If must be, we hope to be able to destroy almost every house in every German city’…  In March of 1945 when Churchill doubted the efficacy of the bombardment of German cities ‘solely for the purpose  of increasing the terror’ :  The terror continued.”  (Die Welt February 11, 2005, p. 27)

The German Elites are accusing the Victims

While because of his extermination war against the German civilian population the butcher had in fact pangs of conscience in March of 1945 as is cited here, the nauseating German post-war elites did not shy away from conferring the Aachen Karl Prize on the mass murderer for his holocaust he brought to Germany.  The mass murderer received the “peace prize” of the very city, which in the process of conducting his extermination war he had flattened and its population for the most part burned.

The German elites of the Allied system have not changed, still today they hail the murderers and vilify their victims.  The Lord Mayor of Dresden, Ingolf Rossberg, indeed went so far as to verbally urinating on the German holocaust victims on the eve of the anniversary of the destruction of Dresden in 2005.  He declared the assembly-line extermination of 500,000 innocent human beings and the destruction of irreplaceable cultural treasures  as justified:  Dresden had not been “innocent” according to his  hatred-filled verbal attack on the murdered children, women and wounded soldiers of the military hospital as well as zoo  animals:  “60 years after the devastating  bombing  resulting in tens of thousands of dead the Lord Mayor Ingolf Rossberg has warned from misunderstanding Dresden as an “innocent” city.  (Die Welt, February 12, 2005, Internet).

This is what the Lord Mayor is saying about that destroyed city, which at the time had taken in the floods of human beings, animals and treks.  Streets and plaza were clogged with the refugees’ vehicles.  Green spaces were transformed into huge camps. This big city harbored 1,130,000 human beings within its walls when its destruction came, when its hour had struck.  The attacks on Dresden of February 13 and 14 1945 were Germany’s atom bombs.  These attacks surpassed by far the effect and number of victims of the atom bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Guilt is to be sought only with the German victims, not the murderers.

Therefore, as already determined by the Commission of Historians in Freiburg in 1988, not only the main war criminals Churchill and Roosevelt bear the guilt for the Holocaust of the Germans!  No, also, the English and American people bear the guilt for this unimaginable crime in the history of humanity. Adds Der Spiegel No. 1/1995, p. 73 “… approximately 6 Million Germans were slain.” That is not correct, it were about 15 million Germans who were slaughtered bestially. But even the anti-German Spiegel already admits to six million murdered Germans.  But the German elites find words only for  Jews.

So what are the “liberal” FRG Media [Federal Republic of Germany Media] saying about the guilt of the allied war criminals in the genocide of the Germans?  Ernst Cramer writes on February 12, 1995 on p. 9 in Die Welt “When remembering one should no longer look for guilt…”  And how did the OberGoodMan Roman Herzog, the former Federal President, see the question of genocidal guilt of the German people? On February 13, 1995 in Dresden, he said in his trivializing “memorial speech” which insulted the murdered Germans:  “It makes no sense to judge whether or not the bomb war, the inhumanity of which no one doubts anyway, was lawful in a lawful sense. How does it serve us considering the distance of fifty years.” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, February 14, 1995, p. 1).

However, when one has to attach an Auschwitz death total exaggerated by 90 percent to us Germans (at least 3,500,000 dead Jews were simply invented and charged to the Germans, according to Fritjof Meyer), then the professional victims and – liars don’t say, “it makes no sense to judge this… what good is it for us after 55 years?  No, all those in authority swear to an “eternal German responsibility”.  They even put the” blame – responsibility” on the still unborn Germans.

Two Different Measurements

            To summarize:  Not even the perpetrators deny that the German cities were transformed into crematoria during WWII.   The tonnage amounts of the bombs dropped on the German cities by the murderers, come from foreign sources.  Therefore they are believable.  That six million Germans were murdered was printed in the anti-German Spiegel, has been proven by official counts and understated by nine million.  In spite of this  any anti-German rascal may, nay it seems, must, insist the allied bombing terror caused hardly any deaths.  There are no legal consequences whatsoever for any of these insulters of the German holocaust victims.

The “Liberators” Turned Our Cities into Crematoria

It must be remembered for all eternity so that the anti-Germans in politics and society must be made responsible for their defamation of the German victims.  The “democrats” who “liberated” the German people from Hitler, came upon us with murder and destruction. Once more: they murdered during the hell night of Dresden about 500,000 human beings and destroyed unique irreplaceable cultural treasures.  Women, who were giving birth to children in the community hall, facing the inner city turned into an inferno, jumped through the windows into the supposed cold. But within minutes also these mothers and their children still attached at the navel lapsed into crematorium ashes.  Thousands who had turned into living torches  desperately tried to reach the city pond but  phosphorus does not extinguish.  Even animals from the zoo, whether elephant or lion, were seeking the unreachable, saving water along with the people consecrated to death.  And thus they all glowed to death together, whether newborn, mother, old man, or wounded as well as the innocent animal from the zoo and barn in the name of “liberation”.

KURT VONNEGUT was in Dresden when the city was destroyed.  Based on his experiences he wrote his internationally famous anti-war report in 1969.

“In February 1945 Kurt Vonnegut became witness to a kind of Vesuvius eruption. During the last few months of World War II, Dresden was destroyed by the incendiary bombs of the Allies. 

More than 600,000 phosphorous bombs were dropped onto Dresden…  Vonnegut was in Dresden as an American P.O.W. and had to salvage the bodies from underneath the rubble.

His antiwar book of 1969 in which he wrote about these experiences was published under the title, “Slaughterhouse Five”.  It was forbidden in various U.S. states as a tool of the devil… Vonnegut:  Yes, Dresden was destroyed by you Englishmen. 

You have burned down the city, you have transformed the Florence on the Elbe into a single column of flames.  In this firestorm, in this one gigantic  fire blaze more people perished  than in Hiroshima and Nagasaki together’.”

                                                         The Independent, London,  

December 20, 2001.

3 responses to “70th Anniversary: On the Day of Love, Remember Dresden February 13-15, 1945

  1. Well, hell yes, war is hell. People and governments don’t take kindly to the sudden bombing and invasion of a non-warring neighbor like Hitler commanded his military to do to Poland. It didn’t take much genius to surmise that he intended the same fate for The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Czechoslovakia, the UK, Greece, Italy, North Africa, and maybe even Russia and the USA.

    I maintain that NOBODY can claim innocence in a country that allows a tyrant’s rise to power, NOBODY. We can expect a military force that invades such a nation to visit retribution and even extinction on those who allowed it.

    That’s why I believe prospective victims of evil forces like Hitler’s government or Islamic fundamentalist governments or other terrorist influences have full justification in nuking the evil force as needed to annihilate its head and physical and financial supporters.

    That should have happened in Germany. It didn’t. So the country and its people had to undergo a CRUSHING punishment.

    In general, though, I love the German culture and people and feel grateful so many Germans left Germany to settle in the USA.

  2. I agree with your writing but special with this paragraph: “Well, hell yes, war is hell. People and governments don’t take kindly to the sudden bombing and invasion of a non-warring neighbor like Hitler commanded his military to do to Poland.” So as you and all of us see that it was Hitler that initiated the whole problem and special the Second World WAR!!
    The rest of the world could not just stay and watch him killing everyone, but they all have to take action and try to STOP him and his whole nation to back off and get rid of their bad ideology!!
    Sorry but both sides were killed and burned to the point that it stooped when the German people did not helped anymore the HITLER and HIS own army!! German people finally wake up for a solution when was super late!!
    Remember that NONE OF US SHOULD PLAY WITH GUNS AND ARMY AND BOMBS AND SOLDIERS in the really life, because for sure all of us will get BURNED from this war!! BASICALLY WE ALL ARE WRONG TO GET INVOLVE WITH THE WAR!!

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      I have the most ambiguous and doubtful feelings about your “agreement” with me.

      I agree that the world hated Hitler for invading Poland but I disagree it was all Hitler’s fault. After all, the agreement which led to the 1939 partition of Poland was, after all, an international Treaty between Germany and the Soviet Union designed to rectify the imbalance of power in the West. Hitler and Stalin simultaneously defied Britain and France which had guaranteed Poland’s borders…. and why did THEY do that? When the Western and Northern borders of Poland set by the treaty of Versailles were inherently unjust, and split up the German people butchered the landmass and coherence of the oldest of all the ancient Baltic states dating back one thousand years, namely Prussia….Eastern was made an island, and Western was destroyed……

      So I totally disagree that “Hitler initiated the whole problem and special the Second World WAR!!” Maybe Hitler should have held back a little bit longer or a lot longer from trying to re-estabish Germany’s August 1914 borders. But on the other hand, maybe that was just, because Danzig was a German-speaking town, ordered by Versailles to serve as Poland’s seaport (without any historical precedent or antecedent), while the adjacent West Prussia and “the Polish Corridor” were at least 60-70% German, Memeland was 75-90% German, Posen was 80-95% German.

      To this very day, Posen and all adjacent villages in what is now Western Poland, including all of Pomerania and Silesia, LOOK MORE TRADITIONALLY GERMAN THAN MANY PARTS OF bombed out, burnt out GERMANY. “German Houses” are the finest in Western Poland and are greatly treasured by the now occupying Poles. Is this fair? Is the Oder-Niese line a fair or proper Eastern Border for German when the Teutonic Knights dominated to Baltic states since 1100-1200 A.D.?

      I just hate the contradictions in this situation—because I know many Poles and Germans, some very close friends in fact, who are or have been directly affected by this, the greatest forced migration of human beings in the history of the world—-which was effected by STALIN after the War, not by Hitler before it.

      And I have studied and restudied the history of Poland’s and Germany’s post-World War I boundaries and the origins of World War II. Hitler commanded the first large scale armored invasion that started World War II, there’s basically no doubt about that, but what came before that fateful September day? The Poles had been harassing and violating the rights of the German residents of the Polish Corridor, Posen, and Silesia in increasingly oppressive, nasty, and violent ways.

      Moreover, there is strong evidence, irrefutable evidence in fact, that the British in particular but also the French, by diplomatic and military guarantees to Poland, did everything in their power to encourage the Poles to be intransigent and so to provoke Hitler, who had enjoyed such success up to that moment in bringing about the unity of all German-speaking people under one single Government—was that really such a bad ideology? What aspect of Hitler’s ideology are you referring to that relates to the invasion of Poland? Hitler was sternly anti-Communist and yet he agreed to the “Stalin-Hitler Pact” (Von Ribbentrop-Molotov) to divide Poland in half.

      So whose ideology was worse on that occasion in September 1939: Hitler’s (whom Churchill and Roosevelt hated and opposed) or Stalin (whom Churchill and Roosevelt apparently liked enough to expend a huge among of money and military assistance saving him?) Were Churchill and Roosevelt moral and right for supporting Stalin and making certain the Soviet Union survived brutally dominating Eastern Europe for the next 45 years (until 1990)?

      Would Eastern Europe have been worse off under Hitler than it was under the “Warsaw Pact” dominated by the Soviets? If so, how?

      How could Hitler possibly have done worse to Eastern Europe than Kruschev’s suppression of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956? Brezhnev’s repression of the Prague Spring in 1968 I am not convinced that the United Kingdom and United States did the right thing in supporting the Soviet Union rather than Hitler.

      Arguably, if the Western Powers had really supported our versions of indirect (representative Democracy) opposed totalitarian dictatorships, they should have supported Hitler because Germany was so much smaller than the Soviet Union, and so Hitler was literally incapable of dominating the huge landmass from East Germany and Czechoslovakia to Vladivostok and Outer Mongolia…. Had we supported Hitler, Glasnost and Perestroika might have come to the Soviet Union much sooner, but instead we propped up the Communist regime to survive 50 years longer than it should have.

      For the hundred and fifty years before 1939, Poland was a much repressed and oppressed nation. It was unjustly and unfairly carved up between Russia, Prussia, and Austria-Hungary in the three successive partitions of Poland in the late 18th century and except for a few years under Napoleon vanished from the map for the whole of the 19th century and all of 1814-1918. This too was unfair, especially since the dual Monarchy known as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Kingdom of Poland was, in the late 14th-early 18th Centuries, the largest nation in Europe and one of Austria’s great Christian allies against the Ottoman Empire and the Turks.

      But most of all, I worry about your notions of “Bad Ideology.” You say Hitler was bad but you say NOTHING about Stalin. And if you had said anything about Stalin then you would have been forced to admit that Churchill and Roosevelt had a choice to make between Hitler and Stalin and, very arguably, Churchill and Roosevelt made the wrong choice, choosing the GREATER (Soviet) evil over the LESSER (German National Socialist) evil. Ultimately, Stalin was responsible for ten times the number of human deaths that have ever been attributed to Hitler, and Stalin inspire Mao Tse-Tung whose “cultural revolution,” in China, broke all possible records. So I suggest you restudy the history of World War II in great detail.

      Hitler’s Germany was NOT a Constitutional Democracy modeled after the United States—it was suppressive of major and important civil rights—but don’t write to me again until you can answer this question: Why was Hitler’s Germany more worthy of total destruction than the Soviet Union, who we supported and sustained, or Mao’s China which we at first boycotted, but after Nixon and Kissinger built into the Second Most powerful Nation—some would say the FIRST MOST powerful nation, in the whole wide world? Or would you dare to assert that, as a matter of their domestic policies, both the Soviet Union from 1917-1991 and Mao’s Red China…. which continues more-or-less under the same “Maoist” form of government to this very day—are in any way superior to Hitler’s National Socialist Germany or that they killed fewer, rather then 10 (Soviet) to 100 (Chinese) more people than Germany was ever alleged to have done?

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