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What are Deo Vindice and Tierra Limpia all about?

No one should ever lose their home.  The banks, their trustees, attorneys, and servicers are engaged in a great criminal scheme to take all your private property for themselves.  They have no legitimate claim to your home, either by legal title or investment equity.  Even the New York Times just yesterday acknowledged that there is no shame in staying in your home and fighting for it against the “Banksters” (Bank-owning Gangsters, as Malcolm Doney calls them).

The California Superior Courts and California Statutes are all stacked against you—the private homeowner, in ways that infringe upon and violate your rights under the common law, the U.S. Constitution, and offend both common sense and sound economic policy.  These are difficult and troubling times but if you are willing to stand by your home to defend the life into which you’ve invested so much blood, toil, sweat, and tears, we can help you.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never missed a payment but are sweating to keep up, or whether you’re two years in default and are facing eviction after a non-judicial foreclosure sale last week.  We can and will show you how you can defend yourself, or you can let us manage your property and fight to preserve your estate for you.  We are not lawyers, but we are fighters and advocates.

We fight for unimpaired enforcement of your contractual rights against the lawyers and courts of California (the worst in the United States); we fight for clean (quiet) title to your property, unimpaired by the crooked manipulations of banks, their trustees, attorneys, and servicers; we fight for the integrity of the home and family and for private property as the bulwark of freedom and the American Way of Life.

We advocate the abolition of securitized mortgages, because they impair the legitimate operation and obligations of contract and destroy individual rights in private property.  We advocate the abolition of false-money credit based on real estate as the basis of the American monetary system.  We advocate the Constitutional restoration of the Common Law of property ownership and lending.

We will help you save your home, keep your family safe, and build a better America.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III,


Deo Vindice/Tierra Limpia

In case of emergency call Peyton Yates Freiman

at 512-461-8192 and/or Renada Nadine March

at 949-748-0398