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Lawless Love: New Orleans Mardi Gras and Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Niebelungen….Can Civilization survive a merger? On Lundi Gras, the Ancient Krewe of Proteus tested the waters….

In 2017, Mardi Gras in New Orleans yields gigantic piles of trash, poisons thousands with excessive alcohol, and fosters a welfare oriented and sometimes criminal mentality, yet it is a uniquely community affirming ritual that nearly shuts down this medium-sized city and draws the attention of the rest of the world.  Mardi Gras allows (especially a lot of black) people an escape from the humdrum of poverty and ordinary life.  Like the Saturnalia of Ancient Rome, Mardi Gras is a time of reversal, an inversion of all the rules. 

In the years 1843-1883, Richard Wagner broke all the rules of music and theatre and made new ones, many of which we still follow in playhouses and cinemas and opera houses today (such as “dimming the lights” before and during a performance, which was a brand new idea in Wagner’s day).  Wagner equated hatred of Jews with love of art and civilization, especially music, and in so doing (and writing prolifically about it) he served as an inspiration for the German National Socialist movement, especially one Iron-Cross winning corporal who survived “the Great War”: Adolf Hitler.  

This year the Krewe of Proteus (founded 1881) brought Mardi Gras madness and Wagnerian passion together in a torchlight parade…. and the result was stunning and extremely impressive, if not quite terribly loyal to the plot or typical imagery of the operas.  But Proteus gave us an amazingly intellectual interlude in the utter squalor and depravity of most Mardi Gras events…. and one which surely went over the head of (I would estimate, unscientifically) more than 95% of the people assembled along Magazine Street and St. Charles Avenue Monday Night.

The parade received SOME local attention, e.g.: http://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/entertainment_life/festivals/article_be5d1948-d9bb-11e6-ad6b-4faaff249cf7.html, but well-over half of this town speaks a dialectical variety of English which cannot be called “educated”…. and the rest of the population isn’t overly steeped in European culture—the original Opera House (the first in the United States) at the corner of Toulouse and Bourbon Street, burned down in 1919 and is now the site of a modern hotel in the absolutely most depraved and degenerate blocks of Bourbon Street…. several blocks of which constitute one of the most depraved and degenerate (and dirty) “micro-neighborhoods” anywhere in the United States… I have written before on these pages about the destruction and degradation of beautiful New Orleans after 1865, and especially in the 20th century.  The City had reached its pinnacle in 1860…..and then a very destructive war happened….

But if one is the pinnacle or Zenith of all things Elite and Erudite in Western Civilization and the other marks the Nadir or even polar opposite of high civilization, what do “Der Ring des Niebelungen” and New Orleans Mardi Gras have in common?

Actually quite a bit: both exalt what can only be called “Lawlessness”, especially in the realm of love and sex…

To start off with, Wotan, in Wagner’s Ring, like his Ancient Greek Counterpart Zeus, can only be called a “philandering cad”…. I know this would be considered an insult in many quarters, but it is, statistically speaking, quite a “Godlike” or “Kingly” trait… and I confess I’ve lived that way myself for most of my existence…. although I can claim neither Divinity nor Royalty….  Wagner’s Wotan is a tragic character…. he is adventurous, generally idealistic, and seeks to build a beautiful new world (Valhalla).  And yet dies as he watches his world destroyed around him….by a fire set by his daughter….well, actually a fire set by ONE of his many daughters (Brunhilde) by Erda, ONE of Wotan’s many girlfriends/paramours/liasons… whatever it is proper for the King of the Gods to call his mistresses…. (Sidebar: in the original Icelandic and Norse sagas and tales, Erda (aka “Jörð” was the mother of the thunder and hammer God THOR with Wotan, not the Valkyrie Brunhilde….)

Aside from Wotan and Erde, Wotan also fathers the lineage which ultimately overthrows him—the Walsunga….first a male-female pair of twins, Siegmund and Sieglinde, who are separated in early childhood and meet once Sieglinde is married to a very beastly, babbitty, bourgeois bore by the name of Hunding….  “Naturally” or unnaturally, Siegmund and Sieglinde rapidly become an item one Spring AFTER (not in spite of, but because of) recognizing each other as long-lost siblings, and they have a child.  (Wotan’s wife Fricka, the goddess of Marriage [NOT love, but marriage] compels Wotan to kill Siegmund to avenge Hunding’s loss of his wife…. and Wotan’s daughter….to Wotan’s son…. talk about conflicts of interest, you know…. NO modern lawyer would ever know what to do with the Walsung estate…. IF Brunhilde’s immolation had left anything, which it didn’t….

Siegmund and Sieglinde’s lovechild….(Sieglinde dies in childbirth)….is SIEGFRIED… destined to become the boy who knew no fear… the Dragonslayer… and, not coincidentally, Brunhilde’s “POSSLQ”…. at least for a while….

Now any competent sociologist will tell you that families JUST LIKE WOTAN’s typify the underclasses everywhere, as well as the extreme upper classes (e.g. the British monarchy). But especially dysfunctional families are well-known as characteristic of the black community….in Chicago, South Central Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and New Orleans, and these are the families who most enjoy watching and trashing the Mardi Gras parades.

A substantial number of middle-class to upper class and truly, traditionally, elite Uptown New Orleans White Families and a lot of middle class white tourists from Peoria, Princeton (Illinois), Paris (Texas), Portland, Poughkeepsie, Punksetawny, and every other real or imagined “Pottersville” (cf. “It’s a Wonderful Life”)…. create some illusion of “racial balance,” or at least “diversity.”  But the overwhelming majority of the parade viewers on the street, “throw collectors” and Mardi Gras celebrants generally are mulatto (mixed race) and black African-Americans….and their culture clearly does not have any credal element that dictates “Cleanliness is Godliness.”

So the Krewe of Proteus has done something amazing…. they have made a brilliant parade out of the operatic tetralogy that inspired the Third Reich, and all its dreams of a thousand years of racial purity and Aryan supremacy…. and brought it to New Orleans where almost nobody understands it or “gets” anything about it.

Why did they (the Krewe of Proteus) do it and what does it mean?  “The Advocate” states that Proteus has a long tradition of operatic support….but this just isn’t enough.  Proteus was founded when Richard Wagner was still alive (albeit near the end of his life… within a year of the date that Wagner’s last opera Parsifal premiered on July 26, 1882, at the Festspielhaus in beloved Bayreuth….)…

All I can promise you is that I intend to find out…. And write more about this when I have more to report…. I confess I have a suspicion, a hope perhaps, that Krewe of Proteus is sending a highly concealed “Alt-Right” message that the same kind of elite which formerly ruled the West is still alive, and well, and hiding in New Orleans, biding its time for an opportunity to seize power once again…. in the land of pioneering “Third Way” Americans like Huey Long and Gerald L.K. Smith…..

Huey Long, Gerald L.K. Smith, Anti-Socialists against the Banks and New Deal.

Huey Long, Anti-Railroad, Anti-Corporate, Anti-Big Oil Attorney, Louisiana Railroad Commissioner, Governor of Louisiana, and Senator, was the only man who might have unseated Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1936, so he was shot dead in the Louisiana Capitol Building built under his administration in Baton Rouge on September 10, 1935, before the campaign for President could even begin…. At age 25, campaigning against Standard Oil and John D. Rockefeller, Huey Long was elected Railroad Commissioner of Louisiana (a department which he renamed “the Louisiana Public Service Commission. Roosevelt’s New Deal was totally the creature of the Big Banks and Big Corporations (controlled by Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, etc.) that Long saw (correctly) as the eternally sworn enemies of the American people, their freedom and Constitution of 1787, even though Long never for one moment embraced any precept of Marxist-Leninist socialism as Roosevelt did.  Huey Long stood for restitution of property and wealth stolen from the people back to the people, but in so advocating he always, always stood for the concept and reality individual freedom—the guarantee of private property and private autonomy to every family with “Every Man a King.”   Ken Burns’ 1985 documentary was a reasonably good portrayal of the man and his work, but I think that the best presentation of Long’s real place in American history was the cameo in Josh Tickell’s “The Big Fix” by Joshua and Rebecca Harrell TIckell summarizes the “geopolitics” of Long’s war against Big Oil in the South better than anyone else has ever done, especially by relating it both to Yankee Imperialism (before and during) Long’s time in the Southern United States, especially Louisiana, and to the latest manifestation of that imperialism, namely the BP Oil spill in April 2010.  Even less known, however, is the social justice movement by which Huey Long was close allied with both Gerald L.K. Smith and Father Charles Coughlin against Roosevelt and the Banks.   Both during Roosevelt’s 12 year Dictatorship and afterwards, after Alf Landon’s disastrous defeat in 1936, Republicans and Conservatives generally stopped defending individual rights against both government and the corporations.  Strom Thurmond’s 1948 Dixiecrat campaign warned of the coming Police State….but through the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, the people of the United States essentially embraced the Police State, so that by Reagan’s terms, it was fixed in stone…..  Huey Long was the determined enemy of Wall Street, bankers and big business and he was also a determined enemy of the Roosevelt administration because he saw it as too beholden to these powerful forces.  He was in this sense totally unique among the major forces in U.S. Politics in the 1930s—his only successors in that position were Strom Thurmond and, to a much more limited degree, George Corley Wallace of Alabama.  As Josh Tickell said, the Southern United States have always been the first and primary target of U.S. Internationalism, Imperialism, and  pro-Corporate Manipulation and twisting of the political economy.  My great grandfather, a Louisiana Lawyer and Judge himself, was one of Long’s private tutors in the Law who helped him qualify for the bar at Tulane in just one year of study, and they worked together on many railroad cases.



by Gerald L. K. Smith

Elna M. Smith Foundation, Eureka Springs, AR 72632 – FIRST PRINTING 1975 – Copyright 1975 By Gerald L. K. Smith

The author was with Mr. Long when he was shot. He was at his bedside when he died. He delivered the funeral oration over his grave. Every line contained in this Handbook, except a few historical records, is based on the personal experiences and the personal observations of the author. William Howard Taft, while Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, said: “Huey P. Long is the most brilliant attorney to appear before me during my term as Chief Justice.” James A. Farley who, in the lifetime of Mr. Long was considered the most powerful and knowledgeable politician in America, said in his Memoirs: “If Huey Long had not been assassinated, he would have been elected President of the United States.”

This Handbook has been prepared for the benefit of people who want the real truth concerning Huey P. Long, which truth has been kept from the public by authors, journalists and historians. No book on the life of Huey Long has been accurate. All books that have been published concerning this great man have either been published by his enemies, his cynical observers or ignorant historians who have built their books out of the newspaper morgues. When young Long came to the political front, he challenged the tyranny, the robbery, the greed and the graft of the ‘feudal lords.’ In fact, he said: “Louisiana is the last stand of the ‘feudal lords’.” Almost without exception, these same ‘feudal lords’ controlled the press – local, national and international and practically every story that was written concerning this political genius was unfavorable. In fact, Long’s figure of speech for the newspapers was “the lying press.” They lied about him when he started. They lied about him at the apex of his power, and they have lied about him ever since his death. This Handbook is written by one knowledgeable concerning his greatness who loved him and respected him and dares, in this little volume, to tell things that have never been told before. The writer is fully aware of the fact that Huey Long was surrounded by loyal friends and men and women who, at great sacrifice to them­selves, helped him to rise to a position of power and influence. I wish time and space would permit me to discuss these individuals in detail, but the purpose of this book is to give the busy reader an honest glimpse into the life of Huey Long so that when some inquirer says, “Tell me about Huey Long,” this Handbook will serve the purpose.

This Handbook is dedicated to my wife, Elna, whose understanding loyalty and dedicated courage has made it possible for me to carry on in the defense of truth regardless of the hazards, the lethal dangers involving character assassination, smear and ridicule. There has never been a moment in my life when I doubted the believing loyalty of my sweet wife, who has been my companion, at this writing, for 53 years.

NOTE: This Handbook is divided into 6 sections for easier web viewing. Each section lists the book chapters that it contains. Click on a section to read its contents. You can read this in a complete book format (pdf). Click Book Format.

  • SECTION 1 – Family Background, Vital Family Statistics, Rev. Gerald L. K. Smith Embraces Huey P. Long, Huey P. Long the Lawyer.
  • SECTION 2 – Accomplishments That Made Huey Long Great.
  • SECTION 3 – The Magic Name, Huey Long Impeached, The Plot To Assassinate, The Inquest, Funeral Oration As Delivered By The Author, Campaign Funds Disappear, Will Roger And Huey Long.
  • SECTION 4 – A Successor In Washington, A Family Heartbreak, Blackmail Resisted, Personal Handicaps, A Bloody Fourth Of July, Gun Play And The Supreme Court.
  • SECTION 5 – The Second Louisiana Purchase, Frank Murphy – Seymour Weiss And Company, Bronze Statue To Huey P. Long, Let Memories Be Refreshed, Explanation.
  • SECTION 6 – My Life After Huey Long, Sample of Huey’s Phenomenal Influence, A Promise Kept, A Providential Discovery.

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