Lies, Damned Lies, and Reviewing the History of some things that did and some things that never happened in 1997 or any time since….

I really hate going to go back into the history of how I sued the City of Lago Vista, Texas, and its Police Department seven times in 1997-1998 for having a corrupt and abusive police department which employed psychopaths like Bart Turek on the street and Psychopathic commanders like Frank Miller to run the police department.

It’s one of the more painful things I have to do to remind everyone of how my beloved hometown of Lago Vista Lago Vista turned against me.  Police Chief Frank Miller and Lieutenant Reyes threatened my Housekeeper Marcelina Alvarado (who spoke very little or no English, and wrote even less).  Lieutenant Reyes, who spoke Spanish, then prepared a beautifully typed English complaint against me WHICH MARCELINA NEVER SIGNED—and that was how the City of Lago Vista Police Department decided to get rid of my seven suits….  It was a horrible time for me and my family.  It was a BLIGHT on the honor of the United States District Courts that Sam Sparks and James R. Nowlin Dishonored the entire American Judiciary by persecuting ME for standing up against Police Abuse—

Oh it was so horrible, in the little bedroom, golf-course, and lake party boat community of Lago Vista—ALL of my clients who had been abused were decent middle class white people—not a minority or truly economically disadvantaged person among them, and so to call THIS collection of people a series of victims of police brutality was just—well, unAmerican—it threatened the whole notion that Civil Rights were all about one race fighting another and dividing society.  In MY crusade against Lago Vista Police Office Bart Turek and Police Chief Frank Miller it was the honest and ordinary people of America against an oppressive government abusing its power.  It was a nightmare…..

The Judges of the Western District of Texas saw me as a threat to the status quo and the advance of the Police State in America.  The violated EVERY single precept of the Bill of Rights (except the Third Amendment, I guess–no troops were ever quartered in my home….that I know of….) in indicting me and prosecuting me and taking away my license—but let me tell you—AN INDICTMENT IS NOT A CONVICTION and I have never been convicted of FORGERY or BANK FRAUD or anything like that….

I will say this: I was extremely fond of Marcelina Alvarado, loved her as a friend and employee, and I would never have hurt her—and I certainly never retaliated against her or did anything to her once she was coopted and cooerced and bludgeoned into being a police tool against me.  She was a great housekeeper and I’m sorry that she lived in the little trailer-park ghetto for Mexican housemaids and gardeners that Lago Vista kept around Coyote Trail by Bar-K RIGHT NEXT TO THE LAGO VISTA POLICE OFFICE—they were all sitting ducks for oppression there—it was a disgraceful thing.

I look back on what Lieutenant Reyes and Police Chief Miller created and how they attacked me 15 years ago—it was amazing.  It was a nightmare in my home state of Texas—but they never proved I did anything wrong—they never suggested any reason I needed to.  As my wife Elena said, “they just want you out of the Bar so that you’ll stop causing them SOOOO much trouble—if you walk away quietly, they’ll leave you alone.”  It was the walking away quietly that I couldn’t stand, and I never will.

DEO VINDICE!  May God Vindicate Me and My Cause….. as he has done the cause of my ancestors who fought under the same motto…..

(People often ask me whether I’m a Neo-Confederate or anything like that and the answer is “hell no”—Nothing Neo about me, Just Confederate—and I love all of God’s Creatures and all of my Fellow Human Beings, despite their faults—but I believe in Evolution, which is not at all about the perfectability of man, but simply about change….)

I grow old, I grow old, but I do not wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled and I'll never grow as old as the Redwoods or Bristlecone Pines

I grow old, I grow old, but I do not wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled and I’ll never grow as old as the Redwoods or Bristlecone Pines. I first came to Yosemite with my grandparents when I was six years old. I collected a ton of redwood bark which I kept for years—it never rots…

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