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A tale of two movies—one I saw: GET OUT and one I didn’t: VERSCHWINDE!

First let me tell you about the movie (VERSCHWINDE!) I didn’t see:  In this movie, set in the 1920s, a very handsome young blonde haired and blue-eyed White Christian German man (let’s call him “Erwin Christoph Rommel”) falls in love with a beautiful German Jewish Lady (let’s call here “Rose Adele” who invites him to meet her parents beautiful country home for a weekend, as a token symbolic act of how serious their relationship as become.  

Rose Adele’s parents (let’s call them “the Armandsteins”) are extremely modern progressive scientists from Vienna, a psychologist and a neurosurgeon, to be precise.   Christoph, Adele Rose’s young German beau is from a poor family, no visible career or aspirations, down on his luck in the Weimar Republic’s post-“Great War” depression before the World Wide Depression of 1929.  

The young lady’s parents (the “Armandsteins”) make intense small talk always alluding to the young man’s status as a non-Jew from a poor background, noting his physical beauty and attractiveness.   This all makes young Christoph feel very nervous and uncomfortable, as does the fact that other young Christian Germans like himself work as the servants to this family—-and basically refuse to speak like normal young Germans and seem to act only as caricatures of happy subordinates, wound up to speak platitudes of praise and thanksgiving of their somewhat degraded status.  

As the weekend evolves, it turns out that the Armandsteins, Adele’s Jewish parents, and all of their extremely wealthy Jewish friends are members of a group that agrees and conspires to enslave White Christian German men and make use of them as sex-toys or else for medical experiments in the corrupt and decadent style of 1920s Germany and Austria…. The mother, a psychoanalyst (let’s assume he was a student of Sigmund Freud, perhaps named “Anna”) hypnotizes young Christoph and partially controls or influences his mind….  Meanwhile Adele’s Father D. Armandstein conducts a ritual game of some sort with the other like-minded Jewish guests at the weekend party, which is a regular annual family event of some kind, and reveals some sort of intent to target young Christoph for an unusual but clearly unpleasant fate of some kind or other.  

The climax of this movie comes when the Jewish Father Neurosurgeon Armandstein (acting like a mad scientist Frankenstein or Frankenfurter or whatever…) attempts to perform a brain transplant from Christoph to a blind Jewish art-dealer.  Christoph plays along until one of Adele Armandstein’s slightly dimwitted brothers prepares to transport him to the surgery room, and then breaks loose and kills or disables everyone in the Jewish family and begins to escape… only to be greeted at the gate by someone who at first looks like State Police, and then turns out to be a childhood friend who is a Nazi member of the SA…. the Sturmabteilung…. the predecessor to the Nazi SS of greater fame and infamy in the 1930s and 40s…

The movie ends with heroic celebration of the brilliance and heroism of the paramilitary office German National Socialist Movement which saved young Christoph from the fate of other young Germans hypnotized and enslaved by this clearly insane, repulsive Jewish family …  

I repeat: I have not seen this movie Verschwinde for a simple reason—it doesn’t exist (or if it does, it’s quite a coincidence…. please advise me if you know of anything like even remotely like it).   Verschwinde is the sort of movie that might well have been produced in the 1930s or early 40’s with the seal of approval of Paul Joseph Goebbels….  but it’s fairly certain that if such a movie were produced today, it wouldn’t premier at the Sundance festival or be generally released to massive audiences all over the United States in 2017….

But now let me tell you about the movie I DID just see today, Wednesday, March 15, 2017:  GET OUT, which did in fact premier at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2017, and generally released by Universal exactly one month later, on February 24, 2017.   I walked out feeling, quite frankly, stabbed in the back (an historically appropriate but exceedingly uncomfortable feeling for the IDES OF MARCH…).

Chris Washington in GET OUT is not a White Christian German a young black African-American man, while Rose Armitage appears to be his very normal girlfriend.  They seem like quite a comfortable, typical modern interracial couple…. and they do indeed go for a family visit to meet Rose’s parents because, implicitly, in the modern way, they are getting really serious even though they always live together—there’s even a whiff of that horrible old tradition of “matrimony” in the air….

Bottom line folks—just rewrite the scenario I gave you for Verschwinde except that Upper Class White Americans are planning to use and destroy a young good-looking black man.  You can read a thousand on-line reviews of GET OUT—you can go see it yourself.

My point is simply this: IF “VERSCHWINDE” as I have described it above were a real movie and actually even made and existed, it would be immediately and universally characterized as a textbook example of RACE HATE movie.  The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) would Such a movie could never be made or released in modern times and, if it were, it would be suppressed and decried as the epitome of “blood libel” against the Jews, on the order of the story of Little St. Hugh of Lincoln….

So my question is—has America really sunk so low that it is acceptable to make movies like this where White People are the science fiction monsters exploiting blacks?

Oh, the SA aren’t really in this movie GET OUT, of course, but the equivalent paramilitary investigative and oppressive organizer of Chris Washington’s rescue is from the TSA—that’s right, the folks who frisk you at the airport… the Transportation Safety Agency.  I think the comparison with the original paramilitary organ of the National Socialist German Workers Party is completely appropriate….   This is Science Fiction as Historical Metaphor an Allegory… this is Science Fiction as Political Advocacy….

In case you didn’t know, my friends and fellow Americans, it is OK to hate white people and portray them as ignorant, insane monsters who pray on black people…. But just try to make Verschwinde!, and see what reception you’ll get at Sundance…..  Is the concept of hate according along racial lines any different?  Are upper class WASPS really so much worthier a target than Upper Class Jews?


Griechische Insel will sich Österreich Anschließen—“Beautiful Greek Ikaria seeks union (Anschluss) with Beautiful German Austria?” I completely favor this move…..Ikaria needs the economic stability, and the Austrian Navy hasn’t had a seaport since 1919….

I think this is clearly the best news out of Greece in a very long time.  Austria, after all, defended Europe from the Turks after the fall of Constantinople to the Turks, from 1453-1700 anyhow.  The idea of a Greek-Island seeking Anschluss with Austria for some reason reminds me of the wonderful old historical (former Heinrich Schiemann hangout) Hotel Belle Hélène in Mikinis (Mikinis is the modern Greek spelling for the town by Ancient Homeric Mycenae, hometown of Agamemnon) in the northeastern Peloponnesian Peninsula in Greece. In the 1990s the owners still proudly (and publicly) displayed and showed everyone their historic registry so that you could choose to stay in Hermann Goering’s, Joseph Goebbels’, Heinrich Himmler’s, or Alfred Rosenberg’s suites, among several other 1930s “glitterati” among the “Best and Brightest of the Big Bad Bully Boys from Berlin”—Der Führer AH himself apparently never visited SE Europe at all.

The first time we went there together, in 1990, my mother (who was the one who first called the former clientele “The Best & Brightest Big Bully Boys” in her strong southern drawl—surprising to some for a woman who studied and lived most of her life outside the deep south proper) choose the Himmler suite (it larger) and Elena and I chose Alfred Rosenberg’s quarters on purely philosophical grounds….it had a better view…. The last time I visited, in Y2K, I stayed in Goering’s old room.

Small Greek Island Of Ikaria Plans To Join Austria

17 July 2012 17:30 EDT

By eFXnews.com
   (I know not what course others may take but as for me—“give me Anschluss or give me….” I just cannot say how emphatically I agree with this idea!)

Ikaria, a 250 square mile island, wants to leave Greece and join Austria which is 1242 miles away from the small Greek island, Italian daily “Libero” reported.

The roots behind such a bizarre decision dated back to 1912 in the midst of the Turkish-Italian War. The islanders made advantage of that historical moment and declared their independence from the Ottoman Empire. In the same year, they signed a 100 year agreement to join Greece which is set to expire this week.

Now as the crisis takes its toll on the islanders, they think to join another European state for a better future.

“To remain independent is difficult for us; we want to connect to another state. Of course, we won’t ask Turkey; we prefer to join Austria,” said an Ikaria resident according to the report.

In the meantime, the islanders have some basic demands from Athens should they agree to renew their agreement.

“If they can’t assure us now new roads and a new hospital, we may decide to break away from Athens,” the report quoted another Ikaria resident as saying.

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Griechische Insel will sich Österreich anschließen

WELT ONLINEVon Max Boenke | WELT ONLINE – vor 17 Stunden

Das kleine Eiland Ikaria in der Ägäis hat genug von der Wirtschaftskrise. Die Insulaner wollen sich Österreich anschließen. Möglich machen soll das ein auslaufendes Abkommen mit Athen.

Von der griechischen Insel Ikaria bis nach Wien sind es etwa 2000 Kilometer. Kein Hindernis für die Insulaner aus der Ägäis mit den Österreichern große Zukunftspläne zu schmieden.

Ikaria jedenfalls hat genug von der Krise seiner Festland-Schwester und plant die Loslösung von Athen und anschließend die Angliederung an Österreich. Laut der italienischen Tageszeitung “Libero” überlegen die Bewohner Ikarias durch eine Volksabstimmung zu entscheiden, sich unabhängig zu machen.

Anlass für die skurrile Überlegung ist die Tatsache, dass in dieser Woche das 100-jährige Annektierungs-Abkommen zwischen Athen und Ikaria ausläuft. Die Insel gehörte bis zum Jahr 1912 zum Osmanischen Reich. In jenem Jahr tobte der Italienisch-Türkische Krieg, die Insulaner nutzten die Gunst der Stunde, erkämpften ihre Unabhängigkeit und erklärten sich kurzerhand zum Freistaat. Wenig später allerdings schloss man einen Angliederungsvertrag mit Griechenland. Vertragsdauer: 100 Jahre.

Im Jahr 2012 herrscht in Griechenland zwar kein grausamer Krieg mehr aber dafür eine heftige Wirtschaftskrise. Und wieder wollen die Bewohner der etwa 250 Quadratkilometer großen Insel die Gelegenheit nutzen und einen Neubeginn wagen. “Athen hat uns vergessen, deshalb denken wir über eine Angliederung an Österreich nach”, sagte wohl ein Sprecher von Ikarias Bürgermeister Stafrinadis Christodoulos.

Auf den ersten Blick erscheint die Angliederung an Österreich etwas wahllos, doch bei genauerer Betrachtung ist das Alpenland die einzig logische Konsequenz. Die etwa 60 Kilometer entfernte Türkei ist nach Ikarias Abnabelung vom Osmanischen Reich eher unbeliebt und im Zweiten Weltkrieg stand die Insel zwischenzeitig unter deutscher und italienischer Besatzung. Bleibt ja quasi nur noch Österreich. Grundsätzlich wäre die Annäherung zwischen Mittelmeer und Neusiedlersee ja auch ein wunderbares Zeichen der Europäischen Integration und Identifikation.

Für die Insulaner ist die sonderbare Ankündigung zumindest eine Möglichkeit auf sich aufmerksam zu machen: “Wenn man uns jetzt keine neuen Straßen und kein Krankenhaus zusichern kann, können wir die Loslösung von Athen beschließen”, drohen sie.

Zum Freistaat aber wollen sie nicht zurückkehren: “Unabhängig zu bleiben, ist für uns schwierig. Wir könnten aber den Anschluss zu einem anderen Staat fordern. Natürlich nicht zur Türkei, lieber zu Österreich”, sagten die Bewohner bei den Feierlichkeiten zum 100-jährigen Jubiläum ihrer Unabhängigkeit.

Die separatistischen Drohungen des kleinen Ikarias bereiten den Griechen indes große Sorgen. Das Meer um die Insel ist für die Fischerei besonders wichtig, und Ikarias Fischer beliefern einen Großteil des Athener Fischmarkts. Die Loslösung der Insel könnte für die griechische Wirtschaft gravierende Folgen haben, berichtete “Libero”.

Ob Ikaria demnächst tatsächlich zehntes Bundesland in Österreich wird – dazu hat die griechische Botschaft in Wien eine klare Meinung: “Griechenland wird nicht föderalistisch, sondern einheitlich verwaltet”.

Es bestehe somit “kein auslaufendes Abkommen zwischen der griechischen Regierung und der Insel”. Der Vertrag von Lausanne aus dem Jahr 1923 würde außerdem in Artikel 12 bestätigen, dass die Inseln der Ostägäis, darunter auch Ikaria, zu Griechenland gehören, so die Botschaft.