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IN OUR LAWLESS SOCIETY: ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF FREEDOM/FREEDOM OF SPECH—and so STAND WITH LANDEN GAMBILL—is reporting a rape on campus to be deemed “disruptive or intimidating behavior?” To the best of my knowledge, no one has questioned this young lady’s honesty, but a dishonest accusation should be the ONLY possible grounds for any accusation of “a violation of the Honor Code”

To the Administrators of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the litigants among the “Survivors of Sexual Violence” Civil Rights Action:
         I am a Tulane Alumnus, class of 1980—and I discovered this group cause in the U.C. Lobby on a recent visit to “the old school” campus in New Orleans of which I am so fond.  
        Since I left Tulane I earned both a Ph.D. and a J.D. from Harvard and the University of Chicago, respectively, clerked for two Federal Judges, and made many more enemies of Judges through Civil Rights Activism, ultimately leading to my disbarment but not to my retirement from civil rights crusades.    
       I would like to lend my support to SAPHE and Landen Gambill.  Mainly I do not understand what is going on very well, but from what I have read it sounds as though a severe injustice has been done.  
          The University of North Carolina is, of course, a branch of the State of North Carolina and so it is bound by the Incorporation of the Fourteenth Amendment to respect the rights guaranteed by the First, Fifth, and Ninth Amendments to the Constitution.
         I am horrified that a student could, in this day and age, be accused of “disruptive or intimidating behavior” for reporting a crime.  I asked the students at the SAPHE desk in the University Center Lobby whether anyone had ever challenged Landen Gambill’s honesty or accuracy and was told “no.”
   Only a CONFIRMED, CLEAR and CONVINCING ACCUSATION OF DISHONESTY (which appears not to have been made by the alleged rapist or anyone else)  could possibly justify a charge of an “honor code violation”, whether at a private or public institution, if the word “honor” can have any meaning.* (but see note on “False Rape Culture” below—which I find less than a “clear and convincing” denial of anything—but more of a political rant about the possibility of false accusations, which are protected under the First Amendment and the Right to Petition.)
             Obviously, by threatening any sort of disciplinary action against a student for filing what she believes (and no one has challenged or questioned) to be a legitimate complaint of criminal conduct, the State Officials at the University of North Carolina are attempting to infringe upon Landen Gambill’s rights to freedom of speech and more importantly to PETITION FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, broadly defined, under the First Amendment.  
             No exercise of First Amendment Freedom should ever be grounds for any sort of punishment, so Gambill’s right to substantive DUE PROCESS OF LAW under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments is also being violated here.
               I would further submit that the right of to speak out in any way regarding the injuries one has suffered is a fundamental right and power reserved to the people under the Ninth Amendment.
      Throughout my lifetime, the tortured question of relationship between the sexes has been evolving and changing.  Nothing is more essential (literally) to the preservation of our species on earth than a stable and successful relationship between men and women, but the competing philosophies and moralities of the “bad old world” and “brave new world” have left a tremendous amount of uncertainty and doubt in everyone’s mind about everyone’s status, standing, and situation.
           As I was commenting to one of the students at the SAPHE desk at the Tulane UC on Friday, there was a time when a woman’s deadly response to male rape or sexual assault was deemed praiseworthy and beyond reproach, much less prosecution, in the State of Texas and elsewhere throughout the South.  
          How have we come from that state of mind to this, where complaining of rape could be called “disruptive or intimidating behavior?”  
          I remain profoundly confused by the description of events.  If there is no charge of dishonesty, then Landen Gambill’s charges must be heard, and Landen Gambill is entitled to the full protection of the law afforded by the State of North Carolina.
            Obviously Landen Gambill’s fundamental federal rights are at stake here.  No rights are more important than the rights to control over one’s own body and “personal space”.  No situations in our radically disintegrating (i.e. diverse and non-uniform) society present more opportunities for abuse of each individual’s body and personal space than sexual relationships and dating situation.
              Because the old Victorian and pre-Victorian normative systems have collapsed and/or failed, all that remains for us today is the “social contract” which must be negotiated between individuals at all times and in all places.  
            Everyone bears the responsibility in society for maintaing the respect to be afforded each individual for his or her fundamental rights to personal integrity, but none bear this responsibility more than the administrators of the Universities and Colleges into which today’s youth go in major part for the purpose of adjusting to the normatively disintegrated society in which we live and discovering their own place—and the dimensions and boundaries of their place—in the remnants of society that now remain.
         To the Administrators of UNC-Chappel Hill I would say: The Fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution must inform all dialogue concerning individual rights and responsibilities, and above all the role of our institutions of higher learning in assuring the rights of each individual to speak and petition regarding the most intimate and difficult phases of human life, which for young people today, as much as in the time of Abelard and Heloise, is most endangered and “risky” in the College and University Setting.  I would also say: if you harbor any doubts about this woman’s veracity or honesty, you must be open and honest about your doubts and you must submit to a trial on the merits of the question—you might even want to initiate such a trial (with real rules and standards of proof, possibly even as a declaratory judgment in court) rather than standing spinelessly idle.

             To those who are plaintiffs in the Civil Rights Suit I would say this: your cause and claims for constitutional vindication just, but focus on the basic constitutional rights and not on the ephemeral modern civil rights statutes which pit one group against another.  The strength of your claim lies in reliance on the First Amendment and other parts of the Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment. 

Realize that by defining and describing your experiences in the uncertain and undefined world of modern moral uncertainty, ideally you are working towards the formulation of a new set of norms, of a new moral code where once again predictability and certainty will replace randomness and confusion.

I have found that standing up for the right to complain, to criticize, and to attack the system for offering remedies which do more harm than heal can be hazardous to one’s professional health and career.  It was only after filing a series of seven civil rights suits in Texas against an abusive police department in Travis County that certain judges found it more advantageous to attack me and slander me than to listen to me, but that quite simply has not stopped me.

So to Landen Gambill and all her supporters, I hope that you will find the strength similarly to persevere I your quest for justice and to demand redress of grievances concerning the system that purports to protect you when in fact it does not.

*(Note: Since writing the above, I found at least one male interest group which DOES not only strongly question but attack Landen Gambill’s honesty and reputation for truthfulness, regarding which doubts, whether clear and convincing or not, see:


            I have repeatedly written that we live in a lawless society—a society in which our values have become so “relative” and so “circumstantially dependent, that there is no longer any such thing as “right” or “wrong”.  And yet, Nietzsche notwithstanding, our world is not “Beyond Good and Evil.”   All that is constructive is good and all that is destructive is evil, and yet truth is ALWAYS good and lies are ALWAYS evil, even though truth can be used to destroy lives and societies while lies can be used to build careers, cultural monuments to the liars, deceitful empires, and unnecessary wars….
            The debate over the right to charge “rape” on a crowded campus may be one of the areas of lawlessness in America where abuse is not only possible but tolerated.  
           Nevertheless, we have to choose which type of error to make: the error where we repress legitimate complaints or the error where we allow false complaints (related to but not entirely co-extensive with the more serious philosophical and statistical problems sometimes referred to as errors of false affirmation or false negation).
       In the Arena of Freedom of Speech, it is my position that NO COMPLAINT should ever be suppressed; NO DIALOGUE should ever be silenced, and so I support Landen Gambill until and unless she is herself charged and proved criminally guilty of or held civilly liable for (a) defamation, (b) malicious prosecution, (c) conspiracy to commit either offense.
              About a decade ago, I lost custody of my only son, Charlie IV, because I continued (a) to listen to HIS complaints about his mother and her treatment of him and (b) accordingly continued to question his mother’s fitness and her psychological (and physical) treatment of him.  Judge Michael Jergins of the 395th District Court in Williamson County actually rendered an injunction against my ability ever to speak to my son regarding his own happiness, even during my own periods of custodial “possession”.   I investigated, and it turned out this was a standard order of his: he had a custom, practice, and policy of suppressing parents’ freedom to discuss the welfare of their children or to discuss family “issues” of any kind with their children.
              Since I absolutely refused to allow any judge to limit my speech, I was deprived of the right to see my son.  Eventually, my son sought me out and I took him to summer school at Harvard.  Then my son started college at St. John’s College in Annapolis after spending three summers with me. And then after one seemingly happy year, he turned on me, at his mother’s urging and indeed her insistence.
                My son refused to go for a summer abroad in Rome after I had paid his tuition and then abruptly dropped out of College and has come (now as an adult) under his mother’s complete and unfettered control, totally refusing any contact with me at all (and since he is an adult, I have nothing to say about his choice).  
             But I will say this, “In the best interests of the child” (as if that really were the purpose of Family Courts): I should have been allowed to maintain my complaints, especially since they were always based either on what I saw with my own eyes or what my son reported to me directly and graphically).  
          To suppress freedom of speech and the right to petition, either by injunction or to punish the exercise of these rights without appropriately clear and convincing findings of abuse, is to destroy every individual’s humanity.  To invoke the power of the state to limit by censorship or sanction by any means any one person’s ability to complain of perceived wrongs, especially by such a socially unusual and stigmatic sanction as expulsion from school, embodies the antithesis of the American ways of life and justice (but do see the “False Rape Culture” article above regarding a contrary opinion).  
                Perhaps I was a reprehensible Father for listening to my son’s complaints about his mother which wee not only consistent with what I had seen his mother do but also consistent with what I had seen his mother and HER mother do to another male member of the family (my son’s Uncle George, who died in Cancun, Mexico, several years ago at the ripe old age of 51, basically abused and abandoned but totally controlled by his mother and sister—who coincidentally were my son’s grandmother and mother).  
               And perhaps Landen Gambill is a compulsive liar who continued to date a man who raped her on every date (as the “False Rape Culture”) article above suggests.   But even so, she must be allowed to speak.  My very guilty wife (my son’s mother) always remained silent, and never even so much as took the witness stand or wrote an affidavit to specifically deny the charges against her (which at one point included felony injury to a child).   Landen Gambill’s accused has likewise remained silent—and it is greatly to his discredit to do so.  
             In criminal courts and procedings we preserve the right to remain silent as sacrosanct and do not allow comment upon the maintenance of silence—but in all civil contexts, silence is confession.   The manufacturer falsely accused of making dangerous products who remains silent will lose.  The boyfriend falsely accused of raping and assaulting his girlfriend deserves precisely the same fate in a civil context.   

         Despite the possibility, whether it is a strong one or a weak one, that Landen Gambill has made false accusations of rape, I categorically refuse to withdraw anything that I wrote above about the way SAPHE at Tulane has presented Landen Gambill’s case, or my endorsement of her claim that the Administration must either listen to her or prove her wrong and lying by a preponderance of the evidence.  

            Where insufficient evidence exists for a criminal prosecution, but this much noise has been made, someone needs to file suit for declaratory judgment and a civil adjudication of the matter.

           A false accusation of rape is such an outrage, represents such “hubris” that for the male party involved not to respond by public action in his own vindication, with other values, such as that male’s honor and dignity, at stake, landen gambill must be accorded a presumption of truth.

         The First Amendment right to speak out (complain) and to petition for redress of grievances IS paramount.  If there is any insinuation of a “false rape culture”, it is because of the collapse of traditional morality, as I mentioned above: the death of the Victorian and Pre-Victorian standards and norms of sexual behavior and their replacement with, in essence, NOTHING except the power to negotiate and speak and discuss and define.  

              But if men are falsely accused, then they have to say so–and “act like men”—even if that itself is a victorian or even viking standard of honor.

           The  contrary article above on the “False Rape Culture” raises some disturbing but altogether unsubstantiated claims about why we should ignore Landen Gambill.  But the fact that a men’s activist group attacks her credibility does not automatically mean that Landen Gambill should be sanctioned for her complaints and freedom of speech, does it?  especially when her “silently” charged (presumably by now completely ex-) boyfriend has not stood up publicly to defend himself.   Our society and culture have indeed lost absolutely all integrity if even the falsely but very publicly accused center of a controversy remains silence.

         Supposedly, now, this “false rape culture” article says that she continued to date the man (boy?) whom she accuses of raping her—if true, that would indeed tarnish her credibility substantially.  But why then has the young man (boy?) in question not stood up for himself and cried “false”, “defamation”, “Malicious and perfidious lies”????   He has the same right to freedom of speech that Landen Gambill possesses.  I still find this entire story confusing in the extreme.  

           If a man can be publicly accused of rape and say nothing, i believe that  his silence constitutes a confession—either of guilt or of soulless, spineless indifference to the concept or Code of Honor.  “manhood should be made of sterner stuff”.   And for violations of this code of honor, there must be the sanction of enduring continuing complaints and accusations.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

“Ich bin der Geist der stets verneint, und das mit recht, 
denn alles was entsteht, Ist werth daß es zu Grunde geht.”
Deo Vindice/Tierra Limpia

CCXLI = 241 Months Since Hurricane Andrew hit Florida—Numerical Magic and the Mysteries of Time…

Yesterday, September 22, 2012, “the Good old Summer Time” of 2012 officially came to an end, but today is a Sunday, as was August 23, 1992.  Monday, August 24, 1992, was a very bad day for south Florida and a very strange first day of life for one Charles Edward Andrew Lincoln, IV, born on that very Sunday evening at about 8:30, at Saint Mary’s Hospital’s “the Birth Place” in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The windows were taped with Xs—oddly enough the Symbol on the flag of the State of Florida known as the Saint Andrew’s Cross, also the Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America.  Charlie was not actually “due” to arrive until September 6, 1992, but the stress and lowering atmospheric pressure apparently summoned him two weeks early—still in an ontogenic state recapitulating the last step of evolutionary phylogeny (his back was hairy as a little monkey, albeit very short and downey, but this hair fell off within a few days—still it was amazing to see that ontogeny really DOES recapitulate phylogeny, one of my grandfather’s favorite studies in college…).  

There are twelve months in every year and hence 120 months in every decade and last month Charlie turned 20, for a total of 240 months.  241 is a prime number of the “six” twin paired-prime series (just as twin primes “5” & “7” surround the number six, and “41” and “43” bracket forty-two, “239” and “241” surround two hundred forty, which is divisible into 6 x 40).  241 is also a “Proth prime” along with 13, 17, 41, 97, 113, 193.   My own ages 13, 17, and 41 years were key moments in my life, 97 in my late grandmother Helen’s life.  

In my son Charlie’s, at 97 months of age, when he was 8 years and one month old, I had returned to Harvard for my last attempt to pursue archaeology as a career (just prior to my nearly fatal excursion into Egypt).  During my 41st year (with Charlie at 113 months of age in March of 2002), Charlie, his mother Elena, and I were together for our last Equinox together in Cedar Park, Texas.  When Charlie was ALMOST 13 years old, in the summer of 2005, I met him (and failed to recognize him) on June 5 on the streets of Cedar Park after a two year judicially enforced separation ordered by Judge Michael Jergins of the 395th District Court in Williamson County.  We tried to get to know each other again but to prevent that from happening Elena Kourembana Lincoln and Edward B. Kurjack sent Charlie off to China for a month.  It was far enough so as to interrupt communication effectively.  

  When I was 193 months old, which is to say 16 and one month, in May of 1976, I went with some of  my favorite Tulane professors Munro Sterling Edmonson, Arthur Luna Welden, Ann & Donald Bradburn, and Harold & Emily Vokes, to Yucatán, Mexico for the first time as a student of Anthropology, Archaeology, and History, as part of the Colloquium on the Yucatán Peninsula, which was then one of Tulane’s most innovative multidisciplinary courses. 


“British newspapers show no mercy!!!”  (with thanks to Barbaratzin, aka Lady Night Tree-Owl from Alabama, for compiling these gems from the UK and forwarding them to me).

Long Live Comrade Obama!

Dare ye Compass the Death of KING OBAMA I?

The King’s Largesse is always a source of wealth for his people…….right?

The President of the Living Dead—the Department of Justice Website has inexplicably turned all black—why not the White House also?

Allahu Akbar!!!!

Allah is Great, Allah is Good, Allah is in your Neighborhood….

And now for something completely different….

How to Celebrate July 4 by Compassing the Death of the King—a day to Remember the Importance of Bad Manners, Disrespect All Authority, Never to be Satisfied with anything “Conventional”, and so Always to Resist the Lure of Safety in the Authoritarian Impulse

In particular—STAND UP FOR SMALL TIME BULLYING, HAVE A FIGHT WITH YOUR SPOUSE/SIGNIFICANT OTHER (then make up), AND GIVE A COP A COPY OF THE CONSTITUTION WITH THE BILL OF RIGHTS HIGHLIGHTED and tell him to study it real hard and consider getting an honest job where he’s NOT a paid bully for the richest and most powerful people only….. or even that he use his experience in oppressing others and destroy lives for meaningless violations of traffic laws, zoning regulations, and the like—and turn around and join in the cause of freedom.

I have meant to write about this one minor topic all year because it has been irritating me: the Southern Poverty Law Center has been sponsoring a gigantic national campaign against “BULLYING” all year, and I think it’s about time somebody stood up for the Bullies.

What is particularly disturbing about the SPLC’s campaign to stop bullying is that it is all about suppressing the bad manners of “little people.”  I do not favor BIG Bullies—I have dedicated my life to fighting the arrogance of the Banks, the Judges and “licensed” attorneys they carry around in their pockets, and all the legal and systemic ways in which our Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Rich has, in the name of “the General Welfare” assumed to tell us all what to do.

Do you see where this is leading?  The SPLC campaign against Bullying is just one more attack on the Freedom of Speech, the right to maintain highly individualistic values, and the right to deal with other people in whatever manner seems appropriate—or even without any manners at all.

Now I grew up in a home where decorum was valued above all things.  Everyone was extremely quiet and no one ever spoke above a hush.  I guess that’s why I eventually married a Greek girl who came from a family where everyone yelled at each other morning news and night, fought constantly, and basically acted the way out of control Mediterranean types are famous for acting.  Ok, it’s also a large part of the reason why that particular Greek girl and I parted company, but the point is, liberation from norms is: LIBERATING.

Now the SPLC has paid HUNDREDS, maybe nationwide THOUSANDS of extremely good looking young kids (99% white) to go around in red v-neck shirts or jackets, depending on the weather, in malls and commercial streets from the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica to Michigan Avenue in Chicago and Newberry Street in Boston asking people to sign petitions and make contributions to stop BULLYING in Schools.

What this plainly means is that the SPLC wants to invade yet another social arena and tell people how to live and what to think.  You see, ridicule is a key element of political discourse—I’ve dished it out and I’ve taken it, sometimes gracefully sometimes not so much.  Ridicule and “Ritualized Humor” as a means of social control was and remains a powerful tool.  It is very sinister when the corporate Government itself resorts to manipulation of norms through ridicule—and the Obama administration and its allies have engaged in a great deal of such manipulative conduct through their agents and operatives on the World Wide Web—including ridicule of some of the positions nearest and dearest to me (such as the importance of adherence to the Constitution and Barack Hussein Obama’s status as a non-Christian, non-American, non-Democratic, and completely non-Constitutional President).

I object to the use of “big money” to engage in bullying for “big players”—and what I see is the huge IRONY of the SPLC employing major corporate money and corporate methods to try to suppress “the little guy or gal” even more than s/he is already suppressed.

The BULLYING that the SPLC wants to attack is, of course, bad manners directed in politically incorrect ways at certain “disadvantaged” and hence now FAVORED groups in society.  The SPLC wants to USE THE POWER OF SCHOOL DISCIPLINE (i.e. the power of the STATE, for all intents and purposes), to correct people’s manners in school in regard to whatever the “SPLC cause supported group du jour” may be.  In short, to enforce POLITICAL CORRECTNESS even for adolescents and pre-teens in Middle School, High School, and probably even elementary school and kindergarten.

THIS IS CALLED: STATE CONTROL OF MIND-FORMATION.   And of course, the concept of “bullying” is just vague and nebulous enough that it can apply to criticism or ridicule of anything you want it to apply to—I daresay that EVEN ordinary political debate could easily be targeted—“You Republicans have got to stop bullying the Democrats”—or vice versa….Anyone ridiculed, in particular, for supporting the current President, I daresay, would be a bully worthy of expulsion from any school at any level.  Unofficial, Private Audience Criticism of the President has already cost people their jobs in the U.S. Army and led to summary discipline against even U.S. JUDGES—who ordinarily cannot be reprimanded or reproached for ANYTHING.  (look up, for example, the case of Montana District Judge Richard Cebull, whose crime was that he dared quite literally to call Obama a “son of a bitch”—and was ordered to write a letter of apology to the President and his family: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/02/richard-cebull-obama_n_1317131.html).

We all have to have the right to call the President a “Son-of-a-Bitch”—or worse.  I recall in the movie “Raising Arizona” in the opening narrative I think, when Ronald Reagan was called a “Son-of-a-Bitch” and I can’t remember anybody (right or left) so much as batting an eye.  I had voted for Reagan and I certainly laughed at the jab in its context.

So it worries me extremely that just as the right to ridicule the high and mighty is under attack, and that people as “immune” from any sort of prosecution as Judges and military officers are being persecuted for speaking ill of the President, that the SPLC goes out into the malls and preaches that even small acts of unkindness or breaches of manners should be punished.

So, for this Fourth of July—-PLEASE insult someone in a position of power, and hand him or her a copy of the First Amendment as you do so—maybe even the whole Bill of Rights.   And, here’s another suggestion—either have a fight with your husband or wife or significant other, or just discuss the bumper sticker I’ve seen on the back of so many LAPD squad cars recently: IS THERE ANY EXCUSE FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?

I would contend there is: we are HUMAN, and in ADAMS FALL, WE SINNED ALL.  An old song by Hank Williams, Sr., (not coincidentally called “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS”) includes the wonderful line “If my wife and I’re a fussin’ brother that’s our right, cause me and that sweet woman got a license to fight, why don’t you mind your own business.“)

I suggest that any couple who cannot admit that they are incapable of controlling their emotions and actions at all times is not mature enough to be married—but that’s just my opinion and I don’t plan on trying to enforce it on others.  I definitely believe, however, that any couple contemplating marriage or living together should ask themselves whether, when they get into a fight, one or the other would resort to dialing 911 and calling the police.   Any prospective partner who says “yes” he or she would call the police—should be SHUNNED.  Marriage and home-making are all about forming a new community, a shelter from the larger cruel world, and any spouse who would bring in the ravenous dogs of state-empowered law enforcement into that community is unworthy.

I write this today, July 4, 2012, because exactly ten years ago today and tomorrow, my aforementioned Greek wife Elena destroyed our home and marriage precisely by calling the police (Williamson County Sheriff’s Department) when we were having a marital dispute about who should drive our one remaining car (since one car was in the shop) to run las minute holiday errands, including buying a fireworks display for the Fourth of July.

Elena called 911 only after she had bitten and stabbed me, which was a bad move on her part because the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department ended up arresting HER rather than me.  Oddly enough, I worked for the next forty eight hours to get her out of jail, but she never forgave me (even though it was pretty much all her fault).  That was the beginning of the end.  But it was also the beginning of my education in the most horrific abuses of the Family Courts in America—all of which were embodied in and committed by Judge Michael Jergins and attorney-flesh eating vultures such as Laurie J. Nowlin and J. Randall Grimes of Williamson County Texas, without any doubt the scum of the earth, along with social workers like Travis County’s Mark Ashworth, who work to make sure that all marriages fail and all spouses turn to the state for dispute resolution—when that resolution is always destruction, which is always the feeding of the vultures.

The use of the police to intervene in Domestic Relations disputes is another clear and plain attack on the autonomy of the home, the sanctity of the family, and the autonomous responsibility of each individual to govern himself or herself.  The use of the Courts to impose restraining orders on one or another spouse who may have raised his or her voice or slapped or hit the other is just a matter of putting the state in charge of our human nature.  We are animals, and animals fight—more commonly in nature about sex and food than anything else.

Judge Michael Jergins in Williamson County adjudged me a bad father because I discussed my family’s problems with our minor son, Charlie, who was the primary victim of our family’s problems.   It was Michael Jergins, Laurie J. Nowlin, and J. Randall Grimes who opened my eyes to the possibility that Family Law and Domestic Relations law could be used to overturn the constitution “in the best interests of the child” and finally I understood the relationship between Welfare and Communist Dictatorship: “you will lead good lives, as we define good, or else you will die and have nothing.”

When Moses handed down the commandments from Mount Sinai and Christ preached to the people to love and care for one another—these were exhortations to the people to live a good life—not warning that their lives would be taken away if they didn’t.  In fact, it was precisely this kind of legalistic bullying and oppression by the Pharisees and Sadducees that Christ came into the world to protest.

No group more epitomizes the Pharisaic path of oppressive bullying more than the SPLC in modern times—CONFORM OR BE OSTRACIZED!  So, at the very least, they deserve to be ignored when they come forward asking you to contribute to their campaign.  Or you can, as I’ve done several times now, ask them how they square their views of bullying with the First Amendment to the Constitution—not to mention the Ninth and Tenth Amendments (powers and rights reserved to the people).

So we need to celebrate our bad manners, disrespect all authority, never be satisfied with anything “Conventional” (especially manners, norms, or wisdom) and above all we must alway accept the dangers of freedom—that we will fight with those we love and then have no one but ourselves to fall back on when there is no one to come to our aid—and hence to be REQUIRED to FORGIVE and LIVE TOGETHER, in order to take care of each other, as Christ taught us all.

So on this Fourth of July—let us celebrate our Free Will, our freedom to engage in bad manners is protected by the Constitution, and we should celebrate the fact that returning to the Sermon on the Mount is a far better solution than either the strictures of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Numbers, or the Family and Domestic Relations Code of any State.   If we cannot live well, in fact, we must at the very least strive to live free.

Expressing our opinions of others—i.e. “Bullying”—is good and healthy so long as we do not use the excessive and overwhelming force of government to “act it out.”  The SPLC, the police, the family courts and their social workers, and other arms of the current corporate governmental regime are our enemies, not our friends, lest we ever forget.  Let us never allow THEM or their rapacious tyranny into our homes and schools lest they consume our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.


To end on a slightly lighter note, I suggest singing and reflecting on the real wisdom of Hank Williams’ lyrics to “Mind your Own Business”—if some elements are out-dated (such as the reference to “party line”) some are timeless, immortal and directly relevant to the doctrines of Political Correctness and Elitist manipulation such as that engaged in by the SPLC “Mindin’ other people’s business seems to be high tone“):

Words and music by Hank Williams, sr.

If the [d] wife and I are fussin, brother thats our right cause me and that sweet womans got a license to fight [d7] Why dont you [g7] mind your own business (mind [d] your own business) cause if mind [a7] your business, then you wont be mindin [d] mine. Oh, the woman on our party lines the nosiest thing She picks up her receiver when she knows its my ring Why dont you mind your own business (mind your own business) Well, if mind your business, then you wont be mindin mine. If my woman stay out til two or three Now, brother thats my headache, dont you worry bout me. Just mind your own business (mind your own business) If mind your business, then you wont be mindin mine. If I get my head beat black and blue Now thats my wife and my stove wood too Just mind your own business (mind your own business) If mind your business, then you wont be mindin mine. I got a little gal that wears her hair up high, The boys all whistel when she walks bye. Mind your own buisness blah blah, you sure wont be minding mine. Mindin other peoples business seems to be high-toned I got all that I can do just to mind my own Why dont you mind your own business (mind your own business) If you mind your own business, youll stay busy all the time.

Modern Child’s Play as Myth and Metaphor for our Times: the Gender Neuter Pokemon of Endless Nightmares


Darkrai’s legs

Darkrai is a black, shadow-like creature. It has a small head with a white fog-like ghostly substance billowing from its head covering one of its bright blue eyes, and also has a red spiky growth around its neck. It has skinny arms and long black tatters hanging from its shoulders. It also has black, claw-like hands. It has the slight appearance of an hourglass figure and appears to be wearing an old, ripped cloak. It normally doesn’t have any sort of legs, but it is able to extend stilt-like appendages in their place. In self-defense, Darkrai also appears capable of retracting its head and white “plume” into the pit atop its torso fringed by the aforementioned red growth.

Gender differences

Darkrai is a genderless species.

Special abilities

Darkrai is know for its ability to put people and Pokémon in endless nightmares only stopped if close to a lunar wing from Cresselia. It can become a shadow and escape danger or contact of humans, but it is still capable to take damage by special attacks (eg: Thunderbolt,Flamethrower, Water Pulse, etc.) in this state. It is also capable of little human speech. In The Rise of Darkrai, it was shown its power was little of that of Dialga and Palkia.

Darkrai is the only known Pokémon that learns Dark Void.


This Pokémon “inhabits” people’s dreams and causes them to have unending terrible nightmares. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, it is stated that the only way a person can wake from one of these nightmares is to be exposed to the Lunar Wing of Cresselia. Contrary to popular belief, this “unleashing of nightmares” is in fact a defense mechanism, rather than something of malicious intent. Also, in the Anime at least, these nightmares are not never ending, as most victims are able to wake up normally, though it appears if Dark Void is used they cannot until the attack wears off.

Judge Michael Jergins of the 395th Judicial District of Williamson County once recommended that instead of trying to educate my son Charlie IV regarding the Bible, History, and the Constitution, and teach him some elementary ethics and self-respect, I should encourage him to play with “Yu-gi-oh” cards.

The hilarious irony of this advice was that, in happier times, in the late 1990s before all our troubles started in earnest, or during the earliest stages of them, my son and I had been avid collectors of Pokemon Cards, Videos, Tokens, everything.  I admit that I was suspicious of Pokemon’s as “mental conditioning” to make children think that Genetically Modified Organisms (especially plant-animal-hybrids, including even weird fungal-avian fish-and-tree crosses were both normal in the world and morally acceptable to think about).  But Pokemon cards were colorful and beautiful and mostly had good, heroic stories with them.  But that was in the late 1990s and first few years of the New Millenium.

Apparently, during the horrible years of George W. Bush and Obama, Pokemon, like everything else, turned dark.

This came home to me tonight at a mediation in Beverly Hills between Iranian Jews and Russian/Ashkenazic Jews.  It is widely recognized that Iranian Jews form a special kind of Elite in Beverly Hills.  I have previously written that there really aren’t many “Drysdales” or “Clampetts” left in Beverly Hills, even though I personally go to All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills where I was confirmed in April 1974.  I shan’t dwell on the details of this case or mediation except to say it was extremely disagreeable.

Sitting on the desk to which I and my client were assigned, however, was a Pokemon Pencil with an unfamiliar Icon.  During the endless lulls in the back-and-forth of mediation, I studied this Pokemon on my I-Phone (talk about a “Brave New World” way to pass the time) and discovered it was “Darkrai—first revealed in February 2007.”  I include the description of Darkrai above.

“Darkrai” was clearly the ideal Pokemon for both the setting of this mediation and the arguments carried on therein.  ENDLESS NIGHTMARES—the end of my America, the end of my parents’ America, the end of my Grandparents’ America.  All were so clearly delineated in this event.  Two Rabbis were the presiding mediators. The setting was a Rabbinical Library with a quite unpronounceable name.  It was quite unlike anything I had experienced before, and the result was still a referral of all financial awards to a Jewish Rabbinical Court, Beit Din.  The Rabbis involved had no binding authority, apparently, and very little persuasive authority.  Still, as an exercise in Legal Anthropology, it was very, very interesting.  

The origin of the “Darkrai” pencil on the table remains a mystery to me.  Perhaps it was placed there to remind me of the relationship between Brave New World of Genetically Modified Organisms and the “Shake-and-Bake” Ethnic Society of the Modern World.

Perhaps it was only there to make me acutely conscious of the “Endless Nightmare” into which I had stepped.  The earlier generation of Pokemons included some mildly “creepy” creatures, including “Psyduck” with his endless headaches and psychokinetic powers, Ghastly, and even “Golem” (and yes, as a matter of fact a “Golem” is a kind of Jewish Zombie or Vampire made of earth…as celebrated in the stories of the “Golem of Prague”, the “Krakow Golem”, one amazing episode of the “X-Files”, and even speculations that Superman might have been the structural and mythic derivative of a Golem….).  But a Pokemon of Endless Nightmares that was discovered in February 2007—that was a very interesting discovery on a very interesting night.

For All the Saints, all hearts are brave and arms are strong: If we have Enemies, how have we earned them? If it is by standing up for justice, right, and equity, or for Family, Home, and Freedom, then let us celebrate our enemies hatred of us.

 For All the Saints, who from their labors rest, who Thee by Faith before the World confessed, all hearts are brave again and arms are strong!The Lion of Saint Mark---the Evangelist

The Voice of Him that Cryeth in the Wilderness, "Prepare ye the Way of the Lord"

Anyone who has ever gone about in the Wilderness (of the Hill Country of Texas, for Instance) denouncing vile parasitic predators such as Judge Michael Jergins and the other Judges and Prosecutors of Williamson County, Texas, the family lawyers and specialists in Family Law all over Texas, including Judges Lora Livingston and Jeanne Meurer in Travis County, lawyers like Ray Grill, John F. Campbell, J. Randall Grimes, Laurie Nowlin, etc., are bound to be considered madmen (and man-women), bad people, enemies of orderly society, even “terrorists.”  We who live to fight injustice must accept such red badges of courage calmly, even welcome them.

I have now realized that in Orange County, California, there is the same culture of dishonest, fraudulent government by conspiracy between judges and lawyers—a massive culture of deceit and deception.   With a population almost 8 times that of Williamson County, Texas (“The O.C.” has an estimated 3,100,000 inhabitants in 2011 compared with 422,000 in Williamson County in the 2010 Census), it would be expected that the problems in California are deeper, harder to identified and eradicated, but that is not necessarily true.

In Texas, the smaller population means that ever person who protests stands out all the more, and is an “easier target.”  Here in California, Judges like Clay M. Smith of Department 69 are more sophisticated and “suave” than their Texas Counterparts, like Michael Jergins, but they are just as conniving, arrogant, and distainful of the law.  The larger population means that there is a greater “bank” of stories of oppression, however, and more room to stand and shout in a crowd together, rather than merely being one voice alone, crying among the concrete jungles that were were once Orange Groves.

I am now hearing stories from San Diego County of Judges who say that pro se litigants will NEVER receive equal treatment when compared with lawyers in their courts.  This kind of arrogance is utterly intolerable.

The culture of apathy and acquiescence is just as strong, just as overwhelming, in California as it is in Texas, but just as the population is larger, so are the cells of resistance.  The time has come to remember the victims of oppression in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Tulare, Ventura, and every other County of California.  We have to stop pretending that this state has any moral “high ground” when compared to Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas or West Virginia.

The Judges and Lawyers agree and conspire to suspend the constitution or ignore it eternally for litigants in Domestic Relations and Family Courts, Superior Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (Forcible Eviction & Unlawful Detainer Courts), and Superior Courts of Unlimited Jurisdiction (where challenges to non-judicial foreclosures are thrown out almost as fast as they are filed).

Those who would defend Family, Home, and Freedom in California are indeed like isolate lions roaring in the Wilderness, like Saint Mark the Evangelist describing the Advent of Saint John the Baptist.  But if we angry and roaring lions can somehow come together, and roar together, and show the corrupt judges and truly criminal lawyers our teeth and claws, then perhaps there will be change, in Orange County sooner than in Williamson County, in Tulare and Riverside sooner than in Travis and Dallas Counties, and California will once again lead the socio-political and techno-economic culture of the United States of America in a positive direction rather than deeper and deeper into Hell.

Rites de Passage: High School Graduation in Austin, Texas, May 29, 2010

Harmony Science Academy is a “Charter School” with several branches, including one in Austin.  According to Wikipedia: “Charter schools are primary or secondary schools in the United States that receive public money (and like other schools, may also receive private donations) but are not subject to some of the rules, regulations, and statutes that apply to other public schools in exchange for some type of accountability for producing certain results, which are set forth in each school’s charter.[1] Charter schools are opened and attended by choice.[2] While charter schools provide an alternative to other public schools, they are part of the public education system and are not allowed to charge tuition.” (June 5, 2010).

My son was born on August 23, 1992, during the onset of Hurricane Andrew in Palm Beach, Florida, so he had just completed 17 years and 9 months of life on Sunday May 23, 2010.  The following Saturday he graduated High School at Harmony Science Academy with a National Honor Society cowl/hood/ribbon around his neck with about 30 other students.  I was there, like many other proud and happy parents.  My son had survived a rather strange childhood fraught with weird traumas of which his mother and I were the primary, material and efficient, causes, although I would submit perhaps neither of us were the formal and final causes—because those higher levels of causation are to be found outside us and in the socio-political structure of our society.

Rites de Passage shape us, and many people hold that graduating from High School is the key rite of American life (as evidenced in the hundreds or thousands of movies, TV shows, and books—and ranging in each category from the good, to the bad, to the truly awful—-which focus on the difficulty or angst of adolescence and high school).

But adults have a role in the rites de passage of their children, also.  My son wanted me to be there for his graduation and so I was.  What was peculiar was that this was the first event at Harmony Science Academy which I had ever attended (and Graduation Commencement wasn’t actually “at” Harmony Science Academy, but at a Marriot Hotel in Round Rock about 12 miles north of the actual school in one of those large expandable or dividable conference rooms that most modern hotels have these days).

Yes, I was there, with Charlie’s mother Elena and Greek Grandmother Nina, but I had never met any of Charlie’s fellow students before.  Charlie had started Harmony Science Academy in Sixth Grade, and on the damnable advice or directions of Williamson County Guardian ad Litem Laurie J. Nowlin I was never “officially” told about Charlie’s enrollment—although the officers of Cedar Park Middle School had informed me immediately, much to their credit.  I had sought Laurie J. Nowlin out to act as an attorney ad litem for Charlie after his mother and I separated in Late July/August 2002.  Laurie J. Nowlin had immediately affirmed to me that Charlie wanted to live with me and that his feelings on the subject were fairly intense.   Money may have passed hands between Elena and Laurie—I’ll never know—there was evidence to that effect but of course bribery is an awfully ugly word (even when most relevant statutes of limitation have long since run).

But the simple truth is that Charlie, with whom I had been best friends up until age 10, as well as a reasonably good father, was not only placed against his express wishes and fears in his mother’s custody by Judge Michael Jergins of the 395th Judicial District of Williamson County, but was completely isolated from me for two full years (Memorial Day, May 2003-June 5, 2005), and I was excluded from his school life at Harmony Science  Academy until his graduation day (except for a couple of e-mail communications with an English teacher sometime in 2006-2007, and occasionally Charlie let me see his report cards and help with homework, especially in 2008-2010).   Judge Michael Jergins and his acolytes Laurie J. Nowlin, James Randall Grimes, and Michael P. Davis had an amazingly brutal custom, practice, and policy of determining, against both men and women, that the unchallenged truthful exercise of freedom of speech regarding basic questions of happiness and conditions of living between a father and son constituted “felony child abuse” (yes, those were Judge Jergins’ words).   Judge Jergins routinely included “prior restraints” on speech in all of his domestic relations orders, and had jailed at least one woman, Rhonda Moe, for 90 days for discussions with her son.  The licensing of speech, expression, petition, and associative activities which existed in England and her colonies prior to the Revolution was banned in the Early Republic, but has gradually crept back in under different guises and forms.  Nebraska_Press_Association_v_Stuart_1976 (Before any judicial prior restraints can be imposed on First Amendment activities, certain specific findings of fact and conclusions of law must be made, and of course, neither Judge Jergins nor any other family law judge in Texas ever bothers with these constitutional requirements). See also  Gregg Abbott, the Texas Attorney General, and James Carlton Todd, a Texas Deputy Attorney General, defended Jergins vigorously in litigation that I filed and pushed forward from 2003-2008.

Anyhow, Harmony Science Academy was a perfect place, in so many ways, in and from which to watch the destruction of the American Way of Life, Constitutional Democracy and World Culture in general as exemplified by Charlie’s life, Judge Michael Jergins, and Laurie J. Nowlin.

Now, to start off with, Charlie is half-Greek, on his mother’s side, and the Greeks historically live in enmity with the Turks, who conquered Greece and the Greek-ruled Byzantine Empire in the 15th century, almost reaching the gates of Vienna in the mid-16th century.  So, the first irony about Charlie attending Harmony Science Academy was that this Charter School was run by Turks.  (How so many Turks ever arrived in Austin, Texas, is quite beyond me, but many of them seem to have immigrated to the U.S. during the massive influx of South Asians that seems to have been a special Bush-Clinton project of the late 1980s-1990s, which brought Indians and Pakistanis into ownership or management of most motels and gasoline stations nationwide, cf. e.g. Patels’ Motels and Dhando, which traces the origins to about 1973 and the end of the India-Pakistan war over Bangladesh).   I always applauded French Presidents Giscard d’Estaing and Nicolas Sarkozy for opposing Turkish membership in the E.U., even as I recall driving along the highways of Serbia and Macedonia (and before that Yugoslavia) and Bulgaria, packed with Turks migrating by bus, car, and truck to guest-worker status in Austria and Germany.  These Turkish legal immigrants into Central Europe far outnumber the Ottoman warriors of the 14th-17th centuries who tried to conquer Europe by force (and did in fact dominate Southeastern Europe until the late 19th century).

At Charlie’s Harmony Science Academy graduation, there were two costumed ethnic dances: one Turkish and one Mexican.  The entire graduation was translated (either by immediate live translators or on screen by written texts) into Spanish as a “second but very nearly equal” language.  I speak Spanish fluently myself, and am not exactly opposed to bilingualism, but I couldn’t help but think of the contrast with my own high school ceremonies 36 years ago in California, where all the music was American and the language was uniformly English.

Harmony Science Academy was one of the most diverse and heterogenous groups of students I have ever seen.  Harmony Science Academy IS the Brave New World, much more than even horribly, artificially, self-conscious modern Harvard where Charlie and I had hung out for the past two summers.

What is the connection between Judge Michael Jergins, Laurie J. Nowlin, and Harmony Science Academy is formal and final causes of the socio-cultural and political configuration of the world today?   All are aiming at one single goal: the destruction of traditional Anglo-Saxon and European culture in the United States.  Anglo-Saxons make very uncooperative slaves, serfs, and servants of large corporate-governmental enterprises, I think, and for that reason their culture must be diluted.  The National Anthem can be sung, but it must not be sung in a proud defiant style, as a kind of cross between a Church-militant hymn (like “Onward Christian Soldiers” or “Come Labor On”) and a straight out war song, but in a soft, toned-down, mellow-yellow “pop” style with no strident defiance of anything.  In this connection I will never forget when Tony Blair became Prime Minister in 1997 and Queen Elizabeth Winced as “God Save the Queen” was likewise reorchestrated as a “pop” tune rather than a nationalist hymn as Blair announced his Brave New World “Cool Britannia” mode of government, kicked the hereditary lords out of the upper house of Parliament, and generally transformed the original Anglo-Saxon nation of the world into a colonized outpost of all the former “Imperial” Colonies’ immigrants.

The socio-cultural and political functions and roles of tradition, family and ethnic-folk-identities, and cultural continuity cannot be maintained when the state in effect pressures families to break up through the Family Court system, and especially when the court system, unsatisfied with merely breaking up families, also seeks to suppress free speech within the family.

In the name of “the General Welfare” and of Title 42 of the U.S. Code in particular, all aspects of child-rearing, Education, Family, Freedom of Speech, and the conduct of litigation are all essentially First Amendment protected activities, and yet all, in essence, are now controlled and licensed by the state.  Such licensing is contrary to the root purpose and history of the First Amendment, and Americans must stand up and assert their rights in opposition to the governmental takeover of private life.   Charter Schools are designed to insert more creativity and diversity into the American educational system, and Harmony Science Academy, at least with regard to some aspects of education, certainly seems to have produced an “above average” set of students.  I cannot say that the vision of the American present or future I saw at my son’s graduation was reassuring to me.  We live in a very insecure country where the governmentally inspired and fostered separate but related fears of self-government and expression of personal identity are related to the suffering many students have experienced as a result of their parents’ divorce and custody proceedings.

Charlie had wanted to follow his Dad and other family members to Harvard, but it was not meant to be.  Only one student at Harmony Science Academy in Austin made it into an Ivy League College at all, a girl named Ashley who was admitted to Colombia.  In one of the awful ironies of graduation day, Elena was concerned because Harmony Science Academy had sent out a warning that the Williamson County Courts had ordered Ashley’s mother to stay away from graduation—apparently Ashley’s mother had offended some one of the Brave New World’s norms, and would be arrested on the spot if she showed up to her daughter’s high school graduation.   Charlie, Elena, and I have somehow transcended the threat of governmental intervention in our lives, but the damage was already done, 2002-2009.  I never had any participation in my son’s middle or high school life except occasionally helping him with homework projects.

When we were first breaking up in April-July 2002, my wife Elena never said anything more hurtful and vicious than, “We are not a family, there is only cancer in this house” (although she said it in Greek, “Oxi Hycogenia eki, Karkinos in sto ‘ospiti.”  Elena was right, of course, our lives were infected by a kind of social cancer, but the cancer that ultimately ate Charlie’s teenage years was the cancer of governmental engineering trying to break up all families and isolate individuals not just from their relatives but from their heritage by this strange religion of global merger and fusion of all cultures and way of life into one great cultural amalgam or “shake and bake” world of uniform people with uniform lives, uniformly disposed to move the global-corporate-and-governmental entities forward.   I am now exhausted after this week of assessing and realizing all that has happened, of trying my best to be sociable and friendly with Elena and her mother Nina who inflicted so much misery on my life and Charlie’s over the past ten-fifteen years, and yet now seem anxious, at the least, to enjoy a “peaceful co-existence.”   We are currently shaping our lives without state assistance, but the scars left by state-mandated “welfare services” run deep indeed.

To challenge what Cass Sunstein (back in my University of Chicago Law days) used to call the “command and control” aspects of regulatory government and the administrative procedures which have, to a large extent, extinguished our constitution, must be among the top priorities of all Patriotic Americans.  The provisions of  U.S. Code Title 42 have all but supplanted every one of the provisions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and merged state and federal government in one rather hellish enterprise.  Charter Schools have special tax status as do contributions to their support.  They are part of the weird merger of state-federal-and-corporate functions which has become the key Hallmark of modern American life.  Harmony Science Academy is both a microcosm of this process, and emblematic of the injury suffered by my family in particular, and inflicted on the American population and citizenry in general.  Harmony Science Academy did not destroy my son’s mind or life.  Charlie will now go to a fine college, St. John’s in Annapolis, Maryland, which is libertarian and traditional in spirit, refuses to be “rated” by Newsweek etc. “St. John’s College | News & Publications | Press Releases |” This college continues the “Great Books” tradition of classical education, eschewing textbooks of all kinds, and encouraging students to think and study for themselves.  I am very much hoping that St. John’s is in fact NOT completely infected by and absorbed into the Brave New World…..