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When Murder is just Tough Love: the Culture and Practical Reason of Terrorism after the Quatorze Juliet

A close friend sent me a cute French electronic card for Bastille Day 2016.   And what a Bastille Day it turned out to be, eh?  Think about it!!! A third massive attack on the French people in about a year… But… Cui Bono? What is an attack but an invitation to a counterattack? So if you’re going to start a war, your attack should always be something that weakens the enemy in some regard, right? But NONE of these stupid Muzzies seem to get that, do they? They always attack innocent civilians—everywhere they go, or at the most they attack government bureaucrats….What kind of logic is that? You attack people to prod them into attacking you, but all of your attacks seem carefully designed to arouse ire and anger among the populace while leaving the infrastructure of war that will be used against you completely intact and untouched. Is it just me or is there something wrong with this picture? It’s almost like the people making the attacks ONLY want to make the people MORE willing to counter-attack them back? How is that logical?

Holidays are very important, especially those with fireworks.  I have never lived in France or Quebec, but by the time I was 18 I had lived in London, Dallas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Honduras, and whether it’s New Years’ Eve, Guy Fawkes’ Day, the Fourth of July, the 15th of September, or the Queen’s Birthday, fireworks celebrations are really great.  So I try to imagine what would have happened if there had been a bombing during one of those holidays in any of the places I ever habituated…. and what would have been the purpose.  

And what of the Quatorze Julliet?  My grandmother was a Francophone and Francophile native of Louisiana and my Texas-born grandfather’s life took him from Galveston to “the City” on a regular basis, plus I took French in High School and College, and several of my professors were Francophones and Francophiles at Tulane and during those years—including  Archaeologists Harvey Bricker and Cynthia Irwin-Williams who had both studied under Hallam Movius, and from them all, I obtained a love for and habit of celebrating July 14, Bastille Day.

Terrorism, traditionally understood, is a species of poor-man’s war or revolution.  As such, it is inherently secretive and illegal.  War is open and honest: Austria declared war on Serbia, so Russia declared war on Austria, Germany was required by treaty to go to war with Russia to defend Austria, Britain was required by treaty, etc., and so the Great War of 1914-1918 began.  BUT EVERYBODY KNEW IT.

When terrorist organizations claim responsibility after the fact for their crimes… they are doing just that, they are claiming criminal responsibility… and when criminals claim responsibility for anything, you have to wonder: why?

And so I think to myself, what do the April 1995 Bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, 9/11/01 in New York City and Washington, 7/7/05 in London, Dylan Storm Roof’s murderous assault in Charleston last June 17, Charlie Hebdo in France, and now this latest atrocity in Nice all have in common?  

Well, they neither advance any coherent revolutionary plan, nor weaken the countries they attack.  They all happen either on days with interesting numbers or anniversaries.   But the truck bombing that took out 84 yesterday, including two American tourists apparently, just “takes the cake” on Bastille Day—which now joins Guy Fawkes Day and 9/11, 7/7 and 6/17/15 anniversary of the collapse of Denmark Vesey’s 1822 slave uprising in Charleston as “false flag” or stage events of terrorism.

Bastille Day was already a slightly fictitious holiday because, as Louis XVI wrote in his diary, on 14 July 1789, “Nothing Important Happened.”  A mob knocked down an old prison with one prisoner, but the embattled King with a short life-expectancy didn’t even notice, under his peculiar circumstances.  As my son likes to say—the 14th of July was really a tragedy for the future of French Tourism—the Bastille, Mediaeval relic fortress that it was, would have been a major attraction had it survived…  But the French know how to make a good party out of a bad deal—and very few American Fourth of July Cookouts EVER equal the average 14 July party in France or among Francophile/Francophones worldwide… the comparison of the food and wine alone…. oh well, never mind.

But I keep trying to think to myself: if I were an Islamic Freedom-Fighter or would-be Caliph, would attacking innocent people over and over again at random make any sense?  What would I be hoping to accomplish?  What would be my goals?  What good TO ME AND MY CAUSE could possibly inure from committing such crimes?

A sophisticated and coordinated attack in the United States followed by a similar attack in London, and then a decade later two similarly “low tech” attacks in France, and a bunch of random attacks in the meantime… scattered around the world.  Shootings at Fort Hood in Texas, connected or not?  Who knows?  The Boston Marathon whatever it was, connected or not?  Who knows?  The Chattanooga, TN veteran shooting, connected or not?  Who knows?

What is absolutely certain is that SOMEONE wants to create the image of Islamic terror as a world-wide phenomenon that requires  coordinated security and response.  If I were an Islamic Freedom-Fighter or would-be Caliph, would this kind of premonitory strategy seem like a good idea to me?   The answer is NO.

Revolutionary terrorism needs to be targeted on ONE government, one regime, one power structure—and it needs to be consistent and persistent enough to destabilize a society or at least an elite.  The pattern of Islamic Terror since the original 1993 World Trade Center bombing is NOT THAT.   The movement around the map, the focus on NON-STRATEGIC, NON-MILITARY, NON-INFRASTRUCTURE targets is very consistent.

The murder of innocent people was an integral part of Timothy McVeigh’s and Dylan Storm Roof’s approach in distinctly non-Islamic terrorist events in the United States—and their two attacks had no more coordinated relationship to any ideological goals than the long line of supposed Islamic terrorist events.  Even my dearly departed, mild mannered, deeply religious late mother said, way back in April 1995, “if they call themselves Patriots and wanted to make a meaningful statement, they really should have bombed the IRS.”  And if Dylan Storm Roof were really a racist White Supremacist, the LAST associations he would have wanted to make were the killing of elderly black people during a prayer meeting at a conservative African Methodist Episcopal Church on the 193rd anniversary of the Suppression of one of the most famous Slave Rebellions in U.S. History: this sort of symbolism all plays for the OTHER side—and so does bombing the French Riviera during Bastille Day celebrations.  

IF you want to make sure to build your enemies’  anger and take every step possible to ensure that NOBODY has any sympathy for your cause, (a) make sure nobody knows what your cause is and (b) do things in random places but on important days to make sure people remember the randomness.

In short, to my mind, there is absolutely ZERO chance that the Nice attack on Bastille Day was organized by anyone sincerely to advance the Islamist cause.   You want to bomb a target on a holiday?  If you’re a real revolutionary, you seek a target like an electrical power plant or water pumping station or even a sewerage processing plant where you can disable your opponents entire city and infrastructure in some really inconvenient and expensive way.  Osama bin Laden was a structural engineer and IF he had been in charge of 9-11, as a plot against the United States, I’ve always said his targets of choice would have been the undefended dams along the Colorado River, in order to cutoff the water supply to evil sinful cities like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and the California “Inland Empire.”

So none of these attacks, my friends, are about an Islamic agenda for World Domination or even in revenge for the (indisputable) wrongs suffered by the Arab and Islamic people generally at British, French, and most recently American Imperialist hands….

WHO WANTS TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER THROUGH TERROR?  The Radical Islamic World?  Or Powers, Princes and Potentates MUCH Closer to Home!

All these attacks, in my opinion, reflect a “tough love” strategy of the United States, French, and British Governments to “soften up” the people and by long-term repetitive pseudo-Pavlovian conditioning make them (i.e. US, the free and responsible people of America and Europe) willing to accept an all-encompassing, eternal “Thousand Year” Police State—exactly what Strom Thurmond predicted was the goal in his “Dixiecrat” Platform of 1948.  They want to impose the police state for our own good and our own protection, don’t you understand?  That’s why modern government false-flag murder is just TOUGH LOVE.  And if you don’t like it, well, tough s__t, you know, my fellow Americans: “We have to break a few eggs here and there to prepare for you our New World Order of Omelette—-they’re all for you, you know!  But we know you’re too stupid to want this wonderful highly organized Police State where we can organize and regulate all of your lives, so we have to scare you into it.”  

In other words: Tales of Terrorism function for the modern media  motivated masses exactly the way Perrault’s or Grimm’s Fairy tales did in days of yore…. scary stories are INSTRUCTIONAL!  You need to scare the children by telling them about the BIG BAD WOLF and what he did to Little Red Riding Hood, or about what the Witch did to Hansel & Gretel with her candy house, so that they will live in constant fear of strangers and of attempting to strike out on their own.  FEAR!  FEAR!  FEAR!  “You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear, it’s got to be taught from year-to-year, it’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear, You’ve got to be carefully taught.”


The Dallas Police Murders last week, which suspiciously took place on the now recurring date of 7/7, were not Islamic either, but they served the fear purpose and the “Divide and Conquer” purpose to a degree unmatched in any other attack.  Black people killing black cops—a recipe made by Machiavelli in Hell….

Peaceful black protesters complaining about police brutality were forced to hide behind the police lines when one or more black gunmen murdered 5 and injured 7 more.  DID THIS ADVANCE THE CAUSE OF “BLACK LIVES MATTER”?  No, but it was a boon for American Renaissance (and I write this as a regular reader  of and a subscriber to AmRen).

To feed the ignorant white suburban paranoia of blacks attacking whites was a simple stroke of Genius on the part of the Obama administration—all of a sudden, we have forced a portion of the black population into making a choice: either they act out the worst fears of the white middle class suburbanites or they support the Police.  Obama, as usual, was totally two-faced, but two-faced is how the supporters of the police state need to be: they need to FOMENT inter-racial violence on the one hand and then condemn murder on the other, because THIS STRATEGY SUPPORTS INCREASING THE POWER AND THE EFFICACY OF THE STATE.

The way to satisfy the Black Lives Matter movement is to suppress white-conservative expression and culture and desires to be left alone in an essentially segregated society.  To satisfy the White AND Black Middle and Upper Classes, the government must enlarge (a better word might be to engorge) the police state and enhance the power of the police to protect them from the rising black tide.

Now I read AmRen and similar publications and websites because I support what I perceive as their key long-term goals, namely segregation of the races to maintain cultural continuity.  Strangely enough, many black civil rights advocates share these goals, and I wholeheartedly support those who do.  BUT I HATE INJUSTICE, UNFAIRNESS, and  OPPRESSION and the way the POLICE STATE MAXIMIZES all three.  And the only thing that all the terrorist murders of the past 21 years since Oklahoma really have in common is: they justify oppressive measures and unfair oppression.

I totally disagree, then, with the advocacy of increased police power and authority which the reaction to Dallas has engendered both among the White and Black Middle Class.   Whites may believe that the police are on their side, but my experience in life is quite the opposite.  The calibre and IQ of men (and women) who opt for a career in law enforcement are not the highest, and police ONLY support the “side” that pays them directly (namely the State and City power structures, and the banks and other large institutions who support those) AGAINST ALL THE PEOPLE, REGARDLESS OF RACE CREED, OR COLOR.

One feature of modern society that deeply distresses me is the increasingly lack of respect among people.  The police do not respect anyone’s rights, as can be seen from countless examples in various fields of law enforcement, from domestic relations to enforcement of judicial foreclosures.  But ordinary people, too, do not respect each other’s rights, space or property, and depend for all protection on the police or state power generally as arbiters of everything.  Individuals need to take responsibility for all things, including their own protection and that of their loved ones and property.

Concern over lack of respect is, I think, a unifying theme in both the radical White and radical Black Lives Matter movements.  

Quatorze Juillet  (Edith Piaf)

Il me vient par la fenêtre
Des musiques de la rue.
Chaque estrade a son orchestre.
Chaque bal a sa cohue.
Ces gens-là m’ont pris ma fête.
Je ne la reconnais plus.

Dans ma chambre, je me chante
L’air que nous avons valsé.
Je regarde la toquarde
Où tes doigts se sont posés.

Tu m’as dit : “Tu es si belle.”
Et tu as, l’instant d’après,
Ajouté : “La vie est bête.”.
J’ai compris que tu partais.
Si tu ne reviens jamais,
Il n’y aura plus de quatorze juillet.

Il me vient par la fenêtre
Un murmure qui s’éteint,
Les chansons d’une jeunesse
Attardée dans le matin.
N’allez pas troubler mon rêve.
Allez rire un peu plus loin.

Que m’apporte, que m’apporte
Cette joie de quelques heures ?
Je suis morte, je suis morte
Et je t’ai déjà rejoint
Et mon corps est près du tien
Mais personne n’en sait rien…

The 14th of July

He comes to my window
The music in the street
Each stage has its orchestra
Each dance has its crowd
These people took my celebration
I don’t recognize it anymore

In my room, I sing to myself
The air that we waltzed in
I watch the infatuation
Where your fingers encountered mine

You tell me “you are so beautiful”
And you after a moment
Added “life is stupid”
I understood that you left
If you never come back
There will not be another 14th of July

He came to my window
A murmur that has extinguished
The songs of youth
Lingering in the morning
Don’t go troubling my dream
Laughing one step further away

That brings me, that brings me
The joy of a few hours
I’m dead, I’m dead
And I already reached you
And my body is close to yours
But nobody knows anything…

Can Racial Reconciliation be achieved by Ignoring or Falsifying History? An Open Letter to the Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana regarding “Truth, Honor, and Pride”

I have basically been very happily based in New Orleans, Louisiana, since I arrived here from Maui, Hawaii on December 9 of last year.  You know, there are ups and downs everywhere, but I had missed living in this city ever since I graduated from the Tulane College of Arts & Sciences on May 11, 1980, and have wanted to return here ever since.  I actually did return for several years 1997-2000, but was so wrapped up in my problems in Texas, I was basically bouncing back and forth.  One of the most consistently agreeable aspects of my life in New Orleans has been attending Church at Christ Church Cathedral on St. Charles & 6th Street, occasionally visiting at Trinity on Jackson right around the corner from my temporary home on Prytania (since March 8, 2013). One of the things I love most about New Orleans is its history—basically it’s impossible to take a walk, anywhere in this city, and not confront history face-to-face, it’s everywhere.  Basically, even the majority of the historic architecture in French Quarter really dates from the 19th century city, the actual 18th century buildings number in the dozens at the highest possible count.  The Garden District and “Uptown Audubon” mark a progression through the 19th century into the 20th.  St. Charles itself has been hideously scarred with mid-twentieth century cheap apartment buildings which took the place of many blocks of Victorian houses… but to either side of St. Charles, the historically decimating devastation is less.

How few people realize just how deeply New Orleans was shaped by the ante-bellum era and how loyal it was to the Confederate States of America, ESPECIALLY AFTER (ironically enough) the collapse of that nascent Federal Republic in 1865.

It is also undeniably true that the question of race-relations hangs like a sword of Damocles over the heads of the people of New Orleans.  The question comes up all the time, usually in emotional and rarely in analytical terms.

Ever since I heard, at the beginning of September, about an “Ecumenical Mass of Racial Reconciliation” being planned for January 12-21, 2014, I have been reflecting on the question of race and history in this wonderful town, this city where by dint of history black Americans first created a kind of “Jazz Aristocracy” recognized all over the world in the 1920s….

I wrote my initial thoughts on this question in a letter I just completed and delivered on Wednesday to the Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana and other members of the Clergy at Christ Church and Trinity Church.  

I have been told that in the bad old days of the Civil Rights movement, when the barriers of segregation were first being torn down, they had special “greeters” at Christ Church would take black folks aside and suggest to them that they might be “more comfortable elsewhere.”   The inversion of history is so great, I more than casually wonder whether I’ll now be afforded the same treatment for challenging the modern “politically correct” mythos of race.  

I attach here two versions of my letter to the Bishop and Clergy—only one of which I actually delivered (the October 2, 2013 version in which I reflect on the sinfulness of pride).  

2 October 2013 Letter to Bishop Thompson of Louisiana

1 October 2013 Letter to Bishop Thompson of Louisiana

I owe a great debt to two of my California friends who read over this letter before I delivered it: Shelene Emily Peterson of Belmont and Daniel Christian Mack of San Juan Capistrano.  Shelene keeps my English in line and tries to control my tendency to ramble (obvious with only limited success, although you should see how much she cut out….).  Dan made me realize the error of asserting, oxymoronically, “pride” which is inimical to Christian faith—although it is a critical element of human identity and sanity, it seems to me, that we must love ourselves for what we are.  And our ancestry shapes us, both culturally and genetically, whether we would wish it so or not.

England’s Civil Rights Violations against Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest

The latest statement from Megan Stammers is a mere reaffirmation that she loves Jeremy Forrest—what a shock, right? (see article copied below and original at) : http://uk.news.yahoo.com/teacher-guilty-abducting-girl-015659048.html#BosaHOx

I have no idea what course of action the attorneys for the Forrest or Stammers families might be planning in England.  And quite honestly I have no practical experience in U.K. Civil Rights/Civil Liberties law whatsoever, knowing only that “the mother country” has no inalterable Bill of Rights.  

To lack a written constitution as Britain does means that all of the rights established by the Anglo-American world’s FIRST expressly-denominated Bill of Rights (from the Glorious Revolution of William & Mary in 1689) are alterable at the merest whim of Parliament without any “Constitutional” objection.   I first saw  the effects of this Parliamentary derogation process as a teenager during the 1970s when I secretly harbored sympathies for the Irish Republicans even when they were most actively bombing and subverting the peace.  

My Galveston, Texas-born grandfather had all sorts of friends and relations in high places in England, some of whom were targeted by the IRA, so he was a staunch Tory when it came to all things English vs. Irish.  Even after he died in 1980, I think my grandmother would have been appalled and horrified if she had known that my Irish-American girlfriend of long-standing (of whom she kept a favorite picture on her dresser because “she looks like a silent-pictures movie star from the ’20s”) had an elder brother who “tithed” to the Irish Republican Army/Sein Fein and kept a picture of Eamon de Valera and other Republican heroes in his accounting office.  

But I vividly remember when I first read that the U.K. Parliament had expressly changed the rule, after almost three hundred years, that a Defendant’s silence could not be used against him in a criminal trial, to allow Crown Prosecutors and Judges to argue and instruct juries that silence was confession.  I don’t know whether this particular procedure was used against Jeremy Forrest or not, although he did not take the stand on his own behalf.  The Lewes, East Sussex, Court also appears to have convicted Forrest of crimes of which he was not expressly or initially charged in the indictment.  That seems to be the origin of the now repeated PAEDOPHILE label attached to Forrest in the Media (either that or the Media is complicit in the smear campaign, but given English libel laws I suspect it is the courts who have done this.).

So in essence, my analysis of the Civil Rights Violations against Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest, which I begin today with a mere outline list, is going to be an American, U.S.-based list rather than a genuine U.K. legal analysis.  If anyone in the U.K. reads this, I’d be pleased to know how applicable, if at all, they thing my analysis might be.   My analysis will focus and rely primarily on Megan’s First and Fourth Amendment rights to privacy, freedom of expression, and freedom of association, Jeremy’s Fifth Amendment due process rights to be free from prosecutions under statutes which are void for vagueness as applied to him, and Jeremy’s right to a true common law jury trial.

My initial list of U.S. Constitutional and Civil Rights Violations implicated by the Forrest-Stammers case is as follows:

(1)      Invasion of Megan Stammers’ privacy—even a minor has the right to privacy, and Megan Stammers obviously valued hers.  The initial investigation was “all about Megan’s conduct” even though Jeremy was the only possible legal target (until yesterday when they started floating the possibility of some sort of “witness tampering” or “corruption of justice” charge against the girl for her highly supportive testimony in favor of Forrest (see latest article below, she still loves him–what a shock—a teenage girl loyal to her convicted PAEDOPHILE lover—I’ll bet that whole notion upsets their apple cart a little bit in the Crown Prosecutor’s Office).

(2)         Infringement of Megan Stammers’ right to freedom of expression and to chose her associates.  Whether she was smart or stupid, I see not one iota of evidence to support the PAEDOPHILE (I use the capitalization that the Mirror and Telegraph seem to be regularly using now) charge or idea that Jeremy Forrest “groomed” or manipulated or coerced the 14-15 year old girl in any way that took advantage of his status, her age, or any special vulnerability such as a mental disorder or psychological problem (other than mere loneliness and lack of interest in boys of her own age).  I should mention that I do totally believe in and support the death penalty for genuine forcible rapists, including men who take advantage of mentally retarded women.   (By this standard, of course, about half of the Red Army that invaded Germany in 1945 should have been executed but that it is a totally separate issue and topic.)  But there’s just NONE OF THAT KIND OF EVIDENCE here.  There’s not even any suggestion that Megan engaged in underage drinking, took psychoactive medication, or used illicit drugs with Jeremy, at least so far as I’ve seen.   It sounds like they were just two people engaged in raunchy sex, and one of them happened to be a married teacher and the other was under 16.  Neither have any place in a Sunday school lesson on “living right.

(3)     Unconstitutional construction of the charge of “child abduction” to the case of Stammers and Forrest—while valid “on its face”, this charge becomes utterly meaningless and really and truly “void for vagueness” when applied to the facts of this case.  If intelligent consent is no defense to abduction then the concept entirely loses its meaning as a legal offense.  Strict liability for a crime of passion is basically a contradiction in terms, from the logical layman’s standpoint, but even from the legal sophisticate’s jaded viewpoint, Megan Stammers’ well-articulated love and defense of Jeremy Forrest should have had a MAJOR impact on sentencing.  Even if the law were completely constitutional, I would have argued for a sentence on the order of a fine or misdemeanor jail term (under 1 year—with credit for time served, Jeremy should now be free).

(4)      Likewise the charge of statutory rape, “PAEDOPHILIA”, and sex with a minor against Jeremy Forrest for being with Megan Stammers just smacks of the teachings of a lunatic asylum school of law that ONLY Socialist Statists could love.   “Age of Consent” is way out of touch with the modern cultural realities of the hypersexualised-media-shaped culture.  You simply cannot drown an entire population in sexual images, styles, icons, putting the trashiest of whores like Kim Kardashian on every news rack in every grocery store, chemist’s/pharmacy,  (and turning such cash-hungry sluts into cultural icons, no less, to the point of giving ordinary street-walkers a bad name because they are literally “too cheap”) and expect people NOT to feel inspire to have sex with absolutely anyone and that their right to do so is slightly more fundamental than their right to breathe.

(4A)—Hypersexualization of culture is part of the “Brave New World”; I don’t happen to like it at all; but to deny it is insane.  Aldous Huxley correctly envisioned this in his brilliantly prophetic 1931 work of that name.  The Socialist State wants teens and adults to be sexual satiated so that they don’t think so that they are “sexually intoxicated” and as a consequence can’t think too much or get very angry about the general oppression and corruption of their government.   The Socialist State also, however, wants to retain and enforce arbitrary and capricious laws so that they can randomly trap people and make everyone feel very humbly compliant with every stupid regulation.  As a consequence, I have noticed in cases from both the U.S., the U.K., and Canada, that the prosecutors’ willingness (anxiousness) to use and apply statutes in a manner which can only be called so arbitrary and capricious as to be void for vagueness, and the willingness of the courts to allow such prosecutions and convictions to continue (with the conventional Defense Bar hardly ever daring to raise a constitutional objection to anything anymore), have all become EPIDEMIC.

(5)    Denial of Jeremy Stammers’ right to a fully-informed Jury.   This is a VERY controversial point, but if EVER a case cried out for Jury nullification, it is this one.  As I have repeatedly stated during the past week, Jeremy Stammers, like Ralph Rackstraw in HMS Pinafore, should have been fully entitled to the defense “For he is an Englishman.”  To fall in love with an attractive and (physically and emotionally, if not chronologically) mature girl and to be with her is every Englishman’s right.  It is part of the traditional culture of the Anglo-American world and, sorry to tell you, but if every man who had sex with a 14-15 year old girl were to be wiped from English history—the history of the Island of Great Britain would probably be about one quarter its current length.  It is also relevant that the synchronous Stuart Hall trial raised much more valid issues of actual consent and rape without the passionate defenses of devotion, and with a lot of women, too, but the sentence was nugatory by comparison.  And as cited on these very pages, British women, female barristers in fact, have endorsed lowering the age of consent to 13 in the U.K., in recognition of cultural reality.  It is this cultural reality, above all, which the jury should have been allowed to consider, and to throw out the charges as inappropriate under the circumstances: to adjudge the laws void for vagueness as applied to Forrest, even if they are facially valid.  It should be noted that while the U.S. Constitution 6th Amendment secures the right to trial-by-jury in criminal cases, it is the application of the 7th Amendment right to have all common law issues decided by a jury which secures the right of CRIMINAL defendants to jury review of the underlying law under which criminal violations are alleged and prosecuted.

(6)    The line between Civil and Criminal infractions and offenses has been blurred.  I do not ignore the fact that Jeremy Forrest was morally deficient and spiritually deponent—he had a wife whom he left behind who is all but ignored in these proceedings.   His poor wife, like Forrest’s school, and perhaps Megan’s parents, had and may still have legitimate CIVIL claims against him.   It may be objected that a Maths teacher at a marginal girls’ school probably has no money with which to pay any civil damages.  But whether that is true or not, the equities of the situation are that Jeremy could should have been tried for reckless and irresponsible dereliction of duty as a teacher, reckless and irresponsible disregard for the feelings of Megan’s parents (and he might have beaten the WHOLE abduction rap if he had met with them even once and they had approved, or tolerated, however grudgingly, his association with their daughter, which I’m sure their daughter could have convinced or coerced them to give), and of course his wife has among the most devastating of divorce charges against him.  He’s not rich—that’a problem for all civil claimants—but to insist on criminal prosecution rather than civil suit because of a man’s financial status?  Well, that would be imply that his financial “status” is a crime in itself, and that would be very embarrassing, I think, to the IngSoc State of Oceania (I mean the Socialist State of the United Kingdom).    CIVIL RIGHTS ANALYSIS TO BE CONTINUED ON THESE PAGES AFTER A BIT MORE HARD RESEARCH.

(7)    Even though I know about Parliament having modified the “right to silence” part of the English Bill of Rights which eventually became part of the U.S. Fifth Amendment, I think that this is a major violation of fundamental rights which are traditionally English and Jeremy should have had an instruction on no presumption of guilt for failure to take the witness stand.

I still love jailed teacher – girl

Press AssociationPress Association – 5 hours ago

  • Teacher Jeremy Forrest was found guilty of child abduction following an eight-day trialView PhotoTeacher Jeremy Forrest was found guilty of child abduction following an eight-day …

The schoolgirl abducted by paedophile teacher Jeremy Forrest told how she still loves him and said she had been old enough to make decisions for herself.

Forrest, 30, was jailed for five and a half years for child abduction and five charges of sexual activity with a child.

The girl apologised for fleeing with him to France when she was 15, but said her feelings towards Forrest had not changed.

She told The Sun: “I would like to make it clear that despite the outcome of the trial, my feelings towards Jeremy remain the same, and regardless of unfair and inaccurate speculation, those feelings will not change.

“I am very sorry to those who have been profoundly affected by the things that I have instigated and the consequences of my actions.”

The girl thanked her friends and family for their support and for respecting “the decisions that I have made throughout this process, of which they know I was fully capable of making”.

During the eight-day trial at Lewes Crown Court the jury was told that Forrest groomed the schoolgirl into having sex with him before taking her to France as he attempted to avoid being caught.

The girl’s mother told the court “the (daughter) I knew is dead and it upsets me beyond words”.

In a statement she said: “I feel completely useless most of the time. I feel like I have failed as a parent as I cannot understand how someone could do this to my child and I had no idea.”

She continued: “I feel like the worst mother in the world, whatever anyone else says it doesn’t matter. Someone has got my child and I never saw it coming and never saw it as it was happening. I feel like part of (her) childhood has been robbed from me – the last day at school, dressing her up in a party dress for the school prom, all taken from us.”

FOR JUNETEENTH: IF “MY PEOPLE” ARE IN LOVE: LET MY PEOPLE GO. Go Down to France’s Land—The Criminal Trial of Jeremy Forrest for Loving a Girl who Love Him Continues—they loved each other enough to run away together and leave everything behind—

Are Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest the equivalent of English White Slaves, Owned by the States?  It seems that they are, and the English have yet to afford any emancipation to their sexual prisoners….

Today, June 19, is a day celebrated all over the United States as the day when the Slaves heard they had been freed.  The origin of this day is in my natal state of Texas, where, in my grandfather’s home town of Galveston, on June 19, 1865, the Union Navy arrived and the last major port city flying the flag of the Confederate States of America surrendered without firing another shot.  The Yankee Occupying Officers summoned all the blacks on Galveston Island to appear in front of the beautiful Ashton Villa (still standing to this day at 24th & Broadway, nine blocks from where my grandfather, himself the grandson of an hereditary British Peer of the Realm was born), and General Gordon Granger read  the contents of “General Order No. 3”:

The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor.  The freedmen are advised to remain quietly at their present homes and work for wages. They are informed that they will not be allowed to collect at military posts and that they will not be supported in idleness either there or elsewhere.

Reading the testimony below, I wonder whether it is worth it to Megan Stammers’ Mother to know what she has doe to scar her daughter’s life forever by rendering her the equivalent of a slave before emancipation. Is it worth it to the people of Great Britain, who preached the Gospel of Freedom to the whole world long before Juneteenth?

Running away is, in my opinion, a fundamental right of lovers and of children generally.  It was part of the English and American Legends of the 19th century—young boys who run away to make their lives and fortunes, young girls who run away for love.  THIS IS FREEDOM AND GOD DAMN THE ENGLISH POLICE FOR INTERFERING AND THE ENGLISH COURTS AND CROWN ATTORNEYS FOR PROSECUTING.  GOD DAMN THEM ALL I TELL YOU!!!  LONG LIVE FREEDOM FOR ALL ENGLISHMEN! These people were in love and they had the right to seek a modicum of happiness, however short-lived it might have been had they been left to themselves.  In the tradition of our ancestors….. BRITONS NEVER SHALL BE SLAVES, REMEMBER THAT?

ONLY SLAVES’ MATING HABITS CAN BE CONTROLLED BY THEIR MASTERS.  ONLY SLAVES CAN BE TOLD WHOM TO LOVE, WHOM TO MARRY, AND WHOM TO MATE AND WHEN.   THE ABILITY OF YOUNG LOVERS TO CHOOSE EACH OTHER RATHER THAN HAVING MADE BE CHOSEN, MARRIAGES ARRANGED and MANDATED BY THEIR PARENTS WAS CONSIDERED A MAJOR SOCIAL BREAKTHROUGH IN ENGLISH HISTORY, BUT THE STATE NOW STANDS IN LOCO PARENTIS TELLING US WHOM TO LOVE AND WHOM TO SHUN. THIS IS SCANDALOUSLY WRONG AND IMMORAL.  THE ABILITY TO LOVE AN APPROPRIATE MATE IS THE ESSENCE OF FREEDOM:  Jeremy Forrest and Megan Stammers may not have been YOUR idea of a perfect couple.  I don’t know them well enough to know whether they were my ideal: they were both good looking obviously intelligent and strong-willed, passioned White Middle Class English people—they deserved to be treated as Free White Middle Class English people, not slave—why should they have had to wait three more years for love?  Or even one?   TELL OLD BAILEY—LET MY PEOPLE GO!

When Israel was in Egypt’s land: Let my people go, Oppress’d so hard they could not stand, Let my People go. 

Go down, Moses, Way down in Egypt’s land, Tell old Pharaoh, Let my people go.

You know: the absolute worst that anyone could possibly TRUTHFULLY and indisputably say about Megan Forrest and Jeremy Stammers is that they, as a young couple in love, “got out of hand.”  Yes, a love story that got out of hand, what a concept.  OH, and by the way, do you happen to know how to say, “get out of hand in Latin?”  The word is a single compound formation (ex = out) + (ablative manu from manus = hand) + (capere/capio = take hold of)—put it all together and you have EX-MANU-CAPIO or in English EMANCIPATION.  Treating a 15 year old girl in love like a slave is just either OPPRESSIVE or STUPID or both—“Oppressed so hard they could not stand, let my people GO.”

Jeremy Forrest trial: Schoolgirl’s mum ‘thought she was dead when she vanished with married maths teacher’

18 Jun 2013 15:44


Forrest, 30, and his 15-year-old pupil fled to France after their relationship was about to be exposed in September last year

Jail fear: Maths teacher Jeremy Forrest
Jail fear: Maths teacher Jeremy Forrest
Adam Gerrard

The mother of a schoolgirl who went on the run with her married maths teacher feared she was dead when the pair disappeared, a court has heard.

Jeremy Forrest, 30, and his 15-year-old pupil fled to France after their relationship was about to be exposed in September last year.

Forrest booked a cross-Channel ferry from Dover to Calais with the schoolgirl, from Bishop Bell C of E School in Eastbourne, East Sussex, before spending seven days on the run.

Scots-born Forrest, of Chislehurst Road, Petts Wood, Kent, denies child abduction.

The schoolgirl’s mother told Lewes Crown Court how police came to their house to confront her daughter over rumours that there were indecent images of Forrest on her phone.

The mother said she did not know the whereabouts of her daughter for the seven days before she was caught.

She also said that she had not given permission to Forrest to take her away and would not have done if asked.

She said: “I thought she was dead and I did ask the police that as well.”

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said that she was first warned by the school about rumours about her daughter and Forrest about two weeks after the trip to Los Angeles in February 2012.

She said she was told that “there were rumours amongst the pupils that she had got close to him but there was nothing found”.

Jeremy Forrest Court Sketch
In the dock: A court sketch of Jeremy Forrest
Julia Quenzler/Caters

The mother said she confronted her daughter when she returned home.

She said: “When she got back from school, she came in and I sat her down and told her the call I had.

“She broke down, completely cried, she said that it was just nasty rumours as he was the teacher that calmed her down on the plane.”

She said she did not hear anything again about Forrest until mid July.

She said she received a call from the school but did not manage to speak to the staff member.

She said that Forrest then called her and broke down in tears as he spoke of the rumours which he said were false.

She said: “He said that he wanted to nip it all in the bud before the school started again in September.

“He alluded that (my daughter) was being a bit of a pain, he said (she) kept hanging around him.

“He said he couldn’t allow this to ruin his career so I had a conversation with him, I felt I was coaching him, consoling him because he was getting quite upset on the phone.

“He was upset about it getting worse, he kept going on and on about his career.

“He didn’t want it go any further, he didn’t want it to get any worse.

“He kept on going over the same things, mainly about his career.

“I apologised for my daughter’s behaviour, I said ‘leave it with me, I will sort it, I would take full responsibility and sort it’.”

The mother said she confronted her daughter again.

She said: “I did more than talk to her, I went mad at her.

“I was mortified that my daughter could put someone in that position.

“I’m a professional person myself, I was embarrassed she had put someone in this position.

“I was horrified, ashamed and I had a go at her. Clearly I was upset and she knew I was upset.

“She said ‘It’s not true’, she was in tears, she broke down, she said ‘It’s not true, it’s not true’.

“He said the problem with the rumours was that (she) wasn’t denying them, she was allowing people to just talk.

“I asked her ‘Are you are telling me there’s nothing in this? There’s nothing in this?’, she said ‘No’ and I told her ‘You must tell people it’s not true’.”

The girl’s mother said she did not hear anything else regarding Forrest until September 19 when a police officer and a social worker arrived at her house in Eastbourne.

She said that, during the summer, she had only allowed her daughter to stay nights at a friend’s house and she had always believed she was there because she or her partner had dropped her off and picked her up.

She added that her daughter had shown her photos of things she had been doing with her friend while at her house.

The mother said the police officer told her they had received reports that there indecent images of Forrest on her daughter’s phone.

She said she was in a “panicky” state as she called her daughter to ask her to come home.

She said her daughter handed her phone to the police officer and denied the relationship rumours.

Jeremy Forrest arriving at Lewes Crown Court
Accused: Forrest denies child abduction
Adam Gerrard

She said: “She flatly refused them – she said there was no truth in them whatsoever.

“She was angry, she was saying ‘Here’s my phone, there’s nothing on it’.”

She said her daughter behaved normally that night but unusually she got up in the night and also got up early the next morning to go to school.

She said after school that day (September 20), her daughter phoned to ask permission to stay at a friend’s house and came home to pick up an overnight bag.

She said that, as she was leaving, “she came over to me, jumping all over me.

“She was always jumping all over me but this particular time she grabbed me and said ‘I love you’.

“I said ‘You are telling me that all the time and I love you’.

“She grabbed me again and said ‘No, Mum, look me in the eye’ and said ‘I love you’.

“I said to her ‘Sweetheart, I love you too’. She gave me kisses on my face and left.”

The trial has heard that it was following this that the girl went on to travel to France with Forrest.

Earlier today, a pal of the teenager said in a video-recorded police interview shown to the court that lots of rumours went around the school about the teenager’s relationship with Forrest.

She said the girl only confirmed her relationship with the teacher to her on the day they fled to France.

She said the girl was worried about what could happen to Forrest if they were caught.

The 16-year-old said: “(The girl) was talking about what could happen to Mr Forrest, how long he could go to prison for.

“She was speaking about all the things he could go to prison for – she said sexual contact and she gave like a nod.”

The witness said she and another friend were with the girl as Forrest picked her up to take her to France.

She said the girl was calm and added: “She wasn’t under any pressure.”

She said she thought Forrest looked “ashamed”.

She added that when Forrest returned to pick up the girl’s toiletries bag, which she had forgotten, he appeared to have been crying.

She said: “He didn’t make eye contact at all – he looked like he had been crying as well.

“He said ‘Look, I’m sorry’.”

Another friend, a 16-year-old boy, said in his video interview that many of the pupils in Forrest’s class regarded him as a friend.

He said: “Quite a lot of people in my class and other people thought of him more as a friend rather than a teacher. I liked him.”

Speaking about the girl, he added: “She said she had a crush on him and stuff. I thought she thought ‘attractive’.”

He said the girl told him that she had had sex with the teacher.

He said: “I remember she said that they had had sex and I was like ‘You shouldn’t be doing that’ etc.

“She was like ‘No, everything will be fine’.”


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Charles Edward Andrew Lincoln, IV: Happy 20th Birthday—two decades since Hurricane Andrew and “Little Hurricane” arrive at the same time in West Palm Beach

The effective end of my son’s 20th birthday, at 7:31pm, without having heard from him, just brings to mind James Thurber’s epigram: “The world is full of such a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings–and you know how happy kings are.”

I suppose there was a time when I believed that I was a wonderful father and that my relationship with my son was the greatest success story of my life… but like so many optimistic thoughts I’ve had in life, it hasn’t worked out that way, much to my sorrow.  

I suppose one reason I am so obsessed with the movie Moonrise Kingdom (I have totally lost track of how many times I’ve seen it, possibly a dozen), is that it’s mythological “Age of Innocence” reminds me so much of the world of my own childhood, and how I wish I could have given my son a world as pure and innocent as that world back in an America where it was normal, rather than abnormal/bordering on pathological, to be white and Christian and basically unaware of anything else…. as it seems in Wes Anderson’s movie to have been in 1965, and as it was in my early experience not long after that….

In essence, I married very poorly: a woman who desperately wanted to conform to all the worst norms of modern society while pretending to support all the most traditional values in order to get what she wanted.  All of this was perfectly acceptable behavior by modern standards—but I am sorry that I couldn’t give my son a far better life and childhood than I had, which was always my dream for him.  In the words of the guardian of Petra—Cave of the Holy Grail, in “Indian Jones and the Last Crusade”—“I chose poorly” at least when it came to making a home and a good life for my boy.  

I also allowed my marriage to be drawn into the horrible quagmire of the Texas Family Court system—there’s no good solution for Texas Family Court Judges and lawyers except, without exception, to hang them all—in true Shakespearean fashion and with full sixteenth Elizabethan gore—possibly hang the Family Judges AFTER boiling them in oil—something like that…. forget the Eighth Amendment for the lot of them….  

I think that the summary execution courts the “revolution” set up in New York City during “Batman: Dark Knight Rises”—are a good model for disposing of the Family Courts…. and yet there are even deeper problems leading to my 18 month estrangement from my son now….

My son and I were extremely close from one hour after his birth, but especially during about the time he was 1 and first started walking and saying “Da-Da-Da Daddy” in our apartment at 225 Atlantic in Palm Beach 33480, precisely on his first birthday through his 10th birthday…and most of his tenth year until Memorial Day Weekend 2001.

The best of the early years were probably 1996-1999 when we traveled constantly together, several times to the Texas State Fair in Dallas (and to visit his grandma Alice and great-grandma Helen in Highland Park), innumerable times to the beach in Galveston, where we spent most of the summer of 1997.  We had one marvelous trip to Disneyland when he was five (January 1998)—it was a perfect age—he asked if the Mickey Mouse figure walking around was real—.

In the summer of 1998 we had a long trip through the Southwest, leaving through Palo Duro Canyon near Lubbock and going on to Pecos, Santa Fe, Taos, Chaco Canyon, the San Juan River Valley, the Hopi Plateau, Mesa Verde, and the Grand Canyon, returning through Amarillo and trying our luck at the gigantic 72 oz “free” steak at the Texas Steak House….

The same summer we followed up by a trip to Chicago—I’ll never forget our gigantic room at the Chicago Hilton overlooking Grant Park and Michigan Avenue, or receiving the news of the 1998 attacks on the American Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam while we were there.  1999 was our summer first season in Yucatan, Mexico since Spring 1995—we stayed at the dearly beloved “Capitán Lafitte” by the Caribbean…..  

After May 2003, “domestic troubles between his mother and me” separated us for two solid years until June 2005 (after which two year time he had grown so much I didn’t recognize him when he stopped me on the street)  and then again our interaction was “spotty” at best until 2008-2009, when we spent two successive summers in Cambridge while he went to the Harvard Summer School.   In 2007-2010 I was living mostly either in Galveston or New Orleans and Charlie was a great fan of both the Audubon Zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas there….

In the Summer of 2010 we spent a lot of time after his high school graduation in Texas and then took a trip to California right before he started Saint John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, and boy I was proud to see him there.  After that, we went to New Orleans and spent Christmas there, with his mother Elena and grandmother Nina, oddly enough…. for the first time in so many years… It seemed as though our Broken Family was on the mend…..for about six weeks anyhow….maybe less….

Around February 2011 some strange things started happening and I haven’t seen him since then.  In essence, I suspect it was his mother playing games again to turn him against me.  I had hope that once he was an adult (2010) he’d grow away from her sphere of absolute control, but life is not a fairy tale I guess and not everything ends “happily ever after.”  Charlie’s mother (Elena) and maternal grandmother (Nina) reduced Charlie’s uncle George (Kourembanas) to the status of an extremely strong but confused child for all of his adult life, and ultimately George died a premature death in January 2010 at the not so ripe or old age of 51.  I had always feared that similar things might happen to Charlie, but I hoped he had escaped….until now.  

Nevertheless, my son is and always will be the apple of my eye, my primary hope for immortality, and I think of him constantly, so even during these odd periods of engineered estrangement I am thinking of him constantly.  

Modern marriage is basically a travesty.  Women are taught to demand everything and give nothing to their husbands by feminism, socialism, social-workers, psychologists, and other single mothers who eschew marriage all together and regard men merely as “sperm donors” who, for some reason, may become immediately indebted for all they are worth to the sperm donees.

The notion of “til death do you part” is almost a joke, although my wife, Charlie’s mother and I, had given each other blood oaths never to divorce and leave Charlie alone…. We had massive troubles in 1995-1999 but seemed by the end of 1999 to have come through them, only to see everything rise up again in the summer of 2002, uglier and more vicious than ever.  

We are all products of our time and culture.  The government fears strong families and strong individuals because strong families and strong individuals do not need to be dependent on the government, but the government wants EVERYONE to be dependent and subservient.  

I strongly advocate the abolition of the Family Courts and “Domestic Relations and Child Support” social service structures in the United States—not their reformation but their absolute abolition.  

The strength of an institution ( such as marriage ) is tested out and defined by it’s reaction under stress.  In the old days couples in marital trouble went to their families and their priests for resolution.  Marital contracts were treated as private matters.  These days 501(c)(3) priests and pastors are afraid of stepping on the toes of social services and the courts, and if family members get involved they are likely to be arrested and/or accused of “abuse”…. or worse… 
The intervention of the State and Social welfare services is a large part of what has made marriage a travesty, starting with the licensing procedure.  But basically I conclude that the state controlled marriage contract as enforced today is basically a sex for sale and breeding contract.  Prenuptial private marital contracts are frowned upon and the state imposes (through the family and domestic relations codes) is a “one size fits all contract of adhesion” regarding which parties cannot even contract around.  And it is not just my experience — it is the experience of hundreds, maybe thousands of men and women I have talked to.

One of my best friends on the Planet, Dr. Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson of Palm Beach Gardens, is a psychologist, but frankly, I see no value in the professions of psychology or psychiatry—at least not of the Freudian variety.  Jungian “racial archetypes” and the racial subconscious may hold some validity but Freudian analysis, for all its mass appeal, seems basically to be “analysis in the service of the socialist state”—my grandmother Helen Meyer described psychiatrists and psychologists as “a bunch of filthy minded perverts who worked to pervert everyone else”—and my experience has done little to dissuade me from her way of thinking.  

My dear friend Kathy is such a radical exception to the Freudian norm—she is a Christian and an ethical believer in the family—I’m not sure how she survives in the profession of psychology….but she does, quite distinguished in fact….

And in the years 2008-2010 Charlie and I even visited Kathy several times at her beautiful home in Palm Beach Gardens—and it’s beyond my ability to believe that I have not seen my son for a solid year and a half now—although never a day goes by that I’m not thinking of him and hardly a week goes by that I don’t try to reach him by multiple e-mails or phone calls.  

Since Charlie seems to want his privacy on his 20th birthday I guess I’ll let him have it…. but that can’t stop me from missing him and thinking about him and wishing he were here in California so we could either go out to the Islands or up to the Mountains to Yosemite or Sequoia or down to Baja, or further…..

Family estrangement is a terrible thing, but it seems almost “normal” in the modern world…. and for that alone, the Brave New World is indeed an accursed place….

Carrie Luft’s Extraordinary First Amended Complaint Allowed in the Middle District of Florida

Magistrate Judge Sherri Polster Chappell of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida sitting in Fort Myers has made me feel like Peter Pan: She’s made me want to crow:  “I’m just the cleverest fellow ’twas ever my pleasure to know!”   Magistrate Judge Chappell has also given Carrie Luft an extraordinary chance to litigate some unique questions of first impression in the USA, such as whether the USA needs a CIVIL Constitutional Writ equivalent to Habeas Corpus, for which I have suggested here (as I have been advocating, on-and-off now, for twenty years) the adoption of the Mexican Constitutional Writ of Amparo:

06-15-2012 First Amended Complaint Carrie Luft 06-15-2012

06-15-2012 Affidavit of Mario Kenny 06-15-2012

The Juicio de Amparo (which can be only VERY roughly translated into English as a “Writ of Prohibition”) enshrined in the Constitution of Mexico is a Constitutional Proceeding with the full force and effect of a CIVIL Writ of Habeas Corpus such as has never existed in the United States.  Historically, this writ originated and was designed by the early 19th century revolutionary Creole (Hispanic White, First generation Colonial) jurists of my “second home” state of Yucatán, so strangely aligned from the late 1830s onward through Ernesto de Zavala (born in Ticul, Yucatán) with my “first home” state of Texas.  Of course, it was neither Zavala who authored the Texas Declaration of Independence and gave his name to the State Archives building in Austin nor the famous Editor of the three great “incunabular” press journals of Southeastern Mexico, El Fenix de Yucatán, El Museo Yucateco, and the Registro de Yucatán, namely Justo Sierra O’Reilly who solicited Congress to admit Yucatán as a State in the 1840s.  Rather it was a figure even less well-known to even to the well-educated American, by the Manuel Crescencio García Rejón, born in Bolonchenticul, Yucatán, a small town now renamed in his honour Bolonchén de Rejón, in the (now separate Mexican) State of Campeche and across the Puuc (Hill Country of Yucatán) from Ticul itself where Zavala was born.

Bolonchen means “Nine Wells” in Yucatec Maya. The number nine is quite mystically intriguing here, being, however coincidentally, not only the number of levels of Hell in both the Maya Underworld of Xibalbá and Dante’s Inferno, but also the number of justices who sit on the United States Supreme Court…. It was the Nine Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, especially Chief Justices John Marshall and Roger Taney, whose theory of Constitutional review by judicial procedure so thoroughly impressed and influenced this heroic Hispanic jurist whose name should become famous in the United States of America:

Manuel Crescencio García Rejón


A Great Mexican Constitutionalist and Yucatec Creole Nationalist

I feel strangely certain that if telephones or the internet had existed in the 1830s and 40s, the provincial creole patriots of Yucatán, introduced through Ernesto de Zavala and Justo Sierra O’Reilly, would have thoroughly made friends with John Caldwell Calhoun, Chief Justice Taney, and the other great Southern Constitutionalists of that time, and that Mérida would have become the Southern terminus of a cross-Gulf commerce linked to Galveston, Mobile, and New Orleans in a “Greater South” including all of Mexico after 1848.  In light of subsequent history, in light of the likely union of our countries within the next hundred years, it cannot be said that it would have been so bad for all this to happen a century and a half ago.  For one thing the Creole and Native American Mexicans would never have had to suffer the indignities and inferior status to which they have been relegated by the strangely “colonialist” policies which resulted from the United States’ FAILURE or REFUSAL to integrate Mexico in 1848…. the Hacendados of Mexico would have aligned themselves naturally with the Plantation Owners of the South and the large Indian populations would have had MORE protection under American Constitutional Law than they had under MOST of Mexican history–but all this is a terrible digression from Carrie Luft’s Crusade against the Corruption in Florida Courts (although it is a corruption echoing Miami’s status as “the Capital of Latin America” and Florida’s status, with Louisiana, as the Northernmost Banana Republic…..

I reiterate, we NEED your responses to Carrie’s survey, and so far we have gotten VERY FEW:  06-06-2012 DECLARATION CONCERNING JUDICIAL HABITS

Please circulate this all around and return to one of us, either to Carrie directly or to me c/o Peyton Yates Freiman at our “Home Office” of 603 Elmwood Place, #6, Austin, Texas 78705 or to me at Mid-Cities Escrow in Downey:

MID-CITIES ESCROW, Charles Edward Lincoln, III CEO & Director,

10890 Paramount Blvd., Downey, CA 90241, (562) 861-2251 facsimile.

or by e-mail here to this blog!

March 6, 2011—Remember the Alamo! (and Goliad too!)

What more can anyone say?  “Remember the Alamo and Goliad too!” My grandparents Helen and Alphonse Meyer took me to visit the Alamo as almost the first thing to do in Texas when I arrived to live with them in Dallas, Texas after my parents split up.  This move was the first extremely strange transition in my life: my maternal grandmother Helen and her butler named Kermit went to pick me up and take me from my parents, whom my grandparents considered to be neglecting me.   This was in 1966, long before the State of Texas made its is business to interfere in every possible event in every family’s life.  And as unorthodox as this method of making child-custody transfer might sound to the modern reader, it might possibly have been the case that my parents were in fact neglecting me because my mother only showed up in Dallas quite a bit later, not having noticed my absence for sometime.  Anyhow, all of this happened the summer after I turned six.

And so it was then that “Remember the Alamo” became the first “Patriotic Slogan” I ever remember learning.  I obviously had already learned “God Save the Queen” first, but I was very young and don’t remember actually learning that particular salute.  But I do remember my grandparents teaching me to Cheer outloud “Remember the Alamo” although I’m not sure where I was supposed to use this cheer or to whom I was supposed to address it.  I recall my grandfather, “Al”, stopped the family at some particularly significant place around the Alamo and led us in a private family prayer for the fallen heroes.

Though himself the grandson of a British peer of the realm, my grandfather was born in Galveston and steeped in Texas history and patriotism. In his opinion, he insisted it was just as important, if not more so, to remember Colonel Fannin and the March 27 massacre at Goliad as it was to remember the Alamo, because more men died at Goliad, and they died more brutally, having been executed in cold blood.  So this initial tour of South Texas in 1966 also included a trip to Goliad and finally to the San Jacinto Battlefield and the Battleship Texas.

But unlike William Barret Travis’ “I am besieged…I have sustained continual Bombardment & cannonade for 24 hours and have not lost a man….I shall never surrender or retreat” February 24, 1836 letter from the Alamo, Colonel Fannin had left no eloquent written testimonial to pass down and post on the library wall.  Nor have dozens of movies been made about Fannin and Goliad, certainly nothing like John Wayne’s “The Alamo“.  This great mythical movie (historians say not a single scene in the picture can be directly related to any document-based “fact”) was completed and released the year I was born in Texas (1960) on October 24, which just happened to be the day my parents arrived in London on the Queen Mary.  This particular cinematic extravaganza just happened to have been made in Texas ONLY over John Wayne’s efforts and objections.

Happy Shahan was a rancher in southern Texas [Wayne’s team constructed an “Alamo Village” near Brackettville in Kinney County, on the old “Camino Real” between San Antonio and El Paso, just a few miles from the Rio Grande and Mexican Border]. ….  [Shahan’s] big break came when he secured The Alamo (1960).  John Wayne had originally decided to make the film in Mexico where he owned land. However, it quickly became apparent he would face a boycott from the Daughters of the Republic and it was politically expedient to make the film in Texas (Rothel, 1990: 13-15).  http://www.buseco.monash.edu.au/mgt/research/working-papers/2006/wp36-06.pdf

It is one of those passing ironies of the interaction of history and myth that Wayne wanted and originally planned to film his Epic of Texas Independence in the State of Durango, Mexico, which to Wayne at least and the other producers looked much more like Texas “should” have looked in 1836 than Texas in recent times ever could have looked.  John Wayne also owned a ranch in Durango and made several other films there.  The point is that the reenactment of history is a matter of politically powerful myth—and apparently the Daughters of the Republic of Texas believed that to make a movie about the Alamo in Mexico would somehow be “taboo”—even though Wayne certainly would have been right in pointing out that, of course, when the Battle of the Alamo was fought, and for the three hundred years preceding the siege, Texas had been politically and legally defined (in European law and cartography at least) as part of Mexico—first as part of the the Viceroyalty of New Spain, then as part of the Empire and finally the Republic of Mexico).

There is some unfortunate documentation in the record of diaries left by certain Mexican officers that Davie Crockett in particular and other nearly legendary heroes may not have died quite as heroically as portrayed in the movies, but the simple truth is that the Texas Revolution started to defend the Mexican Constitution of 1823, and the defenders of the Alamo flew a flag to prove that point.  In 1836 there was no conflict between Anglo and Hispanic (Mexican) Creoles in Texas—there was only a conflict between dictatorship and Democratic-Republican Government.  Any modern attempt to recast the Texas revolution as an Anglo-Hispanic race-oriented dispute have to deal with the fact that the Texas Declaration of Independence was written by the Tecoh, Yucatan-born Mexican Statesman Ernesto de Zavala and that Texas and Yucatan both separated from Santa Ana’s Mexico and formed an independent alliance—and although both Yucatan and Texas applied for U.S. Statehood, somewhat tragically, only Texas was admitted.  Yucatan Governor Justo Sierra O’Reilly made the mistake of trying to seek admission for Yucatan as a “free” state—despite the existence of a Plantation economy throughout the Peninsula—and the South at the point relied much too heavily on the Missouri Compromise of 1820 *(later declared unconstitutional in Scott v. Sanford, 1857) and did not wish to allow “free” states both south and north of the Dixie Heartland.  The Yucatan Peninsula would have made a fine addition to the United States, and the Yucatec Creoles and Maya an amazing enrichment of the United States population (both White and Native American).   It is easy to see how the outcome of the war of 1861-65 would have been different, if it had happened at all, had Yucatan been part of the Confederacy….instead of the most pro-Imperial province of the Hapsburg Emperor Maxmillian’s shortlived “Imperio Mexicano”.

Ernesto Zavala’s house in Merida still bears a plaque celebrating the historical contacts between Texas and Yucatan and is preserved as a historic landmark.  In Texas, there is not only a “Zavala” County but also a building on the Texas State Capitol grounds, just southeast of the South Facing domed statehouse, named after him, the Zavala building—it is the State Archive and Historical Records building.  During the Short-Lived Republic of Yucatan, which declared its independence (without bloodshed) in 1838, two years after Texas, Texas and Yucatan jointly developed a very small Naval force to patrol the Gulf of Mexico between Galveston and Progresso.

Justo Sierra O’Reilly’s travel to Washington applying for admission to the Union is the subject of quite a bit of writing in Mexico, and he is a controversial figure in that he was seeking (among other things) a U.S. alliance against the Maya uprising known as “The Caste War of Yucatan”.  Yucatan’s separatism from Mexico preceded the U.S. War with Mexico in 1846-48, but Justo Sierra O’Reilly’s interest in seeing Yucatan admitted continued even after the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo confirmed the transfer of California, Texas, New Mexico, what is now Arizona, Nevada, and Utah to the United States in 1848.  Yucatan was officially neutral in the war with the United States but many in Sierra O’Reilly’s position supported full annexation and integration, even while the stars and stripes flew over Chapultepec Castle under the immediate intendency and command of one Colonel Robert E. Lee, nephew of a signer of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.  Some Mexicans regard Sierra O’Reilly as a traitor like Benedict Arnold or Aaron Burr in the U.S., but those who fly the (suppressed) flag of the independent Republic of Yucatan regard him as a hero.  Justo Sierra O’Reilly wrote a very disappointed “Impresiones de un Viaje a los Estados Unidos e Canada” which used to be and probably still is in print in Yucatan, although I haven’t noticed it on the bookstore shelves in recent years.   Yucatan’s separatist tendencies survived a long time after O’Reilly.  Empress Carlotta, even in her madness later in life, recalled the especially warm welcome she and her ill-fated husband received in Yucatan, and there was an active separatist movement in Yucatan as late as the 1960s.

One could say that the de facto annexation of Cancun and the East Coast of Quintana Roo as an American colony (at least during Spring break, but for most of the winter tourist season) starting in 1971 was the final death blow to Yucatec separatism—in that one can now hear significantly more English spoken on the streets and beaches of Cancun than one can on the streets of Miami or Miami Beach…