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Has the Ripoff Report Sunk to the Level of the National Enquirer, or worse? Orly Taitz attacks me….but here is my “surreply”…. I guess it’s hard to Keep the Customer Satisfied….

Can you imagine this?  My personal and professional integrity have been attacked anonymously and very vaguely on the so-called “consumer protection” website “Ripoff Reports”—I suppose this is kind of a sign that one has “arrived” you know—that people find it worth their time to slander and libel you.  I’m kind of used to it because—“it’s the same old story now: wherever I go, I get slandered, libeled—I hear words I never heard in the Bible.”

I feel that it is better to point out that I responded immediately to these Ripoff Report criticisms and designated them a HOAX—and it was to my designation of the Reports as a “Fraud and a Hoax” that inspired Orly Taitz or someone acting as her agent/on her behalf, giving her personal cell phone number and e-mail addresses… to which I was responding here as follows:

Title: Well, this is clearly either Orly or Yosi or one of their “Flying Monkeys”….
Relationship: *REBUTTAL Individual responds
Report: When I saw the reports here, I wondered whether Orly or Yosef Taitz might be behind these filings, since the details (scant as they were) bore no possible resemblance to any real transaction I’ve ever had.  I submit to you, gentle reader, that QED: this is entirely personal and political and not at all even REMOTELY professional.  The Orly Taitz “August 6 2012) “Rip-Off Report” follow-up plainly doesn’t belong in a consumer protection website like the Rip-Off Report, but is a gossipy personal piece that would fit in better with the National Enquirer (or worse).  I am surprised (mainly by the timing—this is all extremely old gossipy garbage, I would hardly call it a “report”) and yet NOT particularly shocked that Orly (or Yosi) Taitz (or one of what Lisa Liberi and Lisa Ostella call “their [the Taitz’] flying monkeys”) would publish such a scurrilous (that’s Latin for “Squirrelly”) text on Ripoff Report, but I’m surprised that the Ripoff Report would publish it.  Consumer protection is hardly the issue when a woman uses this space to deny her extra-marital affair with a gentleman whom she never really paid at all… unless you consider “exchange of services” to be payment (highly frowned on by most modern tax and commercial codes to do so, of course….).  Orly herself is the main consumer fraud: she bilked clients thousands and thousands of dollars for her incompetent lawsuits.  The height of Orly’s prominence came in the summer and fall of 2009 when I was working with her—and it was a totally straight and precipitous downhill fall for her from there.  So I guess my work wasn’t TOO shoddy….she refused to follow most of my very good advice, especially the parts about not calling U.S. District Judges “traitors”—but Orly explained to me that she had to make such pronouncement for her followers.  Please take note: Orly had PROMISED to represent me nationwide in anti-Mortgage foreclosure litigation.  That was part of our plan.  She certainly never promised me anything for free—it was all part of a rather complicated quid-pro-quo which, for better or for worse, did come in the temporal and spatial context of a love affair….  Orly has had LOTS of opportunities to contradict me under oath in Florida and California, but she chooses not to do so—in fact, I believe this is the first time when her name has ever been associated with a denial—which in and of itself of course constitutes defamation-libel per se…. So we’ll have to see about that…

Orly’s (or her agent’s) “Rebuttal Report following my Rebuttal” can be found under the heading:

#2 Consumer Comment

More Lincoln Lies

AUTHOR: Riped off by Lincoln – (United States of America)

SUBMITTED: Monday, August 06, 2012

If you want to speak to a real Lincoln victim contact Orly Taitz.
orly.taitz @gmail. com or dr_taitz @yahoo. com.

Lincoln was hired to do paralegal work, and provided a few shoddy documents in between complaining about his horrible life. no matter how much he was paid it was never enough, and when the money stopped he FABRICATED an affair and filed suite!

To this I can only respond, oh really?  Is that how it was????  Is that really how it was????  And is this really a matter of consumer protection on the Ripoff Reports?  One can only wonder how low can they go……  The fact that Orly Taitz is licensed to practice law and I’m not and Philip J. Berg is facing suspension is proof beyond reasonable doubt that the Integrated State Bar system is a total fraud, an unconstitutional and oppressive state monopoly… and that’s just the good side.
I’m glad, on one level, that Orly and/or Yosi finally climbed out from under the rock they’ve been hiding under…. and by renewing the slander, I think this renewed slander resuscitates all the statute of limitations on all of my claims, doesn’t it?  The fraud and written contract statutes hadn’t quite run yet, but the (California) libel statute had….  So: thank you, Orly, Thank you!