TMI: Inflationary Facebook & Wikipedia lead to Depreciation of Knowledge & Information

For a while it seemed as though Facebook & Wikipedia were bright shining lights of freedom in the world—places where ideas could be aired and people could get to know each other freely. As my long-time assistant once commented, the flood of information available now depreciates the value and importance of any information, and leads to apathy because, like inflated currency, the ease of disseminating information now means that all information is of little or no value.  Except that what this really means is that the individual is subject to the opinions of the corporate world, and is likely to be suppressed, precisely in those media which gave the individual the greatest hopes for recognition.

And so now it appears that the perceived perils of “Too Much Information” are giving opportunities for these “private” corporate sources (Facebook and Wikipedia) to act as agencies for censorship and repression.  And I DO think that the censorship is content, opinion-based, and ideological in origin.

Naturally, what I write here relates to my own recent experience: Facebook (which caps all profiles at 5,000 “friends”) thinks that I have too many friends at 1493, and has blocked me from writing to anyone new or requesting additional friends, and has further informed me that my message content has been described as “spammy” or offensive and will not even allow me to respond to messages I have received.  Is it time to cancel my Facebook account?  I’m not sure—I’m thinking about filing suit instead—they created an open marketplace of ideas and they should leave it “open.”  

My friends on Facebook include many members of the Front National in France and the BNP in the UK, Southerners who believe in preserving the beauty and dignity of Southern Civilization and Heritage on the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the short-lived Confederate States of America for which my ancestors fought. Today Facebook barred me from responding to someone who said I appeared to be a Yankee…. on the grounds that my content had been deemed “Spammy” and “Offensive” in the past…. this would not pass muster as constitutional censorship and I do not believe that, on an open forum such as Facebook, it passes muster today.

On Wikipedia, I did not know that I was even listed (i.e., had a short article written about me), but I recently discovered that I was.  And at the same time I discovered this in relation to a debate about whether the “stub” concerning me should be deleted or not because I lacked importance or notoriety….

One of the commentators made disparaging remarks concerning my academic career and commented that I had not worked for 20 years. I was offended, and I wrote the following (I am not sure whether it will stay up on Wikipedia or not, but I thought I should include it here, FWIW):

“Article Deletion: Charles Edward Lincoln”

This thing is horribly insulting, saying I haven’t worked in 20 years—I have worked very hard for the rights of all Americans over the past twenty years.  I am Charles Edward Lincoln, III, and I can assure you that I did not write this article about myself on Wikipedia.  For one thing, this article doesn’t contain even list half of my publications in archaeology (including not even one of my publications in the Boletin de la Escuela de Ciencias Antropologicas de la Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan or “Hidden in the Hills” at the University of Bonn, BRD).  This article doesn’t mention that, shortly after receiving a National Science Foundation Fellowship to attend Harvard at age 20,  at age 22-23, I received permits from the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia to work at Chichen Itza and Major Archaeological Sites in Yucatan which had been “closed” to Americans when I was 23, that my permits were renewed by the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology & History several times 1982-1987, and this article doesn’t describe the detailed mapping or building and platform typology developed by my archaeological work at Chichen Itza, Izamal, or Xkichmook or Cansahcab in Yucatan.

I offer no opinion about whether I am or my work might be “significant” or “notable” enough for inclusion in Wikipedia.

But I left archaeology because I was concerned for the state of Freedom and the Rule of Law and Equity in the World, and I am and shall always remain a Civil Rights Activist and Constitutionalist—both as a Licensed Attorney and Afterwards—and I deeply resent the notion that I am only notable for my “activity in the birther” movement.

I never cared about Obama’s birthplace-eligibility, but I always disliked Obama’s socialism.  I joined with Orly Taitz only because I was impressed with her apparent patriotic spirit.  But she was incompetent.  My contributions only involve strict advocacy of the rule of law and adherence to the letter of the Constitution.

But my “notable” activism began when I filed the original Complaint in ”Atwater v. Lago Vista” (one of Seven Civil RIghts cases filed against my hometown of Lago Vista, Texas, while I was a licensed attorney in Texas) in 1997—that case made it to the United States Supreme Court and we only lost by a 5-4 vote with a stirring dissent by Sandra Day O’Connor.  That was ONLY the beginning of my Civil Rights Activism.

Judges James R. Nowlin and Sam Sparks set out to disbar and generally discredit me as a result of my activism against Police Abuse and Civil Rights Violations in Central Texas.  Judge Nowlin once said in open court that anyone who could bring evidence leading to my disbarment would be “in the eternal debt” of the Court.

Since 2003 I have worked continuously for the reform of the Family Courts in Texas, Florida, and now in California.

I drafted a Petition for Writ of Certiorari on behalf of Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson to the Supreme Court this year (”Lawson v. Lawson”, 10-1159) which raised the inconsistencies in Civil Rights Laws between the 1960s and today with regard to “race-based” standing to assert certain claims.

I have been fighting against the Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud LONG before “Occupy Wall Street”—and my work is substantive not merely symbolic.  I camp out in law libraries writing briefs, including a case regarding the intersection of Civil Rights and Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud 8:09-cv-01072-DOC-E pending before Judge David O. Carter in Santa Ana, California, for two years now.

I have been “ahead of the times” in both archaeology and law.  I suggest that a review of my work will show that my legal research is always sound and never faddish or flaky or “movement oriented.”

I am NOT a “Birther” in any sense—I am merely a “Constitutionalist” and “Anti-Socialist Civil Rights Activist” in every possible sense.

I could provide a long list of the cases I have filed, but I have mentioned (1) my work against Judge Michael Jergins in Williamson County, Texas, and against the Family Courts in Texas, for which I have been sanctioned a total of $200,000.00 ($50,000.00 to suppress my activities in State Court, $150,000.00 to suppress my activities in Federal Court—in a case where I was neither a party nor a witness), (2) my work with Dr. Kathy Ann Garcia-Lawson in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, including the aforementioned Petition for Writ of Certiorari, cited by its Supreme Court Petition number 10-1159 (3) my work in California against Non-Judicial Foreclosures and Summary Judicial Evictions, especially regarding the intersection of Civil RIghts and Constitutional with the California Commercial Code and California Civil Codes.

I have given occasional Seminars and spoken on Talk Radio Programs from Time-to-Time.  Those who write the editorial comments for Wikipedia appear to have a very limited view of my work and my writings.

2 responses to “TMI: Inflationary Facebook & Wikipedia lead to Depreciation of Knowledge & Information

  1. Great read Charles. I do want to advise you that you be cautious when using words like “anti” and “NOT”. The law attraction will give you more of what you don’t want when you write, talk, communicate and think with words like that. For example, if I tell you right now that I do “not” want you to think of the color orange….what are you thinking if now…you are thinking of the color orange. It would be better for me to tell you what color I do want you to think. Another example, if you are “anti-war” you should really think of a more positive way to put it such as ‘I am for peace’. Being ‘anti’ anything only serves t o attract more of what you don’t want. At any rate, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the Chinese.

  2. You have done much for the world sir, and I applaud you. It is interesting that you say you are for civil rights, but seem to define it as fair play and not legal government suppression of speech or the like. . .to seemingly most people these days civil rights has morphed into being pro black thugs. Maybe that is only black civil rights movements, but it is what makes the news, and it is sickening, as most cases end up showing yet another black thug got what he deserved. I know the system is messed up, the government has had to take a heavy hand, and some laws are unjust, but overall I have seen cops to be selfless, calm, humanitarians who believe they are fair and just. Reading numerous accounts of black cops and intelligent conservative blacks about famous black civil rights cases, I find they are always trumped up by a few bad lawyers and politicians out to stir up trouble. I would hope you avoid that scene. . .

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