JUST NUKE NEW ORLEANS NOW! (Don’t dissipate history and culture gradually, Please get rid of it ALL AT ONCE, ONCE AND FOR ALL, why waste time?)

(Why waste time on trivialities like Lee’s statute—it symbolizes NOTHING compared to the City as a whole….)

Sunday, June 28, 2015 the New Orleans Times-Picayune published a front page editorial entitled, “Lee statue doesn’t reflect city N.O. aspires to be.” I take this very personally.  So now they want to take down the monument to Robert E. Lee that has been the most noble feature of St. Charles Avenue since 1884.  I say: NO, NUKE THE ENTIRE CITY FIRST (and immediately).

If Robert E. Lee’s statue symbolized the offensive heritage and hatred embodied Old South and the Confederate States of America, then TEN TIMES OVER, the entire City of New Orleans, even it’s map and street names, much more graphically embodies, preserves, and by its exalted architecture, artistry, and class, symbolizes the Antebellum Era, memorializes the Confederacy, and stands as a living cultural monument to the restoration of what one can only, honestly, call White Supremacy in the Victorian and Early 20th Century South.

Robert E. Lee was just an old soldier who cherished honour and home, and lost his home, in fact, as a result of his honour.  We now call it “Arlington National Cemetery” but once it was the home of the Lees of Virginia, just upriver from their cousins the Washingtons.

OH, but it was the French and Spanish who institutionalized slavery in Louisiana, so we REALLY need to start by wiping out the French Quarter…. And what if people love to walk along (or take the bus or trolley or walking tours along) St. Charles Avenue, Prytania, Washington, Jackson, First through Ninth Streets in the Garden District—IF WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT TAKING DOWN SYMBOLS OF ANTEBELLUM AND CONFEDERATE WEALTH, based in large part on Slavery, and the wealth of Victorian Louisiana, based entirely on White Supremacy, we need to take down EVERY SINGLE HOME and BUSINESS built before 1968 in the Garden District and Uptown—

ALL of this horrible architecture that tourists come from around the world to see in New Orleans is BASED ON INEQUALITY of the Races. And you see, that’s precisely why people love it. It’s so ARISTOCRATIC and BEAUTIFUL, so ELEGANT and filled with HISTORICAL DIGNITY and a sense of individual style, grace, and taste that you just can’t put into or get out of a glass or concrete skyscraper like One Shell Center of the Marriott or Sheraton or Holiday Inn on Canal Street.

Please, one Nuclear bomb will get rid of ALL of these DISGUSTING RELICS of New Orleans’ hateful and oppressive legacy—PLEASE get rid of Commander’s Palace and EVERYONE buried in St. Louis Cemetery Number One or Lafayette Number One…. PLEASE! ONE NUCLEAR BOMB IS ALL IT TAKES TO get rid of the disgusting legacy of 18th, 19th, and 20th century history in New Orleans—even Jazz—face it, if the blacks hadn’t been oppressed and excluded from Western Musical Education, they NEVER would have developed their own unique and distinctive musical tradition WHICH CHANGED THE WORLD in the 1920s…. Segregation was so HORRIBLE because it MAINTAINED DIVERSITY! Kill the memory of all the segregationists, PLEASE!

To wish to remove this legacy and heritage by removing Robert E. Lee’s statute is utterly futile and pointless…. How about the names HOWARD (several generations), GENERAL ADOLPH MEYER, JOHN SLIDELL, FREDERICK W. TILTON, and PAUL TULANE? SHOULD THEY NOT ALL BE EXPUNGED FROM THE MAP?

And how about Andrew Jackson in Jackson Square and Jackson Avenue? Andrew Jackson was a slaveholder and advocate of individual property as the supreme guarantor of liberty as well as of States’ Rights who smashed the prototype for the Federal Reserve known as “The Bank of the United States”—without the Federal Reserve there could be no welfare system, no food stamps, where would New Orleans be today? Does this city not aspire to be THE CITY ON WELFARE, post-Katrina subsidies and socio-economic engineering FOREVER?

It is axiomatic that Thomas Jefferson and Washington were slave-holders and all around bad guys, right? So the streets named after them must be excised from New Orleans as well. And don’t forget (John Caldwell) Calhoun and Henry Clay, the first two streets “downtown” from Audubon Park…. Oh yes, John James Audubon used slave labor also. Claiborne Avenue? Named after the First US Governor? He presided over the Louisiana Militia’s suppression of the largest slave revolt in American History (the 1811 “German Coast Uprising”—nobody knows how many insurgent slaves were killed).  Then how about Freret?  It would take an IMMENSE BOOK to catalog all the relics of the glorious past enshrined in New Orleans, architectural and onomastic…. where can we start? How can we end?  There is NO ANSWER EXCEPT TOTAL DESTRUCTION—and I think this would please some people I know in the clergy…. who are (in large part) total sell-outs….

And then there are all the Episcopal Churches—the First Bishop of Louisiana, Leonidas Polk may have been President James K. Polk’s first cousin, but he was also Jefferson Davis’ friend and a Confederate General, no, really, a Confederate MARTYR who died in battle in the northern defenses of Atlanta in June of 1864.  They never celebrate the memory of the martyred First Bishop of Louisiana in the Diocese of Louisiana….. they even shun questions about him….and any of his friends….

The clergy of the Episcopal Church is filled with history-hating traitors to the glories of New Orleans’ history and the people who made it great. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide, I can almost predict that they’re probably going to insist on desecrating the tomb of General Polk in Christ Church Cathedral now and renaming Bishop Polk Hall at Trinity on Jackson.  I know some members of the clergy who probably just can’t WAIT to do that, and then the Rayne United Methodist Church named after another Confederate Martyr at 3900 St. Charles—it just never ends folks…. it never ENDS.  (The Rayne website does not allow even a WORD about it’s foundation in memory of a Confederate Soldier… http://raynenola.org/; nor does the history of Christ Church of Trinity give any homage or glory to Bishop Leonidas Polk….)

New Orleans, as a city, is an artistic and architectural monument to the Old South.  “Lee Circle” has already been renamed “Andrew Higgins” Circle.  What Andrew Higgins did was tear down many old antebellum houses to build his World War II factories of mass murder and destruction.

And in large part because of Higgins’ memory, now the National World War II museum totally eclipses the Confederate Memorial Hall and Ogden Museum of Southern Art—and those boxes in which the World War II museum are just as classy as anything in Vegas—and THAT, of course, is what the Times-Picayune Editorial is really all about.  And yes, World War II was a modern mass-slaughter for the purpose of “directed socio-political evolution” of the precise nature of the American War Between the States of 1861-1865.

SO, SINCE IT’S ON THE TIMES-PICAYUNE‘s FRONT PAGE AS A STATEMENT OF UNDENIABLE, UNQUESTIONABLE BRAVE NEW WORLD-1984 NEWSPEAK,, LET’S GO AHEAD and charnelize, turn this city that could, should, and would have been (because it was already on its way to being) the Paris and Florence of the Confederate States of America into one big modern VEGAS-LIKE STRIP CLUB and WHORE HOUSE and 24 hour all you can drink disgusting degenerate bar like Bourbon Street….

that’s what the Times-Picayune wants—TEAR DOWN THE HISTORY and build up the PURE PROSTITUTION, THE ENTERTAINING PLEASURE-SEEKING WHOREDOM of the modern world.  The Hunger Games books and movies captured the future very well—the very names of America and Christianity will have been forgotten… wiped from history by multiple re-engineering of the mind and memory of man such as is now planned to begin with the removal of Lee’s statue—

BUT I DECLINE TO ACCEPT THE END OF MAN!  I DECLINE TO ACCEPT THE END OF WESTERN CIVILISATION AND MY PLACE IN IT, THE PLACE OF ALL WHITE-ANGLO-SAXON PROTESTANTS (and our CATHOLIC FOREBEARS AND COUSINS FROM AUSTRIA, FRANCE, GERMANY, IRELAND, ITALY, POLAND AND SPAIN) who made this country great.  And I decline to accept the destruction of everything my parents and grandparents taught me—the destruction of their dreams, their faith, and their world.

Yeah, I take this all VERY personally—the French Opera opened its new building on Bourbon Street in 1859 just three years before General Butler the Beast took over the town—and ever since then they (the Damnyankees) have been grinding this city into the dirt. I take it VERY personally.

I know of 6 members of my great-great grandparental generation who fought under Marse Robert in the Army of Northern Virginia (including three immigrant brothers from Austria, who had been dislocated by the original communist agitations of 1848, and who recognize the same disease in the Republican party), among a total of 9 members of that generation plus my great-great-great grandparental generation who fought in other divisions of the Army of the CSA. (As important as the Navy was to other ancestors in England and the USA, I know of no ancestors who served in the Confederate Navy).

PLEASE PEOPLE—get a grip on it.  Dylan Storm Roof’s senseless actions in Charleston on June 17 were a total false flag attack designed PRECISELY to start this particularly insane orgy of historical demolition—the media knew EXACTLY what to do with it. It has been so beautifully orchestrated, right down to this latest editorial on the front page of the Sunday Times-Picayune—June 28, 2015—a day I hope will live in infamy…..it makes me want to vomit!

Everyone knew EXACTLY what was expected of them.  Dylan Storm Roof is as real and genuine as any Harlequin can be…. I met a guy on the St. Charles Trolley last night who was returning home to “East New Orleans, where all the White Supremacists live”—he said he would have thrown Lee’s Statue and P.T.G. Beauregard’s as well into the Mississippi River “to save those poor people in Charleston.”  Well, what kind of crack was he smoking?

But I don’t think we should do things by halves—-the Obama administration just needs to ORDER a mass evacuation and then NUKE New Orleans (it might take two or three even of the big bombs to get rid of everything from John Slidell’s eponymous town on the East to David Duke’s former Louisiana House of Representatives District in Metairie on the West (and don’t forget Natchez’ Planter/Confederate General Adolph Meyer Boulevard in Algiers….)

There are COUNTLESS more memorials and monuments to the Old South in general and the Confederate States of America in Particular which ABSOLUTELY DEFINE NEW ORLEANS.  Lee’s statute is among the most noble and unique (and tall), but in so many ways also the most trivial.

So IF you really WANT to eradicate the historical relics of slavery, you MUST erase first the French Quarter, then the Garden District, then Uptown and above all Tulane University, Touro Hospital and Synagogue, and all the street names and houses, burn them in a Nuclear Holocaust or Fire bomb them like the British did Dresden for Valentine’s Day in 1945…

Because that’s how we show LOVE is by destroying people and poisoning their minds… right? Depriving them of every last relic of their heritage?  That’s how we establish JUSTICE by erasing the historical record and even family traditions and personal memories, right?

Let us learn from Scipio Africanus and SALT THE EARTH of New Orleans as the Romans did Carthage after the defeat of Hannibal, in his time at least as noble as Robert E. Lee….

Oh, and don’t forget the REST of Louisiana—(and the South)—Barksdale Air Force Base (near Shreveport, named after the last active General of the Confederate Army in Command of the Trans-Mississippi), and in Texas the towns of Cleburne north of Houston, and Sherman north of Dallas, of Lubbock in the Panhandle, of Bell County, and Fort Hood (between Austin and Waco)….are all named for Confederate Army Officers….(not to forget “Jeff Davis” County in the Texas Trans-Pecos Area)

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