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Confederate Monuments to the Memory of Slavery or Defense of Liberty?—the Debate Rages on in New Orleans

Last Thursday, the New Orleans City Council Voted 6-1 to take down four Confederate Monuments. [And may God-Bless Councilwoman Stacy Head, the sole dissenter, an White Uptown New Orleanian I had the privilege of meeting once at a special event at the Prytania Theatre in 2013]. The monuments in question were namely,
(1)    an equestrian statue of Confederate General Pierre-Gustav Toutant Beauregard, a lifetime French Creole who was born and died in New Orleans;
(2)  a standing statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, who died in New Orleans after presiding over the founding of the first museum to the memory of the nation over which he presided for four years, as statesman and orator;
(3)   a truly monumental column crowned by a bronze standing statue of General Robert Edward Lee (forever facing North, never turning his back on the enemy); Robert E. Lee was a close kinsman of George Washington from Virginia who was and still is widely revered as one of the great heroes of all American history; and
(4)    finally, a much smaller obelisk moment to the memory of those who dies in a much-too-little-known post-war Urban Battle seven years into Reconstruction, called “the Battle of Liberty Place”, where White citizens of Louisiana overthrew the hateful occupation government imposed on them after the surrender of the Confederacy.

Polls following this vote show that more than 90% of the actively interested public oppose the removal of these statues.  But the debate rages on.  Those on the side of removal, sponsored by Mayor Mitch Landrieu, call their opponents hateful racist reactionaries who support monuments to traitors.  They accuse us of  irrational adherence to a culture of hate and to the “Memory of the Lost Cause”…

Listening, at several meetings of the New Orleans City Council, and reading online, the only wildly irrational hatred and hateful speech I hear in this debate comes from people on Mitch Landrieu-pro-Removal side of the fence.  Just this morning, a fellow named Michael Dominici posted on “Save our Circle in New Orleans on Facebook: “Slavery was an American Holocaust.” Let’s start there.  I challenged him to explain what on earth he could possibly mean by that choice of words.

You think that slaves were destined to murder or sacrifice? Well, not in the USA or anywhere in the New World, but in Africa only, where slaves were kept like cattle as food reserves for cannibalism. Many slaves who told their stories later in life said that they expected to be eaten when they arrived at the end of their slave-ship journey. That was based on African experience and tradition, nothing else. So please check and restudy your history carefully.
The origins of the slave trade were that first Arab and European slave traders saw the slaughter of human beings on the “dark continent” and decided that Africa’s food reserves could be better used as labor reserves than chopped up and eaten.
So that’s point number one: slavery may not have been a great life, but it WAS life for slaves instead of death in the cannibal stew pots or having gotten too old to be eaten and just executed.
Second point: Africans sold the African slaves to Anglo-American white slavers up until 1808, but never to Confederates. By the time the Confederate States of America came into being, the international slave trade had been abolished everywhere in the world EXCEPT in Africa. And many, many African-Americans in the South actively supported the Confederate States of America both as soldiers and, in the state of Louisiana, as Planters who financially backed the CSA. Like it or not, that’s just reality: there WERE African American (Mulatto, Quadroon, Octaroon) southern planters who owned slaves and supported the Confederacy “as if their life depended on it” because in a sense, it did.
Third point: “Confederate” is a constitutional term whose definition reflects a constitutional argument. Many of us today (who do not and would never approve of slavery) still hold to the Confederate States side of the Constitutional argument. Look at the writings of Donnie Kennedy and his brother James, of Thomas DiLorenzo, Mike Maharrey and of a not specifically “Southern” but in fact Los Angeles-based group called “The Tenth Amendment Center”.
Fourth point: ironically, the reason many of us do favor Jefferson Davis’ constitutionalism is that we feel that all free people lost a great deal of Freedom in the War of 1861-5 AND IN THE 150 years since, so that we Americans and our society as a whole is more slave-like now than ever before.
Fifth point: want statistical proof? More black people, and many more white people, are now in prison or on probation today than were ever slaves in the South, and why? Maybe you think Alex Jones is a nut, maybe you like him, but the fact remains that nobody ever called the USA a “Prison Planet” in the early 19th century. Alexander de Tocqueville called slavery America’s “peculiar institution” precisely because this was the freest land on earth—back then, but now it’s more controlled and under constant state surveillance than any dictatorship in the world, prior to 1950, ever had the technological capacity to achieve. We are living in a slave society today, and we look back with some substantial envy on the States which were free enough, and technologically self-sufficient enough, to secede in 1860-1861.
Sixth point: the 13th Amendment at least indirectly inspired an explosion in American prison populations. Again, look carefully at the statistics. Prior to the 13th Amendment, which established that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude could exist EXCEPT as a punishment for crime, there was almost no such thing as a “prison population” in the USA…. now the prison population of the USA is more than twice what the original TOTAL population of the United States was at the time of the first census 1790, 14 years after independence.
Seventh: the other cause for the explosion of American prison populations is the criminalization of so much of the country’s commercial and general economic and scientific, even food producing and consuming, activity by Federal laws and policies spread to the states. There was hardly such a thing as “Economic Regulation” on the Federal level in 1860, unless you count Andrew Jackson abolishing the Bank of the United States in the early 1830s.
The centralized planning of agriculture, industry, and the social-economy generally which began during the “Civil War” in the North under Abraham Lincoln’s administration, and was brutally imposed on the South during Reconstruction and afterwards, was and remains exactly what people of a “Confederate” mindset hated and feared then and still hate and fear today: the loss of economic freedom (and thus all meaningful freedom) to a tyrannical Federal government.

The Confederate Flag, Constitutional Slavery, and Constitutional Freedom


The Confederate Flag, like the Confederate States of America, was all about Constitutionally Limited Government and FREEDOM. It seems ironic to some, an irony exploited by those who think shallow thoughts, that those most dedicated to personal liberty indisputably believed that they were “Free to Keep Slaves”. I have considered this syllogistic problem and believe it to be inherently true that the Confederate Government WAS more committed to freedom than the Union.


Absolute individual freedom, under any coherent system of law, WOULD include the power to sell oneself into slavery, because slavery is just the ultimate power of self-determination (to extinguish one’s power to self-determination. Individual freedom, however, is utterly incompatible with vast governmental power to protect individual rights.  “The greater degree of governmental protection of individual rights, the greater degeneration of individual freedom.

In the United States, the ultimate proof of this fact is that more blacks are now in jail than were ever held in chattel slavery, and the direct “honesty” of the system of slavery has been replaced by an elaborate ruse and deception committed by the government in the name of “due process of law.”  

Because today is the 76th anniversary of Orson Welles’ Famous “War of the Worlds” Radio Show, http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/welles-scares-nation, it seems appropriate to ponder the American War Between the States as the first of a trio and as such the 19th Century predecessor the two great subsequent Marxist-inspired “Wars to Change the World” which followed it in the Twentieth (aka “The Great War” of 1914-1918″ and “The Good War” of 1939-1945, more commonly called World Wars I and II).  What is really more horrible to contemplate: Alien invasions from another planet or “friendly invasions to save us from ourselves” launched by our do-gooding neighbors and relatives in the world?  What is worse?  Death by alien marauders or slavery in concrete, unescapable prisons built to promote “the general welfare?”

Just last week (Tuesday 21 October 2014), I attended a City Council Meeting in Beverly Hills, California, where the Mayor and Council were debating, among other things, the “absolute necessity” of posting armed guards in every school, starting with Beverly Hills High School, in that elite, but now largely “alien” (i.e. foreign-born) enclave of Los Angeles, and of building walls around all schools which are higher and more impenetrable than the walls around the White House, which were recently scaled by a single intruder.  THE PRISON PLANET HAS COME HOME!!!!   Wow, you know, what a concept?  Walled public schools patrolled 24 hours a day by armed Guards in one of the richest zip codes of America and the World—that sounds like the American Dream AND the best way to provide a productive learning environment for its children, doesn’t it?  We all know that the guards will be too busy protecting the kids from attacks by ISIS to use their power to harass the High School Students, don’t we now?  (Anyone who doesn’t see the obvious sarcasm here is free to go jump into the nearest body of water deep enough to drown him or herself.)

The American Criminal Justice system is indeed Criminal but it contains no justice and is hardly American except in its geographic origin (but not its boundaries).  The American Criminal Justice system as it currently operates depends on the government’s ability to coerce individuals into plea bargains which render the “pleading” individual into little more than an ordinary slave for the rest of his life—except that his life belongs to the soulless government, not to an individual who might show kindness or cruelty or both (as most humans do).  

In Britain, political legal scholars often debate the limits of the power of Parliament. “Is the Power of Parliament Absolute?” goes the first question. “Yes,” is the first answer. So can Parliament delegate all its power to a dictator, or indeed, to the Queen from whom (historically speaking) the Power of the Parliament (legally, formally) derived? “NO”, say the commentators. “Well, then, the power of Parliament is not Absolute.”

We see relics of this problem in modern legal question regarding the rights of living people to sell kidneys or other organs in other to keep other people alive. This is considered a crime “for the benefit of the individual” who might otherwise sell parts of his own body and thereby reduce his own life expectancy. But those who support abortion support a form of “slavery”, declaring the right of a woman to abort that part of her body which has the undeniable status as a separable (just not yet separated) human being.

And of course, the modern STATE endorses all kinds of slavery under different names: prison, “the voluntary income tax”, “criminal liability for borrowers accepting bank credit applications containing false statements prepared by bank officers”.

I think our Confederate ancestors opposed the notion that the GOVERNMENT had the power to hold anyone in slavery, and therein is the resolution to the syllogistic dilemma: does the Constitution exist to limit the power of the government to enslave or did the Nation commit, through the Declaration of Independence, to force “equality” among “all men” and so to abolish the freedom of individuals to own property in their own bodies, and to sell this property.



February 4: from the Ransom of King Richard Coeur de Lyon in 1194 to the Confederate Constitutional Convention in 1861 and Civil “Conviction” of OJ Simpson in 1997

February 4 Events in History –  

More Historical Vignettes and Trivia to Combat

Historical Illiteracy in the United States

2010 Yahoo! sells HotJobs to Monster.com for a reported $225 million; at least someone didn’t have to work after that sale, I guess…..
1998 Bill Gates gets a pie thrown in his face in Brussels Belgium; None of the Original Three Stooges were still alive on this date.
1998 Earthquake kills about 2,300 in northern Afghanistan; Taliban government claimed full responsibility for all acts of Allah….
1997 73 Israelis die when army copters collide
1997 Mario LeMieux is 7th NHL player to score 600 goals
1997 O.J. Simpson found liable in civil “wrongful death” suit for murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson due to Plaintiff counsel’s discovery of certain “Ugly Ass” shoes…..
1997 Secretary of State Margaret Albright announces she just discovered that her grandparents were Jewish; America yawned.
1996 NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 20-13
1995 Dean Jones completes 324* for Victoria vs. South Australia
1995 Sandra Volker swims female European record 50m backstroke (27.77)
1995 Zimbabwe’s 1st Test Cricket victory, over Pakistan by an inning
1994 10th Soap Opera Digest Awards – Days of Our Live wins
1994 20 die in armed assault on mosque in Khartum, Sudan
1994 Merlene Ottey runs world record 50 m indoor (6.00 sec)
1994 Russian team beats ladies world record 4×800 m indoor (8:18.71)
1993 Admiral Studeman, ends term as acting director of CIA
1993 Marge Schott suspended from baseball for 1 year due to racism
1993 Russian space agency tests a 82′ wide space mirror; for superstitious fears of possible breakage bans Hillary Clinton from using it as America’s new first lady takes over the White House and the world remembers Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis fondly……
1991 Hall of Fame’s board of directors vote 12-0 to bar Pete Rose for doing no worse than so many other inductees have done….
1991 Martin Crowe and Andrew Jones make 467 stand vs. SL, world record
1990 10 Israeli tourists murdered near Cairo
1990 Anders Holmertz swims world record 400 m freestyle (3:40.81)
1990 Danny Everett runs world record 400m indoor (45:04)
1990 Lyudmila Narozhi-Lenko runs world record 60m hurdles indoor (7.69)
1990 NFL Pro Bowl: NFC beats AFC 27-21
1990 Pat Bradley wins Oldsmobile LPGA Golf Classic
1990 Richard Hadlee takes his 400th Test Cricket wicket (Sanjay Manjrekar)
1990 St. Petersburg Pelicans beat West Palm Beach Tropics 12-4 to win 1st Senior Professional Baseball Association Championship
1989 Dean Jones scores 216 vs. WI at the Adelaide Oval
1988 Panamanian leader Manuel Noriega indicted on drug charges, Florida Courts unjustly refuse to hear his primary defense that he engaged in drug trafficking with the advice and consent of the United States Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency—deprived of these key defenses, Noriega’s fate was sealed.
1987 President Reagan’s veto of Clean Water Act is overridden by Congress
1987 Stars and Stripes beats Australia’s Kookaburra 3, sweeps America’s Cup
1987 Sacramento Kings score only 4 points 1st quarter against Lakers; fewest in a period since introduction of 24 second shot-clock in 1954
1986 38th NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 4-3 (OT) at Hartford
1986 Israeli fighters intercept Libyan passenger plane
1985 20 countries (but not U.S.) sign United Nations treaty outlawing torture; Senate explains that ratification could have resulted in banning televised Presidential addresses and Congressional Campaign ads in violation of the First Amendment.
1985 Naval exercises canceled when U.S. refuses to tell New Zealand of nuclear weapons (as if New Zealand didn’t know about them anyhow….they have TV in New Zealand, don’t they?)
1984 “9” closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 739 performances
1984 “Backstage Magic” opens at CommuniCore
1984 Frank Aquilera sets world frisbee distance record (168m) Las Vegas
1983 Jose Happart becomes mayor of Voeren Belgium
1983 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Scott Hamilton
1982 “Pump Boys and Dinettes” opens at Princess Theater New York City for 573 performances
1982 Indoor distance record for a paper airplane (47m) Tacoma Wash
1982 Musical “Pump Boys and Dinettes,” premieres in New York City
1982 Suriname premier Chin A Sen flees; no one had ever heard of him before, and no one has heard of him since.
1980 Abolhassan Bani Sadr sworn in as premier of Iran as mobs chant “Death to America” (misheard in China as “Debt to America”—which became China’s long-term comprehensive national and foreign policy as a consequence).
1980 Joanne Carner wins LPGA Whirlpool Golf Championship of Deer Creek
1979 “Co-Ed Fever,” TV Comedy, debut and cancelled that outing on CBS
1979 End of last 3+day D/N game for 15 years (WSC, SCG)
1979 Joanne Carner wins LPGA Colgate Triple Crown Golf Tournament
1977 30th NHL All-Star Game: Wales beat Campbell 4-3 at Vancouver
1977 Elevated train jumps track, crashes onto a Chicago Street (11 die, 200 hurt)
1977 Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” released
1977 Wings release “Maybe I’m Amazed”
1976 12th Winter Olympic games opens in Innsbruck, Austria
1976 7.5 earthquake kills 22,778 in Guatemala and Honduras
1976 Judge Oliver upholds Seitz’s decision on Andy Messersmith free agency
1976 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1974 Benzine rationing ends in Netherlands
1974 Chimpanzee Nim Chimsky signs his 1st word, at 2 months
1974 Gas rationing ends in Netherlands
1974 Patricia Hearst (19) kidnapped by Symbionese Liberation Army; 12th stupidest Saga in American Criminal History begins as her “Stockholm Syndrome” training begins—was “Tanya” made in captivity or before captivity?
1973 “No, No Nanette” closes at 46th St. Theater New York City after 861 performances
1973 Islanders and Sabres had a penalty free game
1973 Manfred Kokot runs world record 50m indoor (5.61 sec)
1973 Reshef, Israel’s missile boat, unveiled
1972 6th round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks ends in Vienna Austria
1972 Senator Strom Thurmond suggests John Lennon be deported; Strom’s suggestion widely rejected, but most of Strom’s constituents in South Carolina had never heard of John Lennon one way or another.
1971 Apollo 14 lander Antares lands on Moon (Shepard and Mitchell)
1971 Baseball announces a special hall of fame wing for blacks
1971 British car maker Rolls Royce declared itself bankrupt; ironic turnabout after having made a 60 year career out of bankrupting wealthy buyers of super expensive quiet luxury car emblematic of British Imperial Nobility and Financial Elite….
1971 Government exhibit under construction collapses, kills 65 in Brazil
1971 National Guard mobilized to quell rioting in Wilmington NC
1970 “Charles Aznavour” opens at Music Box Theater New York City for 23 performances
1970 “Gantry” opens at George Abbott Theater New York City for 1 performance
1970 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1969 41,163, then largest NBA crowd, watches doubleheader Cincinnati – Detroit, San Diego – Boston
1969 Beatles appoint Eastman and Eastman, as general cousel to Apple
1969 John Madden is named head coach of NFL’s Oakland Raiders
1969 Lonnie Elder’s “Ceremonies in Dark Old Men,” premieres in New York City
1969 Yassar Arafats takes over as chairman of PLO
1968 “Golden Rainbow” opens at Shubert Theater New York City for 355 performances
1968 Bowie Kuhn replaces William Eckert as 5th commissioner of baseball
1967 “Wild Thing” hits #20 on the pop singles chart by Senator Bobby
1967 U.S. launches Lunar Orbiter 3
1966 All-Nippon Airways 727 crashes off Haneda Airport (Japan); kills 133
1965 U.S. performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1964 Amendment 24 outlaws poll tax; this was clearly a mistake, but just one of many, made in 1964….
1964 FAA begins 6 month test of reactions to sonic booms over Oklahoma City
1962 “Gay Life” closes at Shubert Theater New York City after 113 performances
1962 Russian newspaper Izvestia reports baseball is an old Russian game
1962 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Barbara Roles
1962 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Monty Hoyt
1961 Sputnik 7 launches into Earth orbit; probable Venus probe failure
1960 BBWAA voters fail to elect a new Hall of Fame member
1960 Giants move their offices to Candlestick Park
1960 Lionel Bart’s musical “Fings ain’t wot they used t’be,” premieres
1959 Israel begins exporting copper ore
1958 “Oh, Captain!” opens at Alvin Theater New York City for 192 performances
1958 Hall of Fame fails to elect anyone for 1st time since 1950
1957 1st electric portable typewriter placed on sale (Syracuse New York); this historical event is probably meaningless and/or utterly incomprehensible to anyone born after 1977.
1956 AL plans to test automatic intentional walk during spring training
1952 1st black executive of a major TV station (Jackie Robinson-WNBC New York)
1951 U.S. Female Figure Skating championship won by Sonya Klopfer
1951 U.S. Male Figure Skating championship won by Richard Button
1949 Failed assassination attempt on Shah of Persia
1948 Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) declares independence from UK
1946 Garson Kanin’s “Born Yesterday,” premieres in New York City
1945 FDR, Churchill and Stalin meet at Yalta
1944 Jean Anouilh’s “Antigone,” premieres in Paris during last six months of Nazi Occupation…
1944 U.S. 7th Infantry Division captures Kwajalein
1943 Bertolt Brecht’s “Der gute Mensch von Sezuan,” premieres in Zurich
1942 Clinton Pierce becomes 1st U.S. general wounded in action in WW II
1941 British tanks occupy Maus Libya
1941 Former Dutch premier De Geer flies to Berlin
1941 United Service Organization, USO, founded
1939 Glenn Cunningham (top miler) says 4-minute mile beyond human effort
1938 “Our Town,” by Thornton Wilder opens on Broadway
1938 Hitler seizes control of German army and puts Nazi in key posts
1937 Jim Margie, Philadelphia, bowls 900 in 3 (unsanctioned) games
1936 1st radioactive substance produced synthetically (radium E)
1933 German President Von Hindenburg limits freedom of the press
1932 3rd Winter Olympic games open in Lake Placid, New York
1932 Japanese troop occupy Harbin, Manchuria
1931 National League adopts a deader baseball
1930 1st tieless, soundless, shockless streetcar tracks, New Orleans
1929 Archie Jackson scores 164 on Test Cricket debut vs. England at Adelaide
1927 KGA-AM in Spokane WA begins radio transmissions
1926 Austrian chancellor Seipel wants to join Germany; Austria has to wait twelve years for Anschluss which is reversed after a mere seven years for entirely unrelated reasons….
1924 1st Winter Olympic games close at Chamonix France
1924 George Kelly’s “Show-Off,” premieres in New York City
1922 WGY-AM in Schenectady New York begins radio transmissions; Schenectady remains famous for bad weather and unpronounceable name….
1920 1st flight from London to South Africa takes-off
1919 City of Bremen’s Soviet Republic overthrown; one of many failed Soviet Republics in post-Armistice Germany—they should have kept the Kaiser, right?
1917 Belgium Council of Flanders established
1915 Experiments to find cause of pellagra begin at Miss Penitentiary
1914 U.S. Congress approves Burnett-anti-immigration law
1913 Louis Perlman patents demountable auto tire-carrying wheel rim
1913 National Institute of Arts and Letters founded
1904 John Millington Synges “Well of Saints,” premieres in Dublin
1903 Stanley Cup: Montreal AAA beat Winn Victorias, 2 games to 1 and 1 tie
1899 Revolt against U.S. occupation of Philippines; revolt was doomed to failure; occupation lasted until Japanese took over in 1941 and after war until 1946, although Philippine women remained and are still much in demand in the USA.
1895 1st rolling lift bridge opens, Chicago
1887 Interstate Commerce Act authorizes federal regulation of railroads
1880 Steele MacKay’s “Hazel Kirke,” premieres in New York City
1875 Princess Louise marries Prince Philip von Saksen-Coburg-Gotha in Belg
1865 Hawaiian Board of Education formed; no one cared then.  No one cares now.  Historical significance uncertain….. Historical education in Hawaii no better than anywhere else in 1865 or since then….
1865 Robert E. Lee is named commander-in-chief of Confederate Army; talk about thankless job promotions…..”Here, we’ve lost the war for all practical purposes: would you like a promotion?”
1864 Skirmish at Big Black River Bridge, Mississippi
1861 Confederate constitutional convention meets for 1st time in Montgomery, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and South Carolina elect Jefferson Davis President of Confederacy; this was a much greater day than it’s given credit for—but they never should have fired on Fort Sumter—to begin the war was to lose it—had the South never fired, they could either have left the Union in peace or the rest of the Union might well have joined them in Constitutional reform.
1855 Soldiers shoot Jewish families in Coro, Venezuela
1854 Alvan Bovay proposes name “Republican Party,” Ripon, Wisc
1849 University of Wisconsin begins in 1 room with 20 students
1847 1st U.S. telegraph co established in Maryland
1846 Mormons leave Nauvoo, Mo for settlement in west
1824 J. W. Goodrich introduces rubber galoshes to public
1822 Free American Blacks settle Liberia, West Africa
1803 William Dunlap, adapts French melodrama “Voice of Nature”
1797 Earthquake in Quito, Ecuador kills 41,000
1794 French National Convention proclaims abolishment of slavery; revolution soon starts in the French Colony of Haiti—but real economic, political, and social progress have been avoided in that country for 217 years to date….
1789 1st electoral college chooses Washington and Adams as President and Vice President; there were no opponents and so no one was surprised.
1787 1st Anglican bishops of New York and Pennsylvania consecrated in London; the American Episcopal Church was born—“The Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States” to be precise; an elite Church safe for sinners with distinguished grandparents and all who wished to drink and party in high aristocratic style was deemed necessary in the young Republic.
1787 Shays’ Rebellion (of debt-ridden Massachusetts farmers) fails
1783 Worst quake in 8 years kills some 50,000 (Calabria, Italy)
1782 British garrison surrenders to French and Spanish fleet
1699 350 rebellious Streltsi executed in Moscow
1697 3 VOC-ships anchor at Dirk-Hartogeiland, Australia
1657 Oliver Cromwell grants residency to Luis Caravajal
1620 Prince Bethlen Gabor signs peace with emperor Ferdinand II
1600 Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler meet for 1st time near Prague
1586 Robert Dudley, earl of Leicester, becomes governor of Netherlands
1508 Maximilian I assumes imperial title without being crowned
1194 Richard I Lion Hearted pays Leopold O Fenrik VI’s ransom of 100,000; England regrets this to the present day, as has been celebrated in so many movies about King John and Robin Hood or “Robin of Loxley.”

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