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Abolish all Family Courts!

The American Freedom Party today (September 15, 2018) agreed to endorse an original understanding of the First Amendment Establishment Clause:

The American Freedom Party agreed to my proposal to adopt and endorse, as a key plank of the party platform, the gradual abolition of the family courts and family codes at both the state and federal level, and to return all control over family and child rearing decisions to the people and only such non-governmental institutions as those to which individuals, in the exercise and delegation of their freedoms of religion and association, may wish to adopt as their own by contract.

The American Founding Fathers opposed Monarchy and sought to establish a Republic. The Family Courts (in America and elsewhere) have de facto reestablished absolutely tyrannical monarchical control over the fundamental freedoms of every individual involved in any sort of “family” (divorce or child or elder-related) dispute.

These courts, on an ad hoc basis, routinely violate every fundamental freedom. establishing arbitrary and capricious rules that defy all reason, logic, and rationality. These courts intrude and infringe upon our rights to freedom of speech and association. They intrude upon every aspect of our lives.

Original Intent: In 1787-1791, the American Colonists were only 200-250 years away from historical memory of the first Protestant “Acts of Uniformity” by which the Church of England was established, and all its sacraments (including the licensing and solemnization of marriage) adopted by Parliament.

Thus, it can be inferred that the American Founding Fathers sought forever to prevent the Federal Government from licensing or otherwise regulating marriage (or its dissolution, or child-rearing). The abuses of the Family Courts were and are so great that we must now “disestablish” all family courts, and all regulation of the “businesses of family organization and reproduction.”

14th Amendment: The American Freedom Party recognizes that certain clauses of the 14th Amendment have been interpreted in such a way as to have disastrous consequences for the American people (especially the “automatic citizenship by birth” clause, which should almost certainly be repealed).

However, the American Freedom Party wholeheartedly endorses the “doctrine of incorporation” which has developed under 14th Amendment jurisprudence, which requires that the several states apply the First Amendment and other portions of the Bill of Rights as federally guaranteed rights within the borders of each state.

Thus, just as the First Amendment prohibits all Federal Regulation of Marriage, the First Amendment, incorporated to the States, should prohibit all State regulation of marriage or its dissolution and consequences, including child custody disputes. There is simply no way of saving the Family Courts in their present form. They have become dens of corruption and iniquity, which impoverish the people, confuse and disorient both parents and children, destroy all meaning value to family life, and render the people dependent upon the arbitrary and capricious whims of government for every iota of common, everyday, happiness.

As membership campaign manager and coordinator for the AFP, I solicit your suggestions about how this can be accomplished.

I suggest a seven year transitional plan starting with the immediate abolition of all state issued marriage licenses.

To facilitate this transition, the states will institute educational programs in both the schools and for the communities.

Every individual who comes to any state agency, from the adoption of such a law forward, to apply for a marriage license will be advised to go to counseling and arrange a marital contract regarding the nature of the relationship and the expectations of the individuals to be married, including their expectations regarding child rearing and child custody upon divorce.

For the initial stages of implementation, the courts, will continue to resolve divorce petitions filed under current law, but with a mandate to respect all constitutional rights, an expedited review process for all judicial infringements on constitutional rights, and a mandate to accommodate jury demands for all issues involving money or custody.

The next stage will begin between one and three after the adoption of the reform program, and after this date, the state divorce courts will only hear cases where a couple bring forward a marital or pre-marital agreement, or two comprehensive proposals, and the court will resolve those differences.

The goal will be the final abolition of the family courts within seven years…..and after that stage, the civil courts will only be involved to the extent required to interpret, apply, enforce, modify, or (only if illegal or unconscionable) abrogate the agreements between “partners”.

Today we celebrate the beginning, with the end clearly in sight….

Of all the holidays in the year, none is more depressing to me than July 4.  Today is the 239th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of Independence.  On the Bicentennial, I went with my late grandfather to New York City to watch the parade of the Tall Ships in New York Harbor.  It felt “OK” to be an American at that point, even though the country had just been through Watergate and the Nixon Pardon….

But now, here in the shadows of 9-11 and the 2001 Patriot Act, the Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (1996 AEDPA), the Real ID Act of 2007, and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA of 2009-2010), it seems that 20 years of hard work by Republicans and Democrats alike has led to the extinction of America, or at least the extinction of the American Ideal, of “truth, justice, and the American Way.”

I once took at least some pride in being an American, but now I think it is a shameful thing to be a citizen of the biggest and most brutal bully in the world.  I apologize to all the rest of the globe for the degenerate materialism, greed, sensual self-indulgence, and sloth of my country.  I can hardly tolerate to think of it.  While certain groups in this country clearly bear more blame than others (“Hollywood” in particular), the fault is with the core Americans, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestants who created this country, and have for at least 154 years now worked so hard to give it away, destroy it.  154 years of constitutional depravity, erosion, infringement, and violations….all in the name of “the general welfare”….

Yes, 239 years ago, this country probably seemed like a real good idea.  Even when I was a kid, it seemed “OK”….  I first developed serious “shame” of my status as an American during the Presidency of Jimmy Carter…. I would have given anything to leave the country behind at that point, and I thought about it.

But then Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980, and he gave us 5-6 years of totally false hope.  I voted for his Vice-President in 1988, but that was a horrible mistake….by the time of the first Iraq War “Desert Storm” in 1990-1992, I realized my good friend Peter Mathews, who said he was much more worried about the 41st President than the 40th, had been absolutely right.  George H.W. Bush really did seem like the anti-Christ—full of lies and deceit, until his son outdid him….  And now we just live in a total OBAMANATION, and I would rather be a citizen of Nepal, or else maybe a Red Panda living in Nepal, than to admit to being an American…… So today all we can do is celebrate the hope that there was in the beginning, while acknowledging that the end is clearly in sight, and not far off.  The United States of America will soon vanish from the world stage… and by comparison with the present status quo, that will be a good thing….because if this country survives, it will turn into a true monstrosity….