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Trump could win — but not necessarily the White House (Evan Horowitz, Boston Globe, October 21, 2016)

One widening fear is that Trump simply won’t accept defeat, instead doubling down on his talk of a “rigged election,” leading to an uprising against the established political order. But there’s an obvious problem with this approach: It doesn’t lead to victory. What chance would his outsider movement really have against the full resources of the US government? And where’s the money in it?


WHAT CHANCE WOULD HIS OUTSIDER MOVEMENT REALLY HAVE AGAINST THE FULL RESOURCES OF THE US GOVERNMENT?  This sounds like a threat against the people of the United States, to me: QUESTION OUR AUTHORITY, CHALLENGE THE LEGITIMACY OF OUR ELECTIONS, AND YOU WILL DIE…. am I right?  Ever so quietly, Mr. Horowitz is telling the American people: if you dare to question HILLARY’S authority, or the legitimacy of HILLARY’S election—then the government of the United States will bring out its tanks and run over you in the streets, right?  Just like Tienamen Square…. NOT so very long ago….like 27 years?

This was a followup to Horowitz’ curiously dated “October 17, 2016” article entitled:

“When you call the Election Rigged, Everyone Loses”

discussing Donald Trump’s comments during the Third Debate, which took place on “October 19, 2016” in which Trump refused to accept, in advance, the results of an election that hadn’t happened yet:


I have to say, I just couldn’t disagree more!  When a major political candidate finally acknowledges, in 2016, that there is a possibility that the elections have been “rigged” or at the very least DRAMATICALLY manipulated, he is simply stating a completely obvious and widely known fact.

We need to eschew all convenient lies and accept what Al Gore might call certain “Inconvenient Truths”—elections in America since 2000 have been questionable when seen in the best possible light, but more likely constitute outrageous “continental and oceanic” frauds against the people from coast to coast.

The Boston Globe never (in recent memory) met a Socialist it didn’t like… but it is still disheartening to think that the City of the Sons of Liberty has sunk this low.  This is, quite simply, the diametric opposite of the Spirit of ’76 in Eighteenth Century Boston (and Virginia) which led to the American Revolution, when Patrick Henry famously intoned from the pulpit of St. John’s Church in Richmond:

Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

A very dear old friend wrote back to me, after I announced that Trump’s position against acceptance had finally convinced me to vote for him, after many months of vacillation and hesitation:

OMG!  Maybe that should be WTF. This is what you got from the last debate?! How utterly depressing.  .  .   .   .   .  If you honestly think this clown would be safe in world politics, I fear for your sanity. I can’t begin to express what a disaster I think he would be as President, except to say that in a million years, I would never have believed I would find myself voting for Hillary, but he made it a necessity. Just one more thing to despise this bloviated windbag and egomaniacal twit!

I don’t necessarily deny that there are clownish and twitty things about Trump, but if he truly stands outside the current governmental-elite system, then he is worth his weight in god: I just couldn’t believe that he really was until October 19, 2016.

And, does being a Clown or a Twit really disqualify anyone from office?  I rather think history is against that.

Trump is often compared to Hitler in exactly this way, and the notion of Hitler as a clown is as old as the Three Stooges’ early production called “Nasty Spy” and Charlie Chaplin’s brilliant “The Great Dictator”—-not to mention later “Springtime for Hitler” and “The Producers”….or a thousand shorter skits involving Monty Python or other British Comedians.

Caricature and ridicule are very socially interesting and ritually powerful, as our dear old professor Dr. Victoria Reifler Bricker hath taught us to say, and understand.

The role of Royal Court Jesters in Royal Courts and the interplay between Kings and Court Jesters is likewise well-known and documented anthropologically and historically everywhere. The Maya God K— whether called Tezcatlipoca or Kakupacal, is iconographically represented as “The Jester God” and he is in fact the chief Deity of Mesoamerican Kings and Rulers, from the ancient Ahauwob of the Peten to the Huey Tlatoani of Tenochtitlan. Does that make them undignified or less royal, or does it inform us of the nature of nobility and royalty? What does it tell us that the words “Sac” or “Iztac” refer to things mythical and imaginary, and otherworldly and royal?

Hitler was obviously an actor who rehearsed a role. So was Ronald Reagan. Recently republished photographs from he 1920s show that Hitler learned his oratorical style and practiced it privately in front of the Camera. Well??? Some of his poses, while learning, were definitely funny. Most actors have to practice before becoming capable of world class, memorable presentations… Many people criticize Trump because he is not an actor—the express and explicit criticism is “he does not know how to act in public” or “he does not know how to act like a President.”

Adolph Hitler did not know how to “Act like a Fuhrer” when he was a painter or a corporal in Kaiser Wilhelm’s Army. Who disputes that?

Every lawyer who appears in Court either “represents” or “acts on behalf of” another—and a lawyer’s acting is not metaphoric, but in fact had better be Oscar winning or else the lawyer loses…. Hillary is a lawyer and she knows how to “act” her role much better than Trump. We expect our rulers to be excellent actors. We accept that they should wear costumes and take positions (i.e. pose artificially) and effectively dance around their enemies.

Congress Assembled “Acts”, as do Courts of Law, and “Leaders” in Parliamentary Politics, so what is surprising that Ritual and Theatre are so intimately linked. “Tragedy” was originally the name for the rituals of Dionysus…. So was Hitler a Tragic Figure or a Comedian? He may have been some of both. Hitler, like Benito Mussolini, was born a common man, not an aristocrat like Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Winston Spencer Churchill, who was born at Blenheim Palace, home of the Dukes of Marlborough for three hundred years now.

What seems certain is that, whether you regard him as a clown or a tragedian, Hitler’s “acting” is so memorable that it made an indelible mark on the world, and that, out of the 20th Century, even if Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt are memories consigned to Marx’s old Midden Heap or Dustbin of History…. the name and role of Adolph Hitler may well be remembered with mystery, awe, and fear…. and that is what my old Harvard Linguistics Professor, the late Calvert Watkins, would call “imperishable fame”, or “the immortality of the Gods”….

I think what I really took away from the Third Debate on 19 October 2016 (which Evan Horowitz apparently knew all about on 17 October 2016? to write about it in the Boston Globe?) is that Trump may be enough of a clown to really ACT FOR or REPRESENT me (and 150,000,000-200,000,000 or so) other “traditional Americans” against the current global elite.

For those of us in that category (150,000,000 or so “Traditional Americans”), the past eight years have truly been an abomination marking the final crystallization of life into the future predicted by  Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s 1984.

Clowns stand, throughout the symbolism and iconography of the world, for established orders TURNED UPSIDE DOWN—and THAT is exactly what we need in America today—the Bush-Clinton-Obama Oligarchy MUST be stood on its head and shaken, the course of history must be reversed, and maybe this  possibly over-sexed Orange-haired clown is just the man to do what needs to be done….

Was the Castration of Pierre Abelard Just? Was his love for Heloise an Evil thing? More on Megan Stammers & Jeremy Forrest: Good Teachers and Good Students Tend to Fall in Love—making it criminal and prosecuting it is insane

Hopeless love, forbidden love, these themes frame some of the greatest love stories of all time.  Laws against incest, adultery, “underage” sex, “statutory rape”—all of mankind’s most primitive laws concern prohibitions on various kinds of sexual relationships.  These were the earliest human laws, as I first learned in my introduction to Cultural Anthropology from Victoria Reifler Bricker, teaching the work of Sir Henry Maine, L.H. Morgan and other pioneering anthropologists (mostly jurists) at Tulane, some 38 years ago this Fall.   Societies which have no other laws at all have “rules” regulating (or attempting to regulate) sexual behavior and, for the most part, failing.  I have long ago concluded that the laws against sex come first in human evolution because nothing takes precedence over sex in the human mind and psyche.

Most of Richard Wagner’s operas   concern forbidden love and the triumph of love over normative law and normal life itself.  But the leitmotif of forbidden love started long before Wagner.  Growing up, the story of Abelard & Heloise was somehow more tangible to me precisely because it concerned a teacher and his most devoted student.  I failed to see as a youngster, and now I still fail to see as an (almost, approaching) “oldster” why teacher-student love should ever be forbidden.  One of my favorite professors in College, Robert Wauchope, my first professor of Maya and Mesoamerican Archaeology, told the story of meeting and falling in love with his wife as a student, and in that (obviously not so ancient) era, it was apparently considered quite normal.  Robert Wauchope was a particularly good old Southern story teller, but I know that many others among my college professors met their spouses as students.  I had crushes on several of my female teachers throughout the years and (though nothing ever came of any of them, starting with a certain Miss Pomainville when I was 9 or something), it seemed about as natural as anything could be.  These “scandals” come up over and over again and they will obviously never end.  In the modern world, I would think that when the two people involved are culturally, ethnically, and socially similar, we just need to leave the alone.  Statutory Rape laws need to be modified to the point that intelligent consent is a defense.  “Intelligent Consent” needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis where the actual interactions of the parties and (in particular) the behavior of the younger (underage) party and his/her understanding of the nature of relationships is tested.  A line drawn at puberty would be much more rational, given the state of sex in TV, movies, and other media.  Pre-pubescent sex is  biologically unnatural and biologically pointless and so can be called perverted.  But the media sexualize even the youngest girls, in particular, in the modern world—and norms are formed through the media.  Wagner’s operas never deal with “underage” sex as a taboo—it simply wasn’t much thought about, I would guess, in the 19th century.  But his greatest forbidden (adulterous) lovers were probably Tristan und Isolde, and he frames their story with the most sublime music that has ever been written: http://news.yahoo.com/stemme-shines-isolde-wagners-love-story-145656373.html

But Back here in the modern world, we still just have to pray for the redemption of Jeremy Forrest and Megan Stammers, that they might enjoy their love again, before death…..(“Liebestod”)…..ok, after all this crap it will probably never happen.


Jeremy Forrest trial: Married teacher ‘told schoolgirl, 14, he loved her days before they kissed in classroom’

13 Jun 2013 07:58

Forrest allegedly pursued the teenager for sex and researched the maximum prison term he would get if he was caught

Married maths teacher Jeremy Forrest told a 14-year-old schoolgirl ‘I love you’ just days before they secretly kissed in his classroom, a jury heard today.

Forrest, 30, allegedly pursued the teenager for sex and researched the maximum prison term he would get if he was caught.

After showing the girl his marital home and telling her his marriage was a “hollow sham” the pair began to have sex at the house and at a hotel, Lewes crown court heard.

But the schoolgirl later feared Forrest was not telling the truth about his relationship when she saw “nice” messages his wife Emily had sent him.

The first secret kiss came after Forrest sent the girl a message via social network Twitter saying: “I have something to tell you tomorrow.”

The following day the schoolgirl, who cannot be named, met Forrest before lessons started at Bishop Bell CoE school, Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Speaking in a police interview recorded last October which was played in court today she said: “He said he thought he was in love with me and I said I had the same feeling.

“That’s when thing things became serious. The time we kissed must have been early May.”

The schoolgirl, now aged 16, said she visited his classroom each day but there was always someone around.

She said: “We had spoken about kissing each other. It ended up being in his classroom. I do remember being in his room.

“It was just me and him. He said ‘I really want to kiss you’ and I said ‘I really want to’.”

Jeremy Forrest arriving at Lewes Crown Court today June 12 2013
Case: Jeremy Forrest arriving at Lewes Crown Court today
Adam Gerrard

The court heard how the secret kiss came weeks after the girl and Forrest had been tweeting each other privately and sending increasingly flirtatious text messages.

She told the court sex first became mentioned in text messages in May.

They exchanged intimate photographs, with the girl sending Forrest a topless picture of herself and one of her posed in a hoodie top and her underwear, the jury heard.

Forrest started meeting the girl out of school hours, driving her around in his black Ford Fiesta and taking her to his marital home at Ringmer, near Lewes, East Sussex, in June.

He showed her his 31-year-old wife Emily’s bedroom and watched TV before cooking her dinner.

The court heard Forrest told the girl, who was by then 15, that his year-long-marriage was a “hollow sham” and they talked about having sex.

She told the court he had removed his wedding ring and even said he wanted his parents to meet her.

She said: “He told me he didn’t want to take advantage of me, and I just didn’t have a problem with it anyway.

“It was what I wanted to do because of how much I liked him. Obviously I was worried and I spoke to my friends about it.

“He knew he would go to prison, lose his job and not work with children again, he was aware.

“There was no naivety and it was what I wanted, and I probably encouraged it.

“We would bring it up and I would say ‘Yeah, I really want to’.”

The schoolgirl said they planned to have sex in the first week of the summer holidays in July.

Jeremy Forrest Court Sketch
In court: Jeremy Forrest court sketch
Julia Quenzler/Caters

And the teenager described how they had sex twice in the spare room of Forrest’s home in the day while Emily was with her parents in Eastbourne.

She said: “The whole thing was pretty quick anyway, when it came to it.

“I think it was twice but I can’t remember. We just went back to what we were doing before – watching TV.

“It was just normal. I don’t think we spoke that much about it. I remember after, not feeling guilty or that I had done anything wrong.”

The jury heard how the couple also had sex in his car, but often in local hotels booked by Forrest including the Premier Inn at Polegate, near Lewes.

She added: “After having sex for the first time, it was like a pressure off. After a few times we got used to each other.”

The couple’s secret was discovered on September 19 when police and child protection officers interviewed the schoolgirl at home.

The girl said she panicked after her phone was seized.

She packed a bag, told her mum she was sleeping at a friend’s and was picked up by Forrest who drove them to Dover to catch a ferry to France on Thursday, September 20, last year.

She said: “He looked very anxious, very worried and frustrated in a way, because we knew we were going to be caught for something we didn’t think was wrong.”

The court heard Forrest abandoned his car in Paris and they caught a train to Bordeaux in south-west France.

She said they stayed in a hotel the first night, where they had sex, before moving to another.

Forrest was oblivious to the manhunt until he saw a news website.

She said: “He was saying ‘I’m going to go to prison. We are going to be caught’. I had to reassure him.”

Days later they were stopped by French police.

She said: “Before we were taken away I kind of mouthed the words ‘I love you’ and he did it back to me.”

Later she was asked whether she and Forrest had considered the consequences.

She said: “He did look up how many years he would be in prison, not for taking me to France, but for what had previously happened.”

The girl admitted to police it was a “relief” their relationship was in the open.

She said: “I’ve never felt what me and Jeremy have done, or being in a relationship, is wrong, because it feels right.

“I can understand why it is wrong because of the law, but it just didn’t feel wrong. I know my own mind. I know what I want.”

Later the court, attended by Forrest’s parents Jim and Julie, heard the schoolgirl soon suspected Forrest had lied to her about separating from his wife.

In a police interview on November 27 last year, she said: “I was quite suspicious in a way.

“To have a relationship with a teacher, that’s not something I would do usually.

“Because he had a wife it made it 10 times worse. He told me he was separated from December.

“I trusted him but then I started to see Emily tweeting things.”

She said Emily would write “nice things” and refer to him as “my lovely husband”, despite Forrest saying she was “violent and abusive”.

The girl said: “When I was with him she used to ring him constantly.

She also said a friend’s boyfriend saw Forrest in Brighton holding hands with his wife in August last year.

Forrest, of Bromley, Kent, denies a charge of child abduction.

The trial continues.

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They’ve changed the rules but they don’t want to tell you: Phatic Communication in Meaningless Legal and Political Processes and Community Meetings: reading recommendations, reading between the lines, and seeing what’s really behind the Green Mask

In my last post after attending the “Homeowner Bill of Rights Townhall” at Whittier Community Center on Wednesday night, I suggested that there was no real purpose to this meeting other than “social reinforcement of the status quo”-making the people of Los Angeles County feel that their needs and feelings are being heeded when they are not.  I have been reflecting on this and remembering back to my early days as an anthropology undergraduate at Tulane University, and my wonderful Harvard Professor Victoria Reifler Bricker introducing me to the concept of “phatic communication” and “phatic expressions.”  As defined by a much older anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski, as a matter of “socio-linguistics”: a phatic expression is one whose only function is to perform a social task, as opposed to conveying information.  The Social Task Wednesday night was to make people accept the situation with the banks and their mortgages as hopeless.  The Beetles’ song “Good Morning” or “I’ve got nothing to say, and that’s OK” is a fairly perfect example of phatic communication.

And now let me say this: the conventional wisdom in the press and media is that you have to be crazy to believe in conspiracy theories.  I am going to categorically deny that now and say that anyone suffers from insane delusions (of the overly optimistic, Polyanna-ish, rather than pessimistic, paranoid variety) if he or she does NOT believe that most of the meaningful change in the world today results from secret agreements, illegal or unconstitutional formulations of policy and purpose, formed behind closed doors and with only the most manipulated public knowledge, much less genuinely informed democratic assent.  Unfortunately, these secret agreements are being implemented by and through popular ignorance, insouciance, and appalling lack of vision, and Rosa Koire and the author of several other books I shall mention here have shown us how this is happening.  Now, really and truly:

One of the best (but shortest) and truly brilliant books I have read in a very long time is Rosa Koire’s Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21. Koire’s book (published in 2011 by the “Post Sustainability Institute Press, P.O. Box 15192 in Santa Rosa, California 95402) explores one of the aspects of the modern world reality of which I am becoming increasingly aware:

The powers that be have set their minds to changing the way we live and they plan on radically altering our home life and “settlement pattern” of communities every bit as autocratically as dictators from the Famous or Infamous Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten at the end of the 18th Dynasty, as Stalin did when he removed the Kulaks from their farms and the Germans from Prussia, Pomerania, Posen, Danzig & Silesia (all what is now modern Poland, whose western boundary is the infamously artificial Oder-Neisse line).

Forced resettlement resembling the westward expulsion of all the aforementioned Germans from those traditional provinces of Germany (and let’s not forget the simultaneous westward removal of the Poles from what was traditionally Poland in what are now the largest portions of Belarus and the northwest corner of Ukraine) is a threat that Americans need to deal with.  Mao ordered and enforced  massive resettlement programs of the Chinese Population during the  Cultural Revolution, during which literally millions died.  Of course, we go around constantly reminded of and so remembering World War II and the Holocaust of six million Jews who (without any good censuses or any other reliable lists or directories) appear to have died or disappeared under Nazi rule in Germany.  But absolutely nobody cares about the 38-67 (some say 49-78) million (that upper figure would be 78,000,000, with a possible error, obviously, of at least 10,000,000 either way) Chinese who died under Mao, because, well, after all, they were peasants and that’s just the price of progress, right?  China is now the second most powerful nation in the world, and it is not in “second” rank….by very much of a gap…

Rosa Koire’s book details how, in the name of environmental conservation—our own United States Government wants to radically alter the settlement pattern of the United States to a continuous high-density series of corridors—a cross-between suburbs and cities without end, and without private property.

One of Ms. Koire’s most interesting points in her book concerns the Delphi Technique—a kind of hyper-sophisticated “Uber-Phatic” strategy or technique of communication which she says was invented by the RAND Corporation as a “Cold War mind control” procedure.

According to (totally sanitize dnad whitewashed, pro-establishment, pro-New World Order, unreflective, unchallenging, unthinking) Wikipedia: “The Delphi method (del-fy) is a structured communication technique, originally developed as a systematic, interactive forecasting method which relies on a panel of experts.  In the standard version, the experts answer questionnaires in two or more rounds. After each round, a facilitator provides an anonymous summary of the experts’ forecasts from the previous round as well as the reasons they provided for their judgments. Thus, experts are encouraged to revise their earlier answers in light of the replies of other members of their panel. It is believed that during this process the range of the answers will decrease and the group will converge towards the “correct” answer. Finally, the process is stopped after a pre-defined stop criterion (e.g. number of rounds, achievement of consensus, stability of results) and the mean or median scores of the final rounds determine the results. Other versions, such as the Policy Delphi, have been designed for normative and explorative use, particularly in the area of social policy and public health.  In Europe, more recent web-based experiments have used the Delphi method as a communication technique for interactive decision-making and e-democracy.  Delphi is based on the principle that forecasts (or decisions) from a structured group of individuals are more accurate than those from unstructured groups.  This has been indicated with the term “collective intelligence”.  The technique can also be adapted for use in face-to-face meetings, and is then called mini-Delphi or Estimate-Talk-Estimate (ETE). Delphi has been widely used for business forecasting and has certain advantages over another structured forecasting approach, prediction markets.”

I will not summarize Ms. Koire’s entire book here because I INSIST everyone needs to read the real thing—it’s only 168 pages and is very well-written, easy to digest (conceptually, not emotionally—the message is nothing short of horrific: One World Government and the Abolition of all Individual Rights through mind control and manipulation—with Hillary Clinton being at the forefront of it all).

But Ms. Koire shows how insidious the Delphi technique really is “Delphi is used to channel a group of people to accept a point of view that is imposed on them while convincing them it was their own idea.”  (page 25) In other words, Delphi Forums work hand-in-hand with “predictive programming” in Television and Cinema to make people accept in advance what is already being planned for them—show it to the ignorant masses in fiction and they won’t mind it so much in reality—they’ll just think how smart were the producers who predicted it all.  “A New Consensus does not allow for actual dissent” (page 24).

It seems that Continuing Legal Education programs are also being used “Delphi-like” to impose norms on lawyers and judges.  The extraordinarily radical transformation of Bankruptcy Courts from relatively safe-havens for homeowners in foreclosure to radically hostile environments for foreclosure victims (in the Central District of California in particular) has been startling over just the past two years, but has accelerated in 2012.  Every bit of judicial discretion which used to be employed for the Debtors’ benefit is now channelled in the opposite direction against the Debtors.  I had never EVER before this very day (Friday September 14, 2012) seen a debtor’s first Motion for two week Extension of Deadlines to file schedules denied in Bankruptcy Court—but it happened today.  Earlier in the summer I heard of an Orange County Bankruptcy Court telling a debtor that she was tired of people coming into Bankruptcy Court trying to save their homes.  Judges don’t make this stuff up—not lowly Article I Bankruptcy Judges with less mere Congressional statutory authority rather than constitutional and than life-time Article III tenure, in any event.

ALL the Rules have either already been changed or are being changed.  Some of this change is happening more-or-less openly: for example the five or six years have seen radical reshaping of the the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the requirements for stating a claim  under those rules as interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts and his supremely elitist brother and sister justices.  In cases such as Bell Atlantic v. Twombly 550_US_544 and Ashcroft v. Iqbal, the Supreme Court has made the process of framing a complaint, initiating a viable lawsuit deemed “worthy” of going to trial or final judgment on the merits), ten times more difficult, and given judges ten times more unbridled and unguided discretion, in dismissing plaintiffs’ claims based on entirely subjective evaluations.  This is nothing short of a disaster for due process of law.  I personally believe that Rule 12(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure should abolished by congressional action entirely—but that would be much too open a change—out of the spirit of our times.  

But the point is: the rules that we can see being changed, by Judicial Fiat, at least we can argue and ask Congress to overrule.  

The idea that U.N. Agenda 21 being imposed by meetings no more important in democratic substance than the “Homeowner Bill of Rights Town Hall” at the Whittier Community Center on Wednesday, is such a cynical perversion of the concept of the Old New England Town Hall Meeting—sometimes called the Greatest Institution of Pure Democracy since the Athenian Agora—is, well, almost analogous to the cynical use of the name of Apollo’s Oracle of Sunlit Truth at “Delphi” to describe the process of mind-bending and  manipulation by disinformation.

Together with Rosa Koire’s book, I have been reading a rather longer and more academic text entitled, The Case AGAINST the Global Economy, edited by (I swear I’m not making this name up!) Jerry Mander and Edward Goldsmith, published by the Sierra Club and the University of California Press in 1996 (don’t know how I’ve missed it all these years).  This wonderful collection of articles attacking GATT, NAFTA and the WTO should be read by anyone and everyone who has the patience to delve into the details a little more deeply.  But the conclusion and the counsel against World Government and World Homogenization is, in this Bright Red Jacketed volume, if anything, even stronger than Rosa Koire’s much shorter and much less academic book. The Case Against the Global Economy is 550 pages, fully three times the sheer paper volume, and in much smaller print fonts, than Behind the Green Mask. 

But what I want to close by pointing out is how astounding it is that while both Rosa Koire and most of the authors of the articles inside “Jerry Mander’s” book (for example Ralph Nader [author of Chapter 8: “GATT, NAFTA and the Subversion of the Democratic Process”] and members of the “Harvard Working Group” anonymous authors of Chapter 13: “Globalization, Development, and the Spread of Disease”) either expressly or implicitly claim to be liberals or Democrats or “Greens”—their conclusions mirror to a striking degree those found in William Cooper’s ultra-conservative “textbook conspiracy kook” [remember what I wrote above: you are demented and blind if you DON’T believe the world is constantly being reshaped and manipulated through secret, illegal, immoral, and in the USA Unconstitutional conspiracies and agreements] entitled Behold a Pale Horse based on a practical, step-by-step deconstruction of what’s going on in the US and UN so far as implementing communism and totalitarian government.  

Even more ironically, from a historical standpoint, the views, perspectives, and conclusions of (self-described liberal Democrat) Rose Koire, Ralph Nader, and the Harvard Study Group (along with most of the contributors to The Case AGAINST the Global Economy) line up perfectly with those of John Stormer in his now classic None Dare Call it Treason of which the Liberty Bell Press in Florissant, Missouri sold over 1,000,000 copies in 1964, the first year of the book’s release—and not coincidentally the year after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the last year silver coins were minted and legally circulated in the United States, and the year in which Lyndon Baines Johnson buried Senator Barry Goldwater in an anti-conservative avalanche precipitated by sympathy over Kennedy’s death…..

Milton William Cooper’s 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse was published by Light Technology Publishing P.O. Box, Flagstaff, Arizona 86003.  It is filled with detailed documentation but is usually described as the craziest of all right-wing conservative tracts—who knew Ralph Nader and the Harvard Working Group were radical right-wing conspiracy theorists?  Hurray for them, I guess….. I confess I voted for Ralph Nader in 2000…..and generally find him and his work much more compatible with free market and libertarian philosophies than he would probably like to admit….